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  1. I felt exactly the same as you, very sad! We had Isla in with us until 8 months, I probably would have moved her into her own room around the 6 month mark but we’ve spent the last two months in Australia with my husbands job and there wasn’t an extra room where we were staying so she slept in with us.
    Like Bea, Isla is very good at sleeping, we are lucky! As ax result I really didn’t want to move her into her own room, I like being able to see her and check on her as she’s very quiet in the night! And I just loved her being next to me during the night. Having said that, she was starting to get interrupted by us – when we went to the toilet in the night and when we came to bed, she goes down in our room at 6.30 so coming to bed for us was a challenge, whispering and stumbling around in the pitch black! My husband was very keen to get our room back but I was worried! Anyway, we made the transition 2 weeks ago and so far it’s been seamless, she does have a sleepyhead and we’ve just transferred that to her big cot so maybe that has helped a lot. We also bought a video monitor which has been amazing as I can look at her as often as I like, the night vision is great! Apart from 1 tricky night, she’s been back to normal with no changes and as sad as I was for the first few nights, I must admit it is nice to be able to be in our room at night with the lights on without worrying about waking her! Long comment, sorry but having just done this it’s something I was v worried about too but so far we’ve been v lucky. X

  2. I hated doing it both times! They were in our room until 6 months old. Seren outgrew the Moses basket at 3 months old and slept in a travel cot from 3-6 months. Imogen is smaller and stayed in the BedNest until she moved. It didn’t make a difference to their sleep – Seren still slept really well and Imogen still slept (or sleeps I should say) terribly!

    It’s lovely to get our room back though. I guess the older they get it might get harder to move them though it might not.

  3. It’s such an emotional thing! Ernie was a bloody awful sleeper but I still felt a wrench moving him out (bang on six months in the end). He’d long since grown out of his crib and had been in a travel cot for a while by that point. He transitioned fairly well and night sleep did improve after the move. Now I wonder if I should have done it earlier for both of our sanity.

    We still struggle to sleep in the same room when we’re away – we’re both quite fidgety, restless sleepers and disturb each other very easily.

    Good luck with whatever you decide! Such a personal thing (but ain’t that always the truth with babies??)


  4. Freddie went into his nursery at 8 weeks old and it was definitely the right time for us. I craved having time to myself in the evening to potter around the bedroom, read in bed etc. and so moving him along (the rooms are not far away from each other and we always had both doors open!) made me feel so much more human. Around 4 months when he started feeding a lot more in the night I started to regret it and slept in the spare bed in his room a few nights to make it a bit easier, but otherwise we all slept MUCH better apart. He’s very good at self-settling and is happy by himself in his room, whether that’s to do with him being in there from a young age, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have done it differently despite planning to have him in with us till 6 months. Thinking about doing that now actually makes me laugh – no way!

    I never missed him stirring for a feed, but I do think it taught him to go back to sleep without me. We only have 2 bedrooms, so if we were to have another baby then we would be forced to have the baby in with us for longer, but I wouldn’t make any promises either way.

    • I think thats one of the reasons I’m not in a hurry, we already have our bedroom a incidentally I don’t really potter in the bedroom in the evening – I go to bed when I’m ready to sleep, but I do in the morning!

  5. We moved Annie at 4.5 months. She has always been a light sleeper so I felt like we were waking her up and thought she might sleep better in her own room! (No such luck!) I was definitely sad about it and it made bf less convenient but it was the right decision for us plus we had a video monitor and her room is right next to ours. It definitely helped me and the hubs get better sleep. She does also have a small cot.

    I also wanted her to get used to her room which is lovely. When we did the routine with her (from 10 weeks) she was always changed and read a story to in her room so it didn’t make sense to then just move her to our room.

    Hope that helps! Its like anything – it takes a while to get used to and then you can’t imagine life before that! I’m sure it will be the same with her room too!

    Rachie xo

  6. We’ve got E in her cot bed (wider than yours I think but slightly shorter by a few cm) in our room but that’s out of necessity rather than a pre ordained plan as we currently only have the one room. The transition from cot to bed was fine….she slept much better in the cot bed although as we did it at 3.5 months, I’ve found the four month sleep shitstorm difficult as we can’t rock the cotbed in the same way we did the crib.

