Written in the Stars…

For an educated woman I’m about to go off at a bit of a tangent. We’re not talking astronomy today, but astrology.

Let’s start with a question, what star sign are you?

Aries, Leo and Scorpio women illustrations via ElleUK

I realise plenty of you will be reading this thinking What? Did she really just ask me that? but to me it’s second nature, having been brought up surrounded by talk of star signs and personality types. So much so that one day when I was only a toddler and sitting quietly while my Mum and her best friend, my Aunty Angela pondered the character of one person or another, I turned around, leaned over the back of my chair and said in a deadly serious voice, ‘I’m an Aries you know.’ Whilst you won’t see me pay more than a passing glance to daily or monthly horoscopes, get me started on personalities and star signs and I could talk all day.

“The Aries girl will open her own doors. She’ll also put on her own coat, fight her own battles … without any help. Doing it herself is, to her, the fastest way to get it done.”

I know it’s an opinion distinctly lacking in science and in some cases, it just doesn’t wash. I’m an Aries, as I said above, and Pete’s an Aquarius, we’re really not supposed to mix well. Not every aspect of my personality fits with the Arien type but the majority of it is bang on.

It’s funny too, call it co-incidence but I’ve only had 2 major bust ups in terms of friendships with women in my life, both exploded from first meeting to being inside each other’s pockets 24/7 and talking everyday, about everything. Both declined slowly into a realisation of mutual dislike and eventually a resounding silence after several bust ups. Both were the same star sign.

“The Aries wife will probably make an excellent impression on your boss, if you can keep her from telling him how to run his business.”

Exactly the same happened with 2 men that have played a big part in my life, neither romantic, both who became close friends, big listeners, soothers, sounding boards. Both eventually completely let me down by behaving in a way that showed they never knew me at all… both the same star sign (and not the same one as the girls mentioned above.)

Those 4 probably represent the biggest problems I’ve ever had in life with relationships and I find it more than co-incidence that they each played out in the same way completely, the second time around an echo of the first experience. On the converse side, my best friends in life are all Aries too and Taurus. These are the people who can cope with my energy and direct attitude best, although the Taureans may find me a little full-on at times. 😉

“She must be proud of you to love you. But don’t be so important that you neglect to notice her talents… Though she’ll demand a lot from you, she’ll give double measure in return.”

It’s all so ingrained in me that I like nothing more than asking new people what their star sign is, like I’m looking for some verification of my internal compass, then silently congratulating myself on my assessment of them. When friends complain about a colleague or friend, I’m right in there, analysing the reasons their star sign would contribute to the situation and when it comes to love, I’m always hoping they found the right match. For years and years I’ve kept my Mums book on Sun Signs to hand and I like nothing better than reading the (slightly dated) summaries of each sign, virtues and flaws revealed, then mulling it over blended with my experience of their character. (All the quotes scattered throughout this post are taken from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, The Aries woman chapter, published in 1972.)

“The world resents a female that talks back… When she discovers she doesn’t really run the universe after all, she’ll come running … her world all dark and dismal.”

I know it’s not logical or even sane, but it’s surprising how many people will admit to an interest, or more than passing knowledge of star signs and how they relate to their personalities. Perhaps it just appeals to the part of everyone that likes to talk about themselves and their own personal qualities. Or perhaps like nay-sayers shout, we just bend what we read to fit ourselves, or the situation we find ourselves in. Or perhaps we just want to fit in.

So tell me, do you believe in star signs? Are you ‘true to type’ or have you had any experiences of relationships good or bad that relate back to star signs? I’d love to hear your thoughts, even if only to laugh at my delusions!


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34 thoughts on “Written in the Stars…

  1. I’m a Taurus, my reasoning mind takes pride in not believing in horoscopes. However I’m nothing if not contrary, and still read my horoscope, as I find it reassuring, as its usually telling me that I shouldn’t worry so much, or that if I set my mind to the task at hand it really is possible. The daily horoscope always seems to resonate with me. Crazy, I know.

    I don’t know any of the personal characteristics of star signs though.

    • Totally agree Katie, I consider myself rational and scientific (when considering religion for example…) but am also quite superstitious so maybe it’s that aspect of my personality that astrology appeals to?

  2. Rebecca, when I saw on Twitter that you were planning a love/hate post, I would have never guessed that it would be about star signs!!

    To be honest, I’ve always taken them with a pinch of salt. I’m a Cancer, and whilst some characteristics are spot on, others are way off the mark. Yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve and can be moody or crabby 😉 but I wouldn’t say that I’m homely and domestic… who knows, I may grow into that!

    Interesting view point about the rubbish times that you’ve had with people of a certain star sign, I’ve never looked in to it to be honest!

    Am now off to see if me and Mr P are compatible (he’s a Gemini!)


  3. My sister and I grew up reading horoscopes in magazines like Bliss and 17, and we used to spend ages trying to match them up with things that were happening in our life (mostly tying to find out the best day to approach a boy!), and truly believed that they were accurate. Now I’m not so sure! But I do think that star signs are fairly accurate in terms of my personality. I’m a gemini, and I think I definitely live up to the traits of my star sign. I like meeting new people and I’m very chatty and sociable, but also a worrier, I get nervous in new situations even though I often seek them out. My family would tell you I could be the life and soul one minute, and stroppy and irritable the next, though I hate to admit it, they’re probably right. As far as relationships go, I have to say I’ve never paid much attention to the star signs of my friends or husband in relation to how we get on, or whether we have ever had any big bust ups.

