What to Wear: The South Africa Edition

For a while now I have been thinking that it would be fun to do a feature of what I wore every day of a holiday, so for a break from the travel posts I thought I’d share my outfits in SA, day by day. Putting together a packing list or ‘holiday wardrobe’ isn’t the easiest thing to do and I thought you guys might like to see how I’ve worn the same things in different ways throughout the holiday and I’ve included some tips on things to think about or remember when you are planning what to take away with you. This trip wasn’t all glamour so please don’t get too excited about what’s in store, it’s really more of a real life insight and hopefully you like it!

If you’re going to be sightseeing, a lightweight showerproof jacket and a cosy scarf are invaluable and will serve you well day after day…

If you’ll be walking a lot, especially out of the city, don’t forget some trainers or casual white pumps that will go with everything whilst giving you stable footing off the beaten track…

Stick to a key colour palette (mine was yellow, navy, and coral/red with neutral basics mixed in and a big dose of stripes.)

Invest in a couple of key accessories like these metallic flats to keep your outfits on trend.

You’re on holiday so ditch the formality and go for relaxed casual style and clothes you feel comfortable in…

Be prepared in certain parts of the world (and depending on your activities) to put together an outfit that covers your arms and legs. Sometimes it’s function over form!

Make your wardrobe work harder by re-wearing and layering. Neutrals work best for this as they will go with so many pieces (and in my book, navy and white stripes = neutral basics!)

Always pack a new bikini for a poolside pick me up 🙂

Don’t forget a cross body bag for all your essentials and some inexpensive costume jewellery (I always go for a bangle, hoop earrings, studs, a chunky necklace and a fine chain,) that will take you from beach to bar with ease.

I hope you enjoyed the insight 🙂


*PS I haven’t included my Safari outfits here as we barely took any photos of each other and I was just layered up to the max wearing all of the above on the chilly morning and evening drives!

Some of the items featured have previously been blogged about here:

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33 thoughts on “What to Wear: The South Africa Edition

  1. Totes agree about a palate. My usual palate is black, white, grey, navy and denim. It sounds quite French chic when I say it like that. It isn’t.

    I want a yellow coat. I want all of these.

    I love that red dress but as I scrolled down and realised it was cut out, I shuddered. It looks awesome on you but I would just have rolls of fat coming out the cut out. Not smooth.

    My key packing item are my black straight skinny three quarter trousers from gap. I have four pairs and they are amazing. You can dress them up (black patent flats and shirt) or dress them down (white pumps and a Bretton T).

    Do not even talk to me about bikinis. How hard can it be to find a suitable bikini for people with boobs? A 30GG chest does not need ruffles or sequins and thin straps……it needs SUPPORT.

  2. I loved this post, thanks Rebecca. It is indeed useful, as I am always packing all of my summer clothes when going to a warm (er ) place, because I never get to wear them here. This time though (we were in San Francisco last week 🙂 ), I think I did well… I just packed 2 or 3 things that I didn’t use, and the rest I could combine and mix and match. My palette was in mint green, pinks and some royal blue (doesn’t make any sense when I put it like that but I do tend to love contrast).
    I agree with Becca, that yellow coat is super cute. I want it!
    And that coral cutout dress is beautiful, you look super amazing on it 🙂

  3. I actually went into Gap the other day specifically to look for your turquoise belt (which I have become obsessed with) and the shop I went into had sold out!! Am thinking I will definitely have to order online 😉
    Agree about navy/white stripes being great neutral basics (says she, wearing a navy/white striped dress today 😉 ) and all your outfits do work incredibly well together…

    • I’m also impressed that you did your nails while on holiday -I’m far too lazy for that and either get gel/Shellac on them before I go or (more likely) just leave them bare!

      • Ha! Totally recommend the belt. I have worn it non-stop to jazz up various outfits!
        I’m pretty lazy when it comes to presentation but my nails are always done. I find my polish will last a week so I just do them once then it’s done. It only takes 5 minutes and I had plenty of time to let them dry!!

  4. Love this post! It makes such a difference if you plan your outfits in advance and only pack what you need, with maybe a spare dress or pair of jeans, then you don’t need to waste time on your holiday going through the ‘I have nothing to wear!’ stress xx

  5. Safari-wise, did you find you had to keep it neutral? Read online that the animal get scared off if you wear bright colours!! I’ve bought some neutral (bland) lightweight walking trousers but would much rather wear my normal holiday clothes! X

    • Tbh Sarah, I think you could wear neon and the animals wouldn’t bat an eye lid – they are so used to the vehicles that they just sit there in general. Plus don’t forget a lot of you (bottom half certainly is covered by the vehicle anyway.) I didn’t pack anything special and wore my coral jeans (above) twice for drives, and layered striped tops/tee’s above, with hoodies and/or a coat. Admittedly the hoodies/jumpers coats were usually grey, but that’s just what I had!
      I think the only issue you would have with brights might be funny looks from the other guests. My advice would be avoid super brights, but stripes for example would be fine.

    • Sarah, I think it depends what you do and where you go. In the Delta (on the cut out boats) and Kruger, there are quite a lot of walking safaris so we’ve been advised that we need to buy more neutrals and no black or white either (WTF?). I want the Soloman Kate wore on safari but they are sold out everywhere.

  6. Can’t believe I’d never thought about sticking to a colour palette before – such a good idea!
    That cut-out dress looks stunning on you!

  7. That cut out dress looks incredible on you, amazing figure! I really like this post, its great to see how you mixed up the items in a different way – hope I can pack so well for my summer holidays!

  8. Love your clothes posts – you always give me lots of ideas and picking a colour palette , never really occureed to me before!!! Love the cut out dress, you look stunning x

  9. Woohoo – going to South Africa in a few weeks and had been panicking about what to wear! Problem solved – I will just buy everything in your photos!… and maybe slip some thermals underneath if the weather has turned!

    Thanks! Great blog 🙂

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