What to Wear: Pick up a Peplum

Consider this your first heads up for the coming Autumn Winter ’12 season… Peplums are going to be HUGE. Happily they’re already in the shops and I fancied trying out the trend, particularly when I spotted this one when I did the Zara spring drop post a couple of weeks ago.

I nipped into store to pick it up and then wore it to the Florence Finds Manchester afternoon tea, so I decided I should probably share it with you all.

Top – Reiss (old) // Skirt – Zara £39.99 // Shoes – M&S Autograph (old) // Necklace – Shop sale accessories

I just love how feminine the shape is, that unabashed celebration of your female curves, with a nipped in waist and flared out frill over the hips. Granted, it could be tricky to wear if you’re a true english pear, but I actually think if you’re prepared to flaunt it and have the waist to balance out a fuller bottom half, it’s a killer look.

I paired mine with an old silk top I have from Reiss in fresh white as I love Red and white together, then my zip fronted snakeskin sandals from M&S Autograph. The necklace was a sale find in Warehouse recently that is slightly broken but you can’t really tell, a bargain at £6!

It’s a little creasy as it’s a linen mix, so not one for perfectionists on that front, but it’s actually really comfortable too, as the skirt itself has some stretch in it, great for if you sit down a lot at work like me.

So, do you like a peplum and will you be trying out the trend?


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13 thoughts on “What to Wear: Pick up a Peplum

  1. I love a peplum, and love the bright red of this skirt… but I have a lifelong aversion to linen that I just don’t think I can overcome! Love the necklace too xx

  2. No no noooooo. They don’t suit curvy hourglass figures either. There is already too much shape there.

    They also remind me of Jessie from saved by the bell circa 1994 reruns.

    • OMG, I HAD to reply to this, I used to LOVE Saved By The Bell!! And yes I know what you mean about Jessie, and peplums even looked a bit odd on her and she was a stick insect!!!

      Peplum shape -def not for me, but love the colour and I LOVE that Reiss top!! Shame it’s old as would totally have got that.

  3. I’m willing to be persuaded by a peplum, but it’s going to have to work hard not to remind me of when they were everywhere a couple of years ago. Admittedly the trend looks fresher on a skirt (and fab on you Rebecca!) but trashy blondes like me will have to work hard not to look like something off the first series of TOWIE….


  4. Oh this is so pretty and spring-like. Like Becca though, I don’t think my curvy figure would allow me to carry one off comfortably. Which makes me sad. Though I may try and squeeze myself into one this week, just to check, seeing as how its pay day week an’ all!


  5. Like Penny, I automatically think of the TOWIE girls when I think of Peplum dresses, but this skirt on you looks fab really like it so will perhaps re-consider this look now.


  6. Oooh, controversial today!

    I feel my lack of pop culture knowledge (TOWIE) is letting me down here… but am I not right in thinking there are some ahem curvier ladies on there?

    Either way, this is a good illustration on how someimes you have to look twice at a trend before you judge it and I would implore all of you to look twice at yourself in the mirror before casting any off that you try on. I did actually think I was a bit on the wide side in this skirt in the fitting room but decided to persist, and it’s definately not for wearing with flats, oh no, but I’m glad I did get it. 🙂


  7. erm – Rebecca, you do not look anything like “wide” in this… It makes you look teeny tiny! Nice waist! 🙂 Another *fit* outfit!

    thanks also for name-checking the necklace – I’ve been coveting it since I spied it on Instagram last week! :

  8. Looks gorgeous on you Rebecca but not sure if I can pull this off due to it being a bit high waisted for me – I sadly do not have as lovely a waist as you! Its such a glam look xx

  9. You look fabulous in that get up but I don’t think it’s a trend I can buy in to. I’m not sure why but I think I’d feel daft in it.

  10. I thought this looked fabulous on you at the Manchester afternoon tea but am another one not convinced its a style for me. Mind you I haven’t actually ever tried one on – might have an experiment next time I’m shopping.

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