    I also think the split personality of a gemini is reflected in my name Mary-Jane, two names in one! I’m named after my grandmothers, who were different in many ways, but similar in so many others. Thinking about it, I’ve never even considered what star signs they were. Hmm, interesting topic Rebecca!

  4. I don’t know the first thing about all this stuff but I’m also Aries and James is Aquarious so we’re the same as you and Pete. That description does seem to fit me too.

  5. I’m not at all into star signs, am a Gemini. Mainly as I have a twin sister, two minutes apart, & although we have many similarities we also have so many differences. Like M-J I love chatting to everyone, meeting new people & being very sociable, twin not so.
    I do like that we’re Gemini twins though!
    Will be really interested in reading everyone’s thoughts.

  6. I’m afraid I’m just far too much of a scientist to believe in astrology. I can’t get my head around how it would work, everything that I know suggests that it can’t, so I personally don’t believe in it.

    I’m also nothing like an Aquarian, which I should be. And G is nothing like a Piscean, which in a way is good since if we were both like our star signs we’d apparently be rather incompatible.

    K x

  7. I am a gemini, and fairly typical – I talk a lot, I love meeting people and building relationships. I’m also quite impatient and appear flighty, but I’m not really – I’m just juggling lots all the time!

  8. Ooh I’m quite a fan actually. I find it so interesting! I’m a Taurus which is basically reliable, placid, loving (but makes be sound a bit boring!) a lover of beautiful things (Yep!) and prone to be self indulgent and greedy. (Yep!) However there are also a few traits that I don’t think I am for example – I’m not hugely stubborn…

    I actually know the star signs of most of my friends and I definitely think there is something in the character traits, also I have lots of water signs as friends, cancers, Pisces which are meant to be a good match…

    H2B is a Virgo which apparently is a very good match for a Taurus! (I didn’t set out to find one though!) He also shares some of the personality traits of one such as being a perfectionist..

    Oh and Bizarrely one of the traits is that Taureans have a weak area in the throat and I’ve always suffered with that (tonsils etc!)

  9. Oooooh – like you and Pete and Amy and James, I’m Aquarius and he’s Aries (on the cusp of Taurus)… maybe there’s something in that pairing?

    I do believe in them, but I also take it with a pinch of salt. When I remember I read a detailed online horoscope http://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/monthly/aquarius_full.php

    I do think there’s something in the star sign traits, even if it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy. I definitely see common traits amongst those of my friends that share a star sign, and my immediate friendship group fall almost exclusively in to my “compatible with” signs.

    Interestingly, my mum, the eternal sceptic and scientist, once screamed at me during a row (they were and still are highly frequent) “GOD – YOU’RE SUCH AN AQUARIAN – AQUARIANS DRIVE ME NUTS!” which cracked me up, and totally diffused the situation. Turns out that the four closest women to her are all Aquarians and we’re all identical in personalities… and clearly, she doesn’t cope well with it! That for me was the clincher. She doesn’t believe in any of that kind of thing, and almost grounded me when she found out I’d secretly been visting a spiritualist talking to a local Wiccan lady. For her to have attributed any kind of “reality” to something (i.e. identifying that we, despite being miles from each other geographically, in age or in life situation were all exactly the same people personality wise) she deemed so pointless, made me think that there must be something in it!

    I love this! You just reminded me I need to book my next appointment!! Ha ha!

  10. In general I think they are utter tosh. However, when we were in Jaipur we went to Jantar Mantar – a huge observatory set up to provide very accurate astrological readings for the court – and our guide got my husband, a leo, down to a t, even his job! It was very strange. He didn’t try me, perhaps he was scared I would live up to typical scorpio traits!

  11. I can’t say I have strong feelings either way. My husband is a scientist through and through and won’t listen to anything like this for a second though, so it’s quite fun to read out accurate horoscopes to annoy him!

    I definitely have some common Aquarian characteristics – hard worker, speak out about things I believe in and I have really bad circulation. But they’re also supposed to like being alone – not me at all. My Dad is a Piscean to a T, though, it often strikes me as interesting. He even has a birthmark in the shape of two fish!

    You’ve given me something to think about with friendships…

  12. I’m such a Leo (I’m also an ENFP for anyone familar with myers-briggs)

    I love personality profiling. I think is this true? And perhaps from that gain a deeper understanding of myself. However, I think there can also be a tendancy to consider that our flaws and/or weaknesses are inherent and part of us rather than consider ways to improve them? (I am squarely looking at myself here)

    I am with a Pisces and an INTJ… Water and Fire/ Introvert and Extrovert/Thinker and Feeler … but essentially our values are the same, so we compliment each other, sometimes used to struggle as being the Cat, the Sun and the Madonna I need constant physical affection, need to be told I am loved on very regular occassions, and yes a tendancy to expect praise when I manage not to burn dinner! (Also a loyal, passionate, fun, forever playmate)

    One interview I had to complete a personality profile and it said ‘Abi is driven my monetary reward, public recognition and personal attention’ and I thought wow I am such a Leo….(2 of my bridesmaids are also Leos – one is born 2 days before me the other a year and 2 days after so I always have someone to celebrate my birthday with… because us Leos love a party 😉

    So yes I guess I do believe in my personal horoscope, but I also wonder, if I looked at anyone elses for long enough, would I find other personaility traits that match my own? Self-fulfilling prophecy?

