What to Wear: Sexy Boyfriend Jean

I don’t mind admitting, I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans for a couple of years now. There are 2 reasons for that. Firstly I am ahem, a bit heavier (still, yes, I know!) than I would prefer to be and kept convincing myself that I should wait and lose some weight before buying another pair. (Flawed logic, as if I lost weight I wouldn’t need new jeans… I’d be able to fit into the numerous pairs I already have.) Secondly I cannot stand shopping for jeans. It’s boring, frustrating and often soul destroying trying to pour yourself into yet another pair that don’t flatter, aren’t the right shape for you (what is that shape anyway, anyone who knows, do share,) and make you feel worse than when you started. So it was with relief that I managed to purchase this pair, the first I tried on, on a trip to GAP.

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I love the current trend for flashing a bit of ankle in cropped trousers and the slightly slouchy ‘boyfriend style’ of jeans that are on-trend right now feel like the ideal weekend alternative. I thought it was going to be a nightmare finding the right pair, but knew GAP did a style they call the ‘sexy boyfriend‘ and thought I would give them a go. In an up to date paler distressed wash than I would usually go for, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit and snapped them up.

It feels good to be back in jeans again, even if not for virtuous reasons and I’ve worn them non-stop ever since, often with my other recent purchase, these ponyskin, leopard print slipper flats – an absolute steal and from Clarks of all places at £39.99. They feel well made and smart with cushioned insoles and I still can’t believe that Clarks quality comes with serious style credentials. Who knew?

I teamed the jeans and leopard print with an unexpected flash of red on my nails – I don’t usually wear red as I associate it with a vintage look that I rarely aspire towards, but for some reason right now it feels fresh, particularly on short nails and when rocking a bejewelled fox ring that is equal parts cute and quirky.

Have you got any favourite jeans to share or have you tried the Sexy Boyfriend from GAP?


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33 thoughts on “What to Wear: Sexy Boyfriend Jean

  1. Jeans shopping is my worst nightmare, agree it is definetly soul destroying. Can’t wait for the skinny jean to pass!

    • Skinny jeans are the DEVIL.

      Gap do a great cropped black trouser called the slim cropped. Amazing. I bought three pairs (if it works, work it hard) and lived in them on my holidays.

  2. I buy my jeans for 7 for all Mankind. That is all. They lift nip and make my arse look amazing. There’s a picture of my bottom at a friend’s hen and I thought ‘I wish I had an arse like that’ until I realised it was mine.

    It was a life changing moment.

    I love Clarks…..so comfy. Perfect for work shoes.

  3. I like Uniqlo. I’m not a huge jeans wearer so don’t want to spend lots of money on them. Somehow Uniqlo are the right shape for me. Interested in searching for the Gap black jeans you mention Becca.

  4. For all jean worries and woes, and for finding the perfect pair, head to donnaida.com. What Donna and her team don’t know about the jeans and the perfect fit for your shape, it’s not worth knowing! xoxo

    • I actually went to the Donna Ida store online just recently and had a browse around, but despite the excellent advice available, I don’t think there’s a substitute for trying on – if I had been in London I definitely would have given it a go.


  5. The only high street jeans that work on my body are River Island. Gap jeans just don’t fit me. I know that the higher end brands will also fit but I don’t want to try… I know I’ll buy and I can’t afford to! Ha! Saying that, i have the most PERFECT pair of jeans (from RI) that I’m starting to go a bit crazy over – I know one day they’ll cease to be, and I’ll be sad and never find a pair like them, so I’m already starting to limit my usage. Jeans make you crazy! Fact! Ha ha!

    My friend said the Levi body scanner service literally changed her life though, so maybe I’ll give that a go.

    An interesting turn up for the books, however, was my discovery of New Look skinny jeans. I too thought that they were the devil. Turns out, for fifteen quid their skinny jeans do all sorts of wonderful things to my legs. Having steered clear at the start, I now have three pairs which I live in! Who knew?!?!? Just to clarify, none of the other NL jeans or trousers work on my body though (as in, the either fall down or won’t do up!)… Strange!

  6. Totally agree! Jeans shopping=nightmare! I’m 5’10 and a size 12 and nothing fits my leg length and skinny waist and big Italian hips!! Leggings are my best friend or Leigh jeans from top shop! X
    Ps. Nice to see you return to affordable high street posts! 🙂 might check gap out!

  7. Like Victoria, I also recently discovered new look skinny jeans and love them- also maintain that all their other trousers aren’t that great a fit! I’m a bit of a shorty and need a 28″ leg but new look jeans are good in that just the leg is shortened not the crotch to waist length (is that the right way of saying it) like many petite jeans. Particularly loving the shaper range, they retain their stretch and are a complete bargain!

  8. The best jeans I’ve ever had, that even now, though they’re knackered and the dark wash has gone manky, are a pair of J brand cigarette legs. Slim enough to tuck into boots, yet not so tight on the calves that you can’t wear trainers with them, they’re great with heels and flats. Every time I wear them people comment on them and when I used to work in a clothes shop that sold them, I saw lots of girls of different shapes and sizes try them on and they all looked great in them. That being said, they’re a pretty eye watering price…

  9. These look great! I suffer from the very same pain of finding jeans! So much do, when I do find a pair I like I buy a couple…am I the only one who does that!?

    I actually was really pleased with my Topshop Leigh jeans as they are stretchy, skinny, comfy and I wear the petite size which hits right at my ankle. Perfect! Quality remains to be seen, but as I’ve bought 2 pairs they should see me through for a while!