    Most of the babies from my NCT group are starting to be transitioned into their own rooms at 4-5 months. I’m told they are sleeping better although as everyone’s babies have a cold at the minute and feeding constantly throughout the night, a few parents have set up a bed on the floor for a few days rather than traipse through a big house!

    So useful hearing everyone’s stories

  7. We moved E at 5 months as she was simply too big for her crib and the cot wouldn’t fit in our room. I was not at all happy about it, but she was a terrible sleeper, and fed through the night continuously until about 9 months, so after the first night I didn’t miss her at all as she was constantly with me anyway. Now, at just over two, I have to admit I secretly love the odd night when she wakes and will only settle in our bed.

  8. Our daughter has slept in her own room from 3 months!! It was hard to start with but, we live in a small ish cottage & I have the monitor on all night.
    After growing out her Moses basket after a few weeks she napped in her cot bed in her room during the day and slept in a larger crib at night in our room, she started sleeping through from 8 weeks and the older she got and the more she moved during the night, meant she kept waking herself up hitting her arms on the side of the crib, the transition for her seemed to go smoothly and she can happy starfish in her cotbed now!
    I was worried because they suggest 6months, but I guess every baby is different, sometimes I feel guilty that my daughter is breastfed and sleeps through the night…because there’s so many things out there that are designed to support parents whose babies don’t sleep through.
    Good Luck with the transition

    • You feel guilty that she DOES sleep through the night?! Don’t feel guilty – rejoice! At 16 months my daughter still doesn’t sleep through and is still breastfed… not really through my choice!
      We beat ourselves up about so much as parents, but I can’t imagine doing it because your baby sleeps well! Some babies do, some don’t. The reason there’s so much “support” out there for non-sleepers is because sleep-deprivation is a living hell (although none of the products or advice works, it’s all just all ways to make money out of tired parents!)

  9. We moved Teddy into his own room at 11 weeks, which worked for us as from that day onwards he slept through the night. He was a big baby though who outgrew his moses basket by that time and our bedroom is small so there was no way a travel cot or cotbed would have fit in it. I was worried it was too soon but his room is right next door so we still hear everything, so much so that the monitors have become almost redundant. I like that he can settle himself and is used to his own room, and now at almost 7 months we bring him into our bed at the weekend (in the morning after he wakes) and it is such a treat to have those cuddles. Every baby is different though so I would say definitely trust your instinct and go with what feels right for you. Good luck!

  10. We put Emmy into her room from around 3 months. It was more out of necessity than anything else, she no longer fitted in her Moses basket, her head and feet were squished at the ends. We also live in a small terrace cottage style house and it was a squeeze fitting her Moses basket into our room never mind a crib. So off into her cot she went and she loved it, she’s always been a little starfish when sleeping so she had so much room to spread out. It was great for us too having our room back.
    I just did like you’re doing to start with, having her daytime naps in her room and lots of playtime in there and in her cot, so she knew that it was a lovely safe place to be. When she wakes in the morning now she often has a little play before I go in to say good morning. It’s lovely waking to her little happy chuckles on the monitor.
    I won’t lie it was tough in the night having to actually get out of bed rather than just rolling over when she woke but we soon got used to it and it wasn’t long before she was sleeping through (despite a particularly rough patch over Christmas, I feel tired just thinking about it).
    I’d say go for it! Xxx

  11. Great post Rebecca. Calum was with us until he was almost 9 months. We moved him from his crib to his actual cot (my cot from 33 years earlier) that lived at the end of our bed. It wasn’t as massive as some of the cotneds out there but we did have to take it apart to get it through the door.

    There he then stayed until he became much more aware and also when Hubby and I were having to get up for work at 6am and he was still fast asleep. It’s not fair to disturb a sleeping baby! Actually, that was primarily the other reason we moved him at 9 months – prior to that he was waking around 6/6.30am which worked for our weekdays but increasingly he started sleeping 7pm to 7/7.30am so we decided it was time to move him so he wasn’t disturbed by us. It didn’t take long for him to settle into his new room. We were both very sad to see him go though – it just reinforced to us that they are small for such a tiny amount of time. It’s hard to let go of that!

    Good luck in deciding what to do!


