What to Wear: Tribal

One of the big trends I haven’t really dabbled in so far this season is the tribal trend, mainly because I haven’t seen anything I really liked. That was until I spotted this skirt, in Marks and Spencer.

Skirt, Marks and Spencer Limited Collection // Tee, French Connection // Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs // Necklace, Zara // Jelly ballet flats, Jimmy Choo (old)

Despite the fact that I don’t feature Marks and Spencer very much, that is mainly because of the online image quality, not because I’m not a staunch supporter of the brand. I wear M&S underwear, love their interiors products and buy several pieces from the Limited and Autograph collections every year. I think this summer has been a bit dry if I’m honest but when I popped in last week I left with three different clothing pieces and 2 sets of underwear. Very happy with myself indeed.

I can see how a skirt like this, all pattern and colour might scare some of you and I say, if in doubt team it with neutrals. I love fresh whites with brights like this – it just feel so summery and I actually wore this last Friday to work with a crisp white shirt (incidentally also an M&S Autograph purchase) with tan and yellow heels.

Of course, me being me, I had an abundance of brights to team it with, but kept the whole look grounded with a simple white T’shirt, tucked in to streamline the look. It dressed the smarter shape of the skirt down and then I picked out and complemented the bright palette with my coral neon edged straw bag and a yellow neon necklace. Perfect for shopping with my sister and an evening cocktail.

Incidentally, the print is also available in a dress if you’re looking for one. Will you be wearing tribal this summer?


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13 thoughts on “What to Wear: Tribal

  1. I love that. Obviously. Like you, I think their summer collection has been a bit crap but they are starting to come into their own again with their autumn and winter collections.

    Also the size 8s in M & S can be a bit big which NEVER happens to me (normally a 10-12) so it’s BRILLIANT.

  2. I would never have picked that skirt out in the shop, but the way you’ve styled it I LOVE, it looks great on. I’ve got some bright tribal leggings I wear to teach in and always get 50/50 appalled faces and compliments. My best reaction was from one lovely lady in her 70s who called them “natty stockings”

  3. Looks nice on you! No tribal for me though, too busy I think. Maybe if there were any understated ways to do it, but I doubt I would buy any now as it feels like lots of people have been wearing it in spring/summer – probably missed the boat!

  4. Love this skirt Rebecca, especially with the way you’ve styled it.

    Unfortunately my nearest M&S is a bit rubbish so I never really bother to look in it, but after a recent trip elsewhere, I was impressed with the new A/W Limited Collection that has just launched into store and have picked up a few pieces 😀


  5. I actually LOVE this skirt, which surprises me. It looks great with the white t-shirt, one of my staples. I am tempted to go with a proper ‘trend’!

    Honestly, I never look at the clothes at M&S. I have a purple cardi from there that I wear ALL the time – it’s the perfect colour and goes with everything. But, I have completely fallen out of love with the underwear and so don’t go in. Maybe the answer is to go to a well-stocked store…

  6. Interesting that a few of you should bring up the stocking issue. I bought this with my Mum and she was bemoaning the rubbish selection in her home store which is in Southport – the lady at the counter said they merchandise and stock according to the local population demographics. Hence in Southport it’s all big knickers and classic cardi’s for the OAP’s. In my local stores (Manchester city centre and the Trafford centre) there’s always loads of Limited and I enjoy the Autograph range too, for work or weekend.

    Glad you all like the tee. It’s such a good fall back with a more statement piece like this.

  7. Love it!
    If I wasn’t 7 months preggers I would have bought it along with half of the Autumn / Winter range I saw this weekend…I fell in love with a short wool duffle coat, and coats are normally my down fall (I’m lanky) and it fitted perfectly (around the bump obv) so think I will be taking my upcomming bday ££ to M&S come the end of the month, ready for my non pregnant body shape returning 🙂

  8. I love the skirt! Unfortunately I think I’m too short to pull off this length without looking stumpy! Off to check out the dress version…

  9. Agree our local one is rubbish! No limited collection at all but if I’m in Westfield London they have a big selection! Really like this skirt – I saw it in your instagram pics and wondered if you are going to post it. Going to hunt out the dress too!

    Rachie xo

  10. In love this outfit on you and the way you’ve assessorised the outfit. Sadly I’m too short and curvy to suit the pencil skirt. However since hitting my 30s I’ve been also buying and loving the limited and autograph ranges,bristly for work clothes or staple tees. There are 3 fairly big
    stores in Dubai so usually a good choice. Saving for my Christmas wedding so sadly not buying much- although I saw the red Karen Millen dress you featured today in the shops and very tempted to get it for the night after the wedding!

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