    Zara did one of my fave pairs but they change their styles all the time so very dissappointed about that!

  10. I have the Gap sexy boyfirend cut cords in cheer. I like them but sometimes wonder if they make my legs look short (they are short so they don’t need much help to look it!).

    I try to balance that by wearing them with heels – I find they taper too much if worn without the turn up so think they may be for autumn and spring rather than winter.

    • Siobhan I have short legs too – 30 inch jeans is just fine for me which is slightly disproportionate at 5ft 6… I generally find it only bothers me when I see photos of myself (Looking at the above ones with my eyes half closed helps) but when I’m wearing the jeans I feels happy so try to just forget about it!! Know what you mean though!

  11. Following my trip to the States, I am now a proud owner of some bold curve Levis – in a size smaller than normal – and I’m pretty heavy post honeymoon. I’m now waiting for my next trip to stock up. They actually fit all the way round my bubble butt without the need for a belt and there’s all sorts of lifting and flattering – just a shame they’re so expensive over here. I have a pair of the sexy boyfriend chords and although I’m not convinced they do much for my butt, I love the autumn vibe.

  12. I love Gap jeans. Their Real Straight jeans are the most flattering things I’ve ever worn and I even like their skinnies (and I never thought I’d be a fan of skinny jeans). I like the look of the Sexy Boyfriend but as has been commented above I don’t think they’d look good with boots/trainers because of the cut so don’t think they’re a ‘winter’ jean. Also a fan of Uniqlo -super cheap and their alteration service is ace…

    • I wear these with those M&S black patent pumps too and they look cool but agree, when it starts to get nippy round the ankles I’m not sure what the solution will be… still hunting for a pair of ‘proper’ jeans… probably skinnies!

  13. I’m noticing a trend here we all hate jean shopping, myself included! Just to let you all know Gap are doing all blue jeans for £29 today only if you are on their VIP mailing list. I assume you can sign up for it online and get the code immediately? xx

  14. I normally go to Zara for jeans because they are one of the only places that cater for my height (5’10”) and are resonably priced. However I recently visited the Levis store in Westfield Shoppinng Centre and I can highly recommend them! The service was faultless and they really to have a pair of jeans to fit anY height, shape or size! They can be pricey but worth every penny and my purchase of high rise skinny jeans have become a firm favourite, already planning my next trip there for more in different colours x

  15. 5′ 10 ladies, I find Topshop jeans the best, still. The sizing is a tiny bit on the small side, but the elusive leg length and variety is there!

  16. I hate jean shopping too – in fact I have been wearing some levis skinny jeans that my mother in law bought me for $15 in Florida a couple of years ago. I was panicking as they are a lovely fit and they have just started wearing in between my thighs – must be the way I walk!! However this weekend I tried on the slight curve skinny levis and they seem to be a nice fit. I think the key is to actually size down so they are nice and tight… They were still £90 though!!

    Would love to try seven and j brand but I too don’t want to even try them on as they are so expensive and I know I will love them!!

    Oh and I totally adore those shoes – might have to have a look in Clarks as I got an email saying they are 20% off at the mo!

    Love this outfit on you Rebecca! x

  17. A few of you have mentioned the cost of designer jeans… As an aside, until about 12 months ago I always bought designer and honestly think the quality is leagues ahead – BUT I never buy them full price. I always go to the Selfridges sale or buy in America. I’d say I usually pay between £50 and 100 and the Gap ones were that much, so worth waiting for a bargain!

  18. Love this post and love the jeans – thanks for the recommendation.

    I’ve been living in my Oasis jeggings since I bought them in the Jan sales. I wanted some thin, dark jeans that would actually tuck into boots, but looked like jeans and they have been great. At first I was very sceptical about skinny jeans as I’m short and have thighs, but these are actually flattering.

    Great shout out for Clarks too – I have to wear stupid sensible shoes to work as I have terrible ankles, and Clarks have really upped their game recently – good soles are really hard to find.

    • Ditto Esme – I wear corrective insoles as I’m flat footed and this year I really suffered with the consequences. Hence me looking for ‘proper’ shoes that will accommodate the insole and support my foot.

      I have to say these were a bit stiff and sore at first but they’re wearing in nicely 🙂

  19. Levi’s are the only shop for me. Since trying their ‘curve’ range, I’ve never looks back… and neither have friends that I’ve recommended them to.

    Have a look on their website but they offer jeans not only by size and style, but also by what body shape you are. I went in and was measures by someone and it turns out I’m a ‘bold curve’ (who knew?!)… so that would be exactly why Topshop’s jeans just don’t work for me.

    They have lots of different fits – bold, slight, Demi, supreme etc… seriously you should try them out!!!

    • They really are amazing. I’m kicking myself for not buying more pairs in the States as they’re only $75 over there – that’s a pair of Topshop jeans.

  20. Fat Face skinny jeans bought this spring in a dark navy stretchy but thin fabric have been fantastic value, suit my apple shape (I’m 5’6 and size 12,small bum and slim thighs but larger waist) they can be smart or casual,very comfortable and never dig in….love ’em! Weirdly I have several pairs of smart work trousers from GAP but their jeans never fit me…

  21. Topshop’s Baxter jeans (skinny ones) are the ones for me. I love them. I dont think I’ll evefr be able to break up with them.
    Or my slouchy boyfriend ones from River Island.


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