What to Wear: Zara Leopard shirt

Today’s What to Wear (and part 2 of my London packing) is an item that I just had to have. I saw it on a shop assistant in Selfridges and instantly fell for the discreet leopard print and fierce but subtle stud detail on the collar and cuffs. It’s a steal from Zara at £29.99 and I took it away with me to London last weekend, wearing it to travel down straight from work that day (seen here) and then again the next day in a quirkier and more trend led ensemble for a day out sight seeing in London town.

Leopard shirt with appliqué collar, Zara £29.99

The work outfit really isn’t anything tricky, but for the weekend and cool East London I decided to try it with my H&M pink trousers (also here) and trusty leather jacket, teaming them with my silver glitter Converse for ultimate comfort when pavement pounding.

Blouse, Zara as above. Trousers, H&M. Jacket, Whistles. Bangle, Banana Republic

Later on, the weather was kind and the afternoon got a little warmer, so after popping back to the hotel to drop off some shopping, I switched my leather jacket for the French Connection nude one I bought recently as it is lighter. It also turned out the Converse weren’t so comfortable so I also swapped to my pointed flats again and had a whole new outfit!

Jacket, French Connection. Blouse, Zara as above. Trousers, H&M. Pointed flats, GAP.

Deviating slightly from the blouse to my capsule wardrobe for the weekend, the only item not covered in the outfits above and in this post that I took with me were pair of navy tailored shorts. I wore them both evening, first with the blouse and tights and patent heels, and then the following evening for a friend’s birthday party when I teamed them with a navy loose fit tee, the nude jacket, tights heels and a statement necklace, as seen in the gallery below.

As always, let me know your thoughts. I should also issue a disclaimer, ’tis Zara, not I that should be blamed for the damage that blouse will do to your credit card, although I think it’s a minor dent for such a cool, but wearable item. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “What to Wear: Zara Leopard shirt

  1. Leopard print/ leopard-print. Subtle! I love this, especially with the leather jacket (still trying to find one like it!). Sadly my hulk-esque torso means blouses are not an option for me, if they fit on the arms then I’m bursting out of the front! Bloomin’ swimmer’s shoulders….


  2. I have this blouse!! It’s gorgeous isn’t it? Often struggle to find anything in Zara (it’s always too messy for me!) but this was a real find!


  3. I know they didn’t exactly work out for you on the day but I love your silver Converse!! I have a bit of a Converse habit (‘Hi, my name’s Anita and I’m a Converse-aholic’) and I’ve just given in and ordered my own custom-designed pair from the Converse website -so excited!!!!!!

    • Anita, I don’t know what it is about blimming Converse, they look like the worlds comfiest shoes but make my little toe really sore – I think the rubber is so tough it doesn’t give and mine being glitter are less soft perhaps. I might get some of the low profile ones. I looked at the site recently tho and the customised ones look awesome!

  4. Hello Rebecca – just wanted to say that these type of posts (and the ones about where you stayed and visited in London) are my faves!!!! x x

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