  13. I love science too much to believe in astrology. Having said that I enjoy reading them in my free time and must admit sometimes they are pretty spot on

  14. Haha, I too would never have guessed you’d write about astrology!! I’m a Gemini (another one, there seem to be lots of us!) and typical in many ways, I’m certainly capable of being utterly calm and laid back one minute and then a total stresshead the next!!! I also can’t stick to one task long enough to get it completed and will do 3 or 4 things at once (right now am doing work admin/checking email/writing this post and checking my phone!) Although I was fascinated by star signs as a teenager, as a grownup I never bother to read my horoscope as I largely think it’s all rubbish and life is what you make of it…

  15. Hey!! didnt know you felt like this! I do EXACTLY the same thing and Johnny says Im mad but its often SO TRUE!! Great article…. actually came on here to look for advice on mac trends for spring/ summer as in coats not make up. Any tips for that perfect smart but trendy work coat for the warmer months?

    Much love xx

  16. I love this sort of stuff. I’m a libra, the sign of the diplomat and the ditherer. Probably the most well known trait of a libran is indecisiveness and I drive myself crazy with it. I do hate conflict and I would consider myself a peacemaker, able to see both sides of an arguement.
    I would say I’m a libra through and through – good points and bad!
    Aries is my opposite sign Rebecca, not sure if that is supposed to be a good or bad thing!

  17. I’m a Leo and the typical Leo traits couldn’t be further from my personality. Although I’m right on the cusp with Cancer, so maybe that’s the explanation…

  18. I don’t believe in them in the slightest. I find it totally incredulous that someone born in the same time period as me could have a similar destiny, or behave in a similar way. I really can’t find anything to support that. Of course some things will ring true. It’s like reading a keyring which tells you who you should be given your name. Some things will be ‘accurate’ and others way off base. Sorry if this is a bit blunt, but I can’t find any merit in horoscopes at all! 🙂

    • Rachel, I totally agree with you!

      I feel that people sometimes read / hear what they want to believe and then relate it to their own circumstances. I always find when reading star signs, that they can be very vague and mean 100 different things to different people. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. We’re not supposed to know what happens in our future – I think its best kept that way.


  19. I think it’s extremely unlikely but I may be unwilling because I’m a boring Virgo! I’m not really like a Virgo except for a recent fondness for navy and a tendancy to worry. But not neat and tidy nor a workaholic. Having said that, I did do a short course years ago and found that my moon sign is Cancer which is more like me, and my Ascendent is Leo which is how I’m seen (I’ve even got red hair!). So I think there are aspects which are interesting but I can’t quite see the logic – it smacks of faith and religion to me where it’s all about feelings that can never be rationalised.

  20. I read linda goodmans book and it was completely right.I tend to read stuff about the arises star sign (never any other starsigns unless their friends or family members ect.).Most of the things they say are right accept I never got why they say selfishness or being self centeredness is a trait and others say generosity is also a trait.

    Also wanted to add,i’ve never been friends or in a relationship with an arises.My bestfriends are all tauruses,aquarians but those friendships never lasted the only ones that did were with leos.And the only boyfriends i’ve had that lasted were with capricorns and scorpios

  21. Well….
    Its true that every trait mentioned under your sun sign wont match with yours. Its true.
    Thats because there’s something called your moon sign and your ascendant (The angle the rising sun makes with the horizon)
    If you also take under consideration your moon sign, ascendant and the sun sign, you’ll get clarity.
    The only problem with astrology is its a bit inaccurate because you dont know which sign rules over you.
    For some people, its the sun sign that dictates their traits, for some its the moon. Nobody knows… It differs from person to person.
    To all those who believe in astrology- Go ahead. But, dont get so obsessed with it that you start judging people. When u find an Aries who is a bit stingy, dont right away exclaim “Thats absurd! ”
    Chances are, that person has a moon in Capricorn (LIKE ME!- I am an Aries with my moon in Capricorn and ascendant in Gemini!) or some other sign that rules economy. We should keep in mind that the situation in which the person lives also changes some of the traits other people of the same zodiac usually contain.
    To those who dont believe in astrology- What will u lose if u believe in astrology?
    If u are to meet a person u know nothing about, you can get a brief idea about him just by knowing his bday.
    Is he born in early April! Yep… the man is an Aries. So, basically he will be a bit energetic, even if his other signs are docile like Virgo.
    The best part about astrology is that you’ll start tolerating the flaws a person possesses when you realise they’re inbuilt. You wont hate people. You’ll start knowing them better. The world will become a happier place to live in!!!
    I hope I made sense….

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