    • Interesting hearing your back to work perspective Erin – thats my main motivation right now… I don’t want to wake her earlier than necessary when I go back (mainly being selfish tbh as I know it’ll be so much quicker and easier to get ready if she’s still asleep otherwise I will just want ALL THE CUDDLES!)

  12. I moved my first into a cot in her own room at 10 weeks, she was ridiculously long and outgrew her moses basket so quickly, she also wouldnt sleep in a travel cot so it was best for us. My son is nearly a year and still in with us. We only have two rooms and he is a terrible sleeper so don;t want to put him in with his sister. I have been back at work for a few months now and find it is easier him being in my room. If he has slept ok he tends to wake up at 7, by that time I normally have his bag packed and bottle ready. I then take him downstairs feed him and put him in his chair. while I have a shower. If he was in with his sister I think he would still wake at 7 and then wake her up as well. If we had another room though I would of moved him a while ago. I miss having my room to myself in the morning and at night.

  13. I honestly don’t remember what age we moved H&C into their own room. I do know it was quite late, later than it probably would have been had I got my finger out and had their mural painted sooner but as it was the move had to wait until I was finished that. They were in their cots in our dressing room though and we don’t use the bedroom at night until going to sleep so there was never an issue of needing the space for us either… xx

  14. We moved G into his cot bed in his nursey at 6.5 months. I was emotional about it and really missed seeing his little face beaming at me in the mornings. However it was better for him as he’d started to be disturbed when we were going to bed and getting up in the mornings. It didn’t take long to get used to the freedom of not having to creep into the bedroom!

  15. Evelyn was in her cot in her own room at 3 weeks old! She was waaaay too big for the Moses basket and hated it, and her dad went back to work at 3 weeks and we agreed that he would get more sleep that way – because I was in the double bed in her room until she was 8 months old. She’s 16 months now and I spend at least part of every night co-sleeping as despite the fact she slept through between the ages of 6 weeks & 4 months old, she then regressed and has never slept through since. She starts off in her cot (after falling asleep in my arms or the “big” bed) and then when she wakes, I go through to her, we cuddle up in the big bed and I keep my fingers crossed that she won’t wake again or it’ll only be once, not 4 or 5 times….
    Going back to work is hard when you are sleep-deprived but it’s not impossible. To be honest on those days I am most tired & had the worst nights, I find being at work easier than being at home (yes, I know, judge me for being a bad mum!) as there’s more distraction and I can’t wallow in tired self-pity!!

  16. My little boy, Mateo, went into his own room at 4.5 months. I had a bed nest and wanted to keep him in it until 6 months, but he outgrew it quickly. We went away at Christmas and he spent a week in a travel cot and when we got back he’d got used to the space and I knew I couldn’t fit him into his little bed again. I was heartbroken and sobbed over the cot on his first night in it, but now I have to say it was the right time to move him. He still wakes in the night, but now I know it’s not just because we’ve disturbed him. When he wakes, it’s easier for him to resettle himself when I’m not right next to him. And in a morning we can all have a little lie in as he’s happy to lie in his cot and chatter to himself and often drifts back to sleep, which wouldn’t have happened before as I’d have got him up as soon as he was awake. We have a video monitor which I keep on all night and a movement monitor which I find enormously reassuring.

  17. I think every mum feels emotional about moving their baby into their own room! We moved Sophie bang on 6 months and I cried more than she did. We waited until 6 months as I then gave up b’feeding and didn’t need her next to me for night feeds, and also it was actually nice to be able to go to bed with the lights on, read a book etc, whilst before we were always tripping up as we tried to be silent and not wake her in the pitch black! I still sleep with the monitor next to my pillow, so I can roll over and see what’s she’s doing, which is usually sleeping or chattering to her bunnies!

  18. We moved our first at nine months in a vain attempt to get her to sleep through the night, but it didn’t work, so we’ve only just moved our second (at 16 months!) and although it was well past time, I was very sad not to see his little face when I woke up. On the plus side he hardly wakes up at all now so I sort of wish we had done it sooner! I think if you feel like it’s time, then it’s probably time. Bea will probably hardly notice (she’ll be asleep, after all) – the change is much more noticeable to the parents if you ask me!

