What to wear: The British summer

A while ago when I shared the skirt in todays post, I thought it would turn out to be pretty useful. In actual fact I have worn it none stop and with a multitude of different items. Todays ensemble isn’t unexpected – in fact I’m wearing French connection head to toe – something I often feel lacks imagination (not in others you understand, but I am my own harshest critic on what I offer as inspiration here.) Sometimes I just want to wear a particular item and that takes precedent over styling the outfit as a whole. In this case I really wanted to wear my yellow shirt and my brogues – being pale blue suede, despite being in my wardrobe for a couple of months now, they haven’t seen much daylight for fear of then getting drowned in a dirty puddle.

Blouse, Skirt and Brogues, all French Connection // Bag, GAP // Sunglasses, Rayban (old)

This weekend was a really laid back one for me, with little planned ahead we were free to meander into town stoping here and there for coffee and lunch and this was the perfect outfit. Given the weather, I haven’t worn this shirt much at all but the sun was shining and it just seemed like a yellow day. Pairing it with my go-to summer skirt was easy.

For me the brogues are what make the outfit though. Another item I’ve shared previously, I know a lot of people find brogues difficult to wear. Even though I’m tall, my legs are relatively short for my height so I have to be careful not to make them look shorter by cutting them off with flats. The problem with brogues is that you don’t see the top of your foot, which would normally give the illusion of elongating the legs. To my mind there are 2 solutions… suck it up and work a bit of masculine tailoring (I’m thinking slouchy pleat-front trousers and a chunky knit,) or bare as much as you dare with a shorter skirt. Obviously this look falls into the latter camp. 😉

I’ve been meaning to share my bag here too for a while. A sale purchase from GAP a few weeks back, I was thinking ahead to my holidays and a beach bag when I snapped it up, but since then I haven’t been able to get enough of the ikat print, fresh blue shades and the super cute little pom tassels on the zip. It’s the small things in life that make you happy right?

Happy Wednesday readers.


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14 thoughts on “What to wear: The British summer

  1. I really really like this outfit & know exactly what you mean about sometimes wanting to wear a certain item of clothing. Glad you had a restful & mooching weekend.

  2. This is the first time I can honestly say I love brouges in an outfit!
    I love the whole look 🙂
    I’m also tall with long legs but still can’t bring myself to try brogues, I guess having big ol’ clown feet (size 8) makes it worse TBH and I’m pretty sure if I wore them with trousers I would actually look like a man.

  3. I really love your pink Raybans Rebecca. Brogues… I’m still not entirely convinced (I live in ballet flats and knee high boots for work and trainers and flip flops out of work) but wondering if I should try to be more adventurous…

  4. This look is fab on you and that skirt is the perfect length – its lovely! Still cant bring myself to try brogues – they just arent me! But i like them on you! xx

  5. I really want to like brouges because I need sensible shoes (stupid flat and narrow feet) for work and I’ve seen loads that would be smart enough whilst offering me the support I need. I just feel like I look like I’m wearing school shoes and I can’t get over it! I’m short and can look young if I wear the wrong thing so try and dress ‘older’, i.e. tailored dresses and chunky jewelry for work. Am I being ridiculous?

  6. Love brogues. Add them to an outfit like this which with heels would be rather sexy and you get instant nonchalant cool. ‘These shoes were just by my front door so I threw them on on my way out to do something fabulous’.

  7. I’m a little bit in love with brogues at the moment but it took me ages to find the right pair! I ended up with some Bertie bad boys which have a more feminine edge with the raffia/ leather mix and black cotton ribbon ties.

    I love them so much I took a photo whilst at the hairdressers…


    Love the yellow blouse by the way!

  8. I love the brogues, the colour makes them a little more feminine, but I just can’t make them work for me as they’re so unflattering on my stumpy legs. :/

  9. I’m surprised how many of you are struggling with Brogues! (I kinda thought I was the last one to get on board with the trend?!)

    Esme – I actually bought mine for exactly the same reason, but haven’t worn them due to the bad weather/suede issue. Actually I think they’re nubuck, but anyway… I don’t think they look young, more ‘quirky’ perhaps.

    Vicky, I almost bought that pair in nude but these ones trumped them! They were comfy tho.

    I did go on a bit of a mission to find these, I must have tried about 10-15 other pairs on before I settled on these and I wonder if that was the key… just getting used to seeing your feet look different. In situations like this I often think, if I love this look on everyone I see wearing it, why don’t I like it on me, it’s silly!


  10. I did the Great Brogue Cheat. Mine are black, but with a chunky wooden three-inch heel, bought three years ago from Office. You still get the preppy look but without fear of your legs looking like tree stumps.

    • Me too! I’ve got mustard coloured heeled ones from Office. Heels definitely make them more wearable for me and whilst I don’t wear them that much they always get compliments when I do.

  11. I have a pair from Clarks that I wear mostly at work. I tend to wear them with trousers or with tights and dresses that are above the knee. I like the look of them but it took me ages to find ones I liked. Just went on the office website, they have heeled ones and baby blue leather ones both in the sale. I want!

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