What to Wear: To London Fashion Week

What to Wear for London fashion Week
Coat, Zara // Marks and Spencer printed trousers // Shoes Marks and Spencer // Hot Fuchsia Bayswater, Mulberry

This morning I feel a bit of a fraud. I know the question that has been uppermost in many of your minds since I announced that I would be attending London fashion week was ‘What to Wear’? Believe me, it wasn’t far from mine either but as soon as I spotted this gorgeous round stud sleeve coat in Zara a few weeks back, I knew, not only was it my winter coat of choice (ALWAYS buy them early readers!) but that it would take me to LFW. In the event, not only was it too hot to wear in the glorious indian summer weather, but I also managed to feel deeply unfashionable amongst the great and the good (and the not-so good) of the fashion world.

What to Wear at London Fashion Week

However, I persisted in taking some snaps, mainly because I couldn’t physically wait any longer to share the coat with you. It’s my favourite winter neutral, navy and both sleeves are covered in soft small rounded studs, in a gunmetal shade. The funnel neck will be perfect for snuggling into when the weather turns chilly and the shape (with pockets) is just the right side of the masculine silhouette that this seasons coats are leaning towards.

I paired it with my winter floral trousers from M&S, and of course my Mulberry, which perfectly picks out the purple and pink shades in the trouser print. Trusty patent courts and I was sorted, if not a little warm 😉

I hope you like it readers. Have you got your eye on any winter coats yet this season? Do share…


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8 thoughts on “What to Wear: To London Fashion Week

  1. I tried this very coat on yesterday, I adore it! It better not sell out after this feature or I’ll be having words 😉

    I haven’t treated myself to a new winter coat in 4 years so I’m really looking forward to splashing out on something fabulous.


  2. I have also tried on this one but just resonated that it was just too early for me to purchase! I may live to regret it! I love the sleeves, the colour and the length! Looks gorgeous with the mulberry too! x

  3. It’s never to early Rachie! What’s the worst that can happen? It’s sits there ready and waiting for your next blustery day and is right there when you need it?

    I bought my Black leather extended shoulder leather jacket in July 2 years ago. When I bought it is irrelevant now, and we are only 2 weeks away from October…

    • So true ! However it was really to do with me wanting things that I could wear now that seemed to take priority and therefore running out of funds for the winter coat! Next pay day!!! xx

    • Thanks Victoria – I’m rather pleased with these- it’s the first time I have taken them myself with a tripod! Aside from the obvious ‘I feel like an idiot’ internal monologue, I could just concentrate on being me instead of directing Pete! 😉

  4. I love this coat! In fact I am in love with most of Zara online at the minute. I would like the coat that has a bit of a military feel to it, with kind of a studded/fancy bit round the middle?? Do you know the one?
    Also their parkas as per FF coat post recently! Loving all of them! I am definately going shopping for a wintery coat soon! It is getting CHILLY!!

    You looked totally the part and a bit VB in that last shot with the big sunnies on!

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