Winter… Nailed.

Ok, so after quite an introspective and cerebral afternoon yesterday, I thought it might be time to discuss something a little more light hearted, because we women are nothing if not diverse, no?

This afternoon I thought I’d do a round up of the ‘it’ shades for your finger tips this winter and ask what are you nailing?

My all time favourite polishes are Leighton Denny – I love the colours and they wear really well on me. Jewel tones are big this season and glitter is making a come back with the Leighton Denny Atmospheric collection: Your Planet or Mine (teal with petrol multi-shimmer), Big bang (Black with Silver Glitter) and Purely Plutonic.

Probably the best received couture colour this season was Diors ‘Blue Label’ – a royal blue which seemed really fresh after years of greys. There are still greys to be had though – phew – and Dior does a real favourite shade of mine, along with this rich regal purple. Dior Vernis – Purple revolution, Perfecto and Blue label.

Once again, Blue was THE colour at Chanel, and this exclusive Blue Jeans collection was produced especially for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out – good luck getting your hands on it! Chanel Le Vernis – Coco Blue, Blue Rebel and Blue Boy.

The latest nail trend? Magnetic polishes. Nails Inc started it with Nails Inc Magnetic polish but you can get a (cheaper) slice of the action with this similar Boots 17 nail polish.

More of a neutrals girl? Well, for a massive range of nudes and beiges (plus this super sparkly party purple shade I couldn’t resist including,) try Butter London. Butter London Holiday collection – The Black Knight (Purple sparkle). Yummy Mummy (nude) and Fash Pack (putty) from the Classic collection.

And if you’re looking for something cheap, here is a Florence’s Favourite tipRimmel London Pro Colour Memory nail polishes last fabulously on my nails, come in a shade to match nearly every designer or trend led shade available and have a really wide brush making application really easy.

So readers, have you bagged any of these shades or will you be adding them to your shopping list? Do tell what shade you’re nailing today?!


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15 thoughts on “Winter… Nailed.

  1. Ooh I have never tried Leighton Denny but these colours look ace so might just have to. My go to brands are OPI and Essie but I have recently discovered Models Own and I’m a convert! They are only £5 and they have great colours! Currently wearing sterling silver which is a silver metallic and love their Gold finger one too which is a metallic gold.

    Love the Chanel colours but always find them a funny consistency and they don’t last on me…

    Rachie xo

  2. I wore OPI’s ‘What’s with the cattitude’ on my wedding day, it’s almost the exact colour of the pale blue Chanel coco… love it x

  3. LOVE nail varnish. Wee bit obsessed by it I think, I have mine on display(!) jumbled up in a glass vase (sure I got that idea from these fabulous pages!)

    Leighton Denny does some amazing shades – I wear a lot of Supermodel which is a lovely neutral and 3 times a lady which is perfect red. Just Perfect is my all time favourite though, a coral / peachy hue that is Just Perfect!! I am loving the Nails Inc Magnetic Polishes at the moment, but they are very distracting as I find myself gazing at my nails when I should be working!! Due to the pattern you can’t really tell if you have chipped a nail which means you get to wear it a bit longer which is a plus.

    For me the best brand for almost 5 days of non-chip is Rimmel Lycra Wear Pro – the bottle says 10 days of non-chip colour, does anyone ever get that?? But I find it can almost last a working week depending on what I’ve been up to.

    I’m off to check out OPIs what’s with the cattitude now! More recommendations please ladies 😀 x

  4. I so need the Leighton Denny colour – Big Bang in my life!! Gorgeous.

    Historically, I love Nails Inc – especially the sets! They actually mixed the colours Thames and Southbank for me for wedding day to create my perfect shade of grey… amazing!


  5. I’m currently wearing OPI’s new muppets range- it’s a Miss Piggy one called Woka Woka. It’s a really vibrant red that goes from bright to blood depending on the light (had it done for Twilight last week, very sad!). I’ve literally been stopped on the street by people asking what it is! I’ve had it on almost a week and not a single chip.

  6. also I was super impressed at a wedding we went to recently, a friend of ours who’s also a new mum of twins went home inbetween church and reception, changed her shoes, dropped off her babies, and put on a layer of opi’s shatter so that she came back with a leopard print-esque manicure to match her heels! I felt mega lazy I can tell you

  7. I had the Nails Inc metallic range applied just a couple of weeks ago…I do like it, but I think you can pack a harder, classier punch with a plain, strong grey or dark blue.

    I echo Rimmel London Pro varnishes. Invest in a decent top/base coat and these polishes will last for days. Wide brush equals fewer mistakes, quicker application, and the colours are beautiful, especially the darker tones.

    I’m currently wearing OPI’s Over The Taupe, but my nails are looking a bit forlorn…I feel happier when they’re graced with a red or a coral.

  8. Agree with Anna on Rimmel polish and I find the Topshop range of colours hard to beat!

    Am currently rocking Rimmel Lasting finish in Double Decker Red soon to be replaced with something glittery in time for the weekend…


  9. I am wearing Rimmel Pro Lycra in Coral Romance right now – lasts about 4 days before it starts to chip normally. I think as Anna says it would be longer with a decent base and top (neither of which I have at the moment!) the thick brush makes it so easy, to the extent that I am reluctant to buy any other brand with a standard brush now! I generally have to say that nail varnises are on the things that I don’t think it is worth spending a lot on as in my experience the expensive ones are no better than the cheaper alternatives. I was so excited to purchase my first chanel, rouge noir obvs, in duty free one year only to be massively underwhelmed by the quality of the product.

    Keen to try the topshop range though, I have heard good things about their make up but have yet to purchase anything x

    • I agree totally Laurie. I once read (about make up) that you should splurge on foundation, concealers, powders etc but save on colour (nail polish, eye shadow, blush etc) and I think this is true!

      I would recommend Topshop make up as its good value for money. The range is not premium quality but I find it really good for eye shadows and bronzer etc


  10. Oh to have a job where wearing nail polish was possible, alas it’s just a weekend hobby. I really like Chanel graphite & bought my first MAC polish in a teal that I like. I like Top Shop but find the brush too small for me. Ps A post on top tips for painting your own would be great as I end up going for a file & paint as am useless.

    • I am partial to a file and polish myself (you can’t beat it really, can you?), especially for special occasions, but I do find it quite therapeutic doing my own if have the time. I find that practice makes perfect. As well as taking your time, using a base coat, a nice glossy top coat (I use 17 at Boots) and allowing sufficient drying time in between coats! x

  11. Love, LOVE nail varnish! Hate to see my nails without colour, but tend to get very bored with the same colour after a couple of days. I’m currently wearing a Butter London shade called La Moss, decsribed by them (as I can’t do it any better!) as ‘Vampy and full of red wine, just like its inspiration’. Get a hankering for darker shades as winter sets in.
    My favourite brand at the moment though is Topshop, the colour selection is fabulous and I find they last pretty well. I do have a few more expensive brands, but have to say I don’t actually find them significantly better than cheaper ones.
    Definitely think using a base and topcoat is a must. I’m using Sally Hansen nail growth miracle, which I swear by, has really strengthened my nails. For top coat I’ve recently bought another Sally Hansen product – Mega Shine extended wear top coat, and so far so good!
    Thanks for the post, now have a few more colours I need to add to the collection!! xx

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