Who is Florence?

Launched in October 2011, Florence Finds is a UK lifestyle blog written by Rebecca Norris, focusing on fashion, interiors and beauty. Aside from being a lifestyle blogger, Rebecca also works part time as a GP in the North West of England.

Florence (my maternal grandmother) was born in 1918 and passed away when I was only 5. Far from being a nostalgic tribute, Florence Finds is an epicentre for all modern women of style, because Florence was a modern woman in the truest sense.

A single mum in the post war years, Florence went out to work to provide for my mother, her daughter. No-one else was going to. She remained stylish, immaculately turned out and always made up, but also loved her home, garden, culture and travelling.

Pretty much like you or I then? (I’ll speak for myself when I say perhaps not always immaculately turned out…)

Style is cross generational and Florence Finds is my edited collation of things that appeal to ‘the Florence in me’, found across the web, in the shops and in every day life. Expect to find fashion, interior design, travel, outdoor living, friendships, family and more in your bite sized shot of life, FF style, every day.

Join our community of like minded, style savvy and intelligent women. Style isn’t about being cool or finding something new, it’s about what makes you feel good.



21 thoughts on “Who is Florence?

  1. Cna’t wait to see your new venture unfold. Best of luck…it looks amazing already and I heart the name Florence. xxx

  2. Wow-I just found out about this on AOW.
    So excited to hear more from you since you moved on from RMW. I am planning to start blogging myself very soon (a move abroad for my husband’s job means I am taking a break from my busy career for the forseable future. As I do not have a US work permit just yet is going to afford me the time to write; I can’t wait!)

    RMW was my first blog addiction-despite being married already! I have a feeling Florence is going to be another firm favourite.

    Best of luck!

  3. As a fellow YAYW , I have followed all the blogs from previous YAYW posters. Now married for nearly 3 years, your blogg is perfect for me, well done and all the very best for the future xxxx

  4. Excited to have found your blog Rebecca – looks great!

    I always loved your posts on RMW but now I’ve crossed to the married side I need a blog to read that isn’t just weddings! Hope this will fit that bill.

    Good luck with it all and I still hold you responsible for my expensive addiction to all Eve Lom products after the post you did on RMW!

  5. So pleased to see you’re still blogging and I think the ‘lifestyle’ avenue is fantastic! Go YOU! I’m looking forward to sticking with you on your journey. To think I’ve followed you since 2010 (maybe 2009 even?) and that you wrote up my wedding report on RMW… very pleased to see you’re still going!

  6. Rebecca! There I was mooching around the internet, looking at this and that when it occurred to me I’d never read Real Bride Mahj’s wedding report. Lo! It brought me here, which I’m so very excited about! Always loved your writing on RMW and am so excited that you’ve continued in this rather fabulous fashion! Congratulations on such a lovely site!

      • Of course I will!

        Love the site (can definitely attest to that as I’ve had a bit of time now to find my way around!) – it feels so fresh and friendly!

        Also, I’m so glad to read of your allotmenteering news: read your posts on that at RMW when I was also in the process of double digging!

        Happy Easter!


  7. ‘Pretty much like you or I then? (I’ll speak for myself when I say perhaps not always immaculately turned out…)’

    I would argue that it would be correct to say, ‘like you or me.’ When referring to yourself in this way, you make yourself the object of the sentence. The pronoun, ‘I’, is only used for the subject of a sentence.

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