What to Wear: The DKNY Cozy

First off this morning, a disclaimer: this is not a budget item. Although I do like a bargain when it comes to fashion, when I’ve been fortunate enough to have the available funds as various points in my life, I do find that paying more generally gets better quality, longer lasting clothes. When it comes to classics which will stand the style test of time, I think it’s worth spending a bit more for luxury fibres and flattering shapes.

And this is where the Cozy comes in.

The preface to this purchase is that I bought a long-line boyfriend-style cardigan from Whistles several years ago in the sale in merino wool. It has been ridiculously useful and is super warm due to it’s yarn but has become a bit tired and lack lustre so I have been looking for a replacement for a several months. Unfortunately I didn’t see any navy offerings from Whistles this winter and instead remembered something I saw maybe 18 months ago, the DKNY Cozy.

The idea of this item is that it can be worn in a multitude of ways. Made of a wool/silk/cashmere blend it drapes beautifully and can be twisted and tied without losing shape. It scrunches up perfectly for travelling and can even be worn as a scarf. And of course it does the job I originally wanted, of being a long-line cardigan.

To give you some idea of the wearability, I’ve got a few snaps of the different ways you can style it…

As you can see it can be worn long and draped, with the tips tied together then twisted and draped in several (more) ways, as a dress or tunic, even a rather foxy off the shoulder number which flashes a bit of back for a chic evening look. If you fancy seeing how it is done, head on over to the DKNY site to see the video’s.

It’s super warm, super soft and I am totally in love with it.

As I said, it’s not cheap. The DKNY cozy comes in a variety of colours and retails at £180 – no, I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a cardigan but I had some Christmas money and decided to treat myself. I’ve since worn it to work, dinner, friends houses and just because 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’m going to get my wear out of it!

Have you got any luxe items that you think were worth splashing out on? I’d love to hear 😉


PS please excuse the hugely unflattering photos – I promise it is much more flattering in real life!

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17 thoughts on “What to Wear: The DKNY Cozy

  1. Ha! I’m snuggled in mine as we speak. I love mine & tend to wear it wrapped around me but you’ve inspired me to retry some of the other ways. Having wanted one for ages, waited to see if they would ever go in the sale, they don’t & so been prepared to spend. I happened to be going to Bicester Village, where I knew they had a DKNY shop. Lo & behold they had masses all at a reduced price & then another discount. I think I bought mine for about £70/80. So go to Bicester! I wear mine loads & think this is it’s third winter & it’s still looking lovely & keeping me warm.
    Ps I have a Whistles cornflower blue wrap cardigan that I love.
    Epic comment & all for a cardigan. Happy Wednesday.

  2. I also own a cozy and got mine from Bicester Village for a little bargain! It is one of my travelling must-haves – perfect to snuggle up on a plane! Love it!

  3. Good morning!
    Rebecca, I love the cozy. How many ways to wear one cardi??
    However what has inspired me more this morning is your wallpaper. Is that in your bedroom? I’ve been toying with the idea of papering mine ( if not all of it then at least a feature wall) and am now itching to get me down to Laura Ashley. Thank you.

  4. Oooh la la!

    I really like this! How cool…

    I have been looking for a similar long-line cardi to replace one I got from Zara a good few years ago and loved so much that I got it in grey AND black, but again after many washes they look a tad worn and shapeless. Thanks for the recommendation!


  5. Gorgeous cardigan Rebecca, thanks for the tip – need a replacement for an ageing merino wool All Saints one in grey so great post!

    Most redent luxe purchase: Mulberry’s Mitzy Messenger in pebbled oak. Had a disappointing trip to the Mulberry Factory shop in Somerset recently but found one here in Exeter!


  6. Oooh it looks so cozy!! I’m currently struggling in the cold after returning from a wee holiday in Oz and have decided in need this in my life, wish I still lived near Bicester as travelling down from Glasgow may cancel out the saving! xx

  7. Not sure which unflattering photo you’re referring to as they all look fab, who knew you could do so much with one cardi?!
    Also need to organise a visit to Bicester pronto!!

  8. Hmm, don’t think I’ve ever commented on a fashion post before but LOVE this- I’m all about minimum effort, maximum impact dressing! Bicester, you say….

    • Brilliant idea Linsey – I’ll definitely be getting another colour when I head to the US next 🙂

      They did have a gorgeous tomato red which I really wanted, but opted for the navy for flexibility. Still lusting after it tho!

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