What to Wear: Supermarket Style

No this is not a post about what I wear to the supermarket. That would be very boring indeed. Instead, it’s about supermarket fashion and this bright and spring-like coral loose weave jumper. The credit for ‘finding’ this item has to go to my mum, in fact I spotted it first on her very back and asked her to pick one up for me. It’s from none other than Florence and Fred at Tesco and it’s a bargain £12.

Given the weather we have had recently, I’ve been battling with pseudo-SAD and wishing the brighter warmer weather would come. In the meantime, the flattering shade of coral this jumper is in has been bringing virtual sunshine to my life. Facy a lipstick in a similar shade? Try my Maybelline colour shown here, Colour Sensational in ‘Pink Fizz’.

I like my knitwear on the sloppy side so (just as my Mum did, I got a bigger size, this one is a 14) and I’ve worn it none-stop. In the summer I think it’s going to look great belted over my pleated Carrie skirt or a pastel shirt, but for now it’s doing a great job in proving how versatile it is, bringing a pop of colour to my GAP khaki parka.

On this particular occasion it was perfect for a pub lunch and a stroll in the woods afterwards.

£12? I love it!


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10 thoughts on “What to Wear: Supermarket Style

  1. Ok, I’ve been brave and decided to buy this one and the lovely bell-sleeve top you featured last week! Just hoping I don’t look like a sack of spuds in them courtesy of my big boobs – ah well, free returns is always grand 🙂 x

  2. £12?! Amazing. I would never have guessed that was from Tescos. I think one might magically appear in my shopping trolley this week…

  3. I love it, may have to get one too! Just what we need to brighten up this miserable spring weather 🙂

  4. Love that colour on you Rebecca – really fresh and Spring-y! Z-zing!

    Since I’ve taken to having groceries home-delivered I haven’t been to an actual supermarket in eons, so when I DID pop in a fortnight ago I was shocked/ surprised to find that half of the space was full of clothes and other home-y stuff! It has obviously been quite some time…. (though I did live abroad for a number of years, so don’t judge too harshly!)

  5. I’m a bit of a supermarket clothes obsessive! This jumper’s very nice and may find its way into my trolley some time later 🙂

  6. My jumper came today – thank you next day delivery! I love the colour – it’s tres flattering, though mine looks a completely different colour to the one in the picture – more coral than pink. Thanks for the heads up Rebecca, I shall be sporting it tomorrow for my long awaited afternoon off 🙂 x

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