What to Wear: Pink and Navy

Ok, so, in all my enthusiasm last week (for pink, obvs,) I kinda forgot that it was February. Cold, wet, windy and all-around miserable February. After last week’s Fash Flash, I headed straight out and purchased the H&M pink trousers (£14.99) and congratulated myself with Sushi – stuff that cheap never fits me properly. Then I got it home and promptly wore them on the couch. As you do.

Not satisfied with the couch alone, I wanted to wear them at the weekend and found myself thinking, hang on a minute, how am I going to wear these without looking like an idiot in February? Tricky. My couch ensemble was perfect for a summer day, not the back end of winter. It’s not even March yet people!

But then I thought, wait a second, I think you guys must be having exactly the same problems. Victoria mentioned trans-seasonal outerwear dilemmas on Facebook and it’s London Fashion Week. That means the whole of the fashion-world-at-large rocking this season’s trends on the streets of London, despite the weather and (hopefully) avoiding the season in-appropriate fash-victim look.

So here’s how I did pink trousers in February…

Surely the easiest way to do brights is teamed with neutrals. In my book, navy counts as a neutral and it’s also a blinder of a colour teamed with pink, so on went the cozy. My striped top was a nod (or perhaps encouragement) to spring and then of course my trusty GAP parka in (another neutral in my book,) khaki. Topped with a sludgy blue scarf, I was wrapped up and ready to go.

My other reason for wanting to bring the trousers out? I really wanted to wear my new Belle Sigerson Morrison boots. I looked high and low all of last year for spring/summer grey boots and finally found the perfect pair a few weeks back from The Outnet. They were no where near as bargainous as the H&M trousers, although that depends on whether you look at the final price or the discount, but I worship at their dove grey uppers.

A couple of other new bits I’m particularly loving right now? A chunky gold link bracelet I found in Banana Republic last week in the sale – a bargain and something I can see myself wearing again and again, layered up or on its own. The nail polish was my final uber-bargain. One of a set of four from H&M for £2.99 – this one is a pale pistachio green, and the pink on my toes also came in the packet along with a lemon yellow and lilac. Perfect for SS12’s pastel trends.

So what do you think guys? How are you making your new spring purchases work while the weather stays grim? Look out for a bit more fashion and beauty this week on Florence Finds – we’re giving a nod to #LFW with some related posts and then some serious anti-fashion for good measure!

Pop back later for this month’s Book Club,


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18 thoughts on “What to Wear: Pink and Navy

  1. Ha I did just that with my pink jeans, wearing them straight away & realising it wasn’t February practical! Ended up with kimono style black jumper & a grey cape/poncho to hop from car to snuggle in the cinema. They’re now back in my wardrobe for the warmer weather.
    Ps A plea I’ve just spent a fortune on new glasses so more of the bargain H&M nail polish this month please.

  2. Hurrah!!!!! I love this! 🙂

    Great trans-seasonal-outwear-dilemma-solving Florence Finds.

    I like a pink and navy combo almost as much as I like a coral and navy combo so when I ripped off your pink jeans idea (shamelessly!) I purchased a silky navy tee to go with them for this Saturday’s party.

    Roll on the spring when I can colour clash them up with a minty green sweater and maybe my yellow shoes… but that’s a bit too Malibu Barbie for Essex in February…. or maybe not, judging from this week’s TOWIE… 🙂

  3. I love how your definition of February-appropriate attire includes a pair of peep-toes – you are a braver lass than me 😉

    I bought a few Barry M pastel nail varnishes last summer (check me out, so unintentionally fashion-forward) and I agree it’s definitely time to crack them out again. Hurry up, spring!

  4. Once I finish paying for this wedding I am defintiely going shopping…these posts have made me bored of all my clothes. I’m going to start writing a list for 10 weeks time (I’m sure my new husband will want to go shopping with me on the honeymoon right?!)

  5. As much as the pink trousers are very lovely, I seem to have a thing for bottle green at the moment. Does h&m’s have it in that colour too?! Damn me living so close to the Trafford Centre. A splurge this lunchtime on some brightly coloured trousers is looking v appealing!


  6. OK, that’s it, I’m buying bright trousers for the Pen Do! Big fan of pink and navy – as well as yellow and navy. That parka really comes into its own with the brights, doesn’t it, I admit I’ve avoided the parka purchase as was unsure, but it looks great here. Also loving the fashion-forward cat, it’s like you’re being checked out, head-to-toe and have got the meow of approval!

    I love these posts Rebecca – there arne’t many of us who would be brave enough to post their outfits of choice online, modelling them ourselves – it speaks volumes about your self confidence, commitment to “don’t sell it til you’ve tried it” and how committed you are to making FF a resource that real people can use and enjoy.

    • Thanks Anna – every time, I feel like a complete idiot, but I always think, well, if I’m having these dilemma’s then someone else must be too!

      Plus, I love seeing what my girlfriends are wearing – there’s the voyeur inside all of us 😉

  7. Im having a little laugh to myself this morning as I’m just checking in, fresh from a Brit Mil Fit session, still caked in mud and lo and behold, I’m looking fancy in pink trousers on the blog! My glamourous life 😉

    Some times you have to laugh!


  8. I love these trousers – only problem is I’d have to roll them up about 6 inches to fit my wee midget legs! I look forward to the day H&M has a petite collection 🙂 x

  9. I do love the outfit posts, as Anna says, fair play to you Rebecca for modelling them and putting them on the blog. I am a bit boring with my fashion choices as always think I need to get as much wear out of them as possible, but this has made me reconsider!
    I also loved the bright blue jeans you had on with the parka last time x.

  10. Really like these posts Rebecca, and absolutely loving this outfit!!

    Doubtful I could pull off such a bold look though – my legs only suit the darkest colours of jeans 😉


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