  19. We put Dexter in his nursey after around 3 months, he started to sleep through from 12 weeks and we stopped his night feed then (I think) he went straight into his nursey and in his cot which he seemed massive for but he took to it sraight away. His room is right next to ours and we leave both doors open so I cna here eveything he does.
    For us it wa the right decision and he has always been a great sleeper. xxx

  20. forgot tometion the reason we did this is because he outgrew his moses basket and the cot wouldn’t fit in our room. Most of our freinds moved their baby into the bursery at the same 3 month stage. xxx

  21. We moved Dominic into this own room when he was 5 months old. He grew out of his Moses basket at 3 months and we had him in a travel cot in our room after that as I just wasn’t ready.

    We found we were waking in the night at the slightest sound to put his dummy back in and missed being able to relax in our room before bed. Plus he started becoming more aware and his daddy was waking him up when getting ready for work.

    Once in his own room, he has slept through apart from when he is poorly and has even given up his dummy. Although it was hard, it was the best decision for us.

  22. We moved Max into his own room about 2 weeks ago when he was 5.5 months, so this is still very recent for us! We were both keen to keep him in our room for as long as we could as we loved having him close by, and he has been in his cot in our room for the past 2.5 months already, as he outgrew his crib by about 3 months. We made a snap decision to move him into his own room after a particularly bad night when he woke for a feed at 11pm as usual but then wouldn’t go back to sleep until 3.30! It was as if he realised for the first time that we were all in the same room and he just wanted to play and wouldn’t settle at all! We decided to move him the next night as a trial to see if it would make a difference to his sleep (he has never slept well since birth!) but we had to dismantle the cot and rebuild it in his room, so we have persevered and kept him in his own room as we realised we would have to do it sooner or later anyway. It was hard for us both the first night as we felt guilty, but it has got better and although he still wakes up in the night he seems to settle more easily in his own room.

  23. Slightly off topic but how did everyone make a decision about blankets vs no blankets vs sleep sacks/bags?

    The NHS recommends feet to foot and a blanket below the shoulders, the American equivalent recommends no blanket at all. The sleep sacks look more convenient and presumably are less likely to ride up but like lots of things for a newbie its all very confusing.I don’t think I could do no blanket at all, I would depend the whole time worrying they were cold! I was thinking for going for a bed nest initially.

  24. In your situation I would definitely make the move. You can always change things later if you need to – just focus on getting everyone as much sleep as possible and don’t worry about creating bad habits, rod for your own back, any of that guff.
    My experience has been thus: baby in our room until he was almost 1 – his bedroom was an office until that point. His cot was in our room and we tried to put him in there but didn’t really stress about it if he woke up and fell back to sleep in our bed. Now at almost 2.5 he starts the night in his own bed, then if/when he wakes up he comes into our bed and will sleep until 6.30/7. Sometimes he literally walks into our bedroom and climbs into the bed, other times he wakes up crying and wants to be picked up.
    Every baby and every family is different but if yours happily sleeps in her cot then go for it!

  25. It is very hard. My daughter was 7 months. She was pulling herself upright do couldn’t stay in the co sleeper crib I had ( which I loved). She’d skeays been noisy but I’d got used to it. Like you moving the fit in would have involved dismantling it. So I tried her in the nursery next to my room with both doors open and the angel care sensor monitor and video monitor on. the doors open thing didn’t work because it was summer and the light from the landing window distrubed her so bad to shut her door which I didn’t like but as I had the sensor mat on and could hear her through the monitor anyway I went with it. She was fine with it and slept through as usual ( had always been a 12 hour sleeper). Unfortunately when she learnt to stand in her cot and teething hit us sleep in general became a thing of the past.
    At 15 months now we’ve had every type of sleeping arrangement including bed sharing ( safely) and a travel cot next to me. For the past month the only place she has been vaguely happy to sleep is her pram and sheer exhaustion at having to go to work on no sleep has made me let her. I’m ashamed to say that at the moment she is sleeping next to me in her pram and I’m contemplating whether to try to move her into the cot.
    What I’m trying to say is what will work at one point may not work at others. Don’t worry too much about ‘setting yourself up for problems’ as the game will change and she will make the rules!
    If you want to move her into her nursery buy a sensor mat for peace of mind. if you want to keep her longer and you’re all happy then do it. Good luck xxx

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