What to Wear: On the Beach (when you just had a baby)

When I was pregnant I put on 2 stone. Not bad going at the time I thought, considering I certainly didn’t deprive myself and everybody tells you about how much of it is not just baby but placenta, fluid and the rest (I’m sure my boobs weighed an extra few pounds each…!) Post baby I lost 1 stone in the first 3 weeks, then it appeared the second stone wanted to come to Florida with me and was staying put.

At 3 months post birth, I wasn’t feeling too bad about it. Sure, if I looked at myself too long in the mirror I wasn’t that keen on my new shape, but equally, I was too busy and too realistic to expect anything else. Nor did I have any interest in dieting in those early weeks of breast feeding in case it affected the quality of my milk for Bea. That left me with a small problem. What on earth do you wear on the beach when you have just had a baby and are not feeling as confident as you usually would?

It wasn’t just about my weight, but the huge breast feeding boobs I was now lugging around, and although the stretch marks I had are largely faded, I didn’t want to show them off and add to any insecurities I had, or get them in the sun for that matter as that could have added to any lasting scarring. So I looked for a high waisted, bra-sized bikini (I really hate swimsuits as I get too hot in them) and headed to figleaves.com

Happily they had several high waisted styles and even strapless styles like I chose that are made for BIG boobs. Throw in a floaty sheer shirt for hanging round the pool and my maternity shorts (my itsy bits pre-baby cut-offs were just not going to cut it,) and I was sorted.

I wanted to share this mainly to suggest the bikini style I went for and recommend Figleaves (I bought a few styles, including a fold down bikini too that was nice but not quite as stylish, and their delivery/returns service was fab,) but also because there are lots of bloggers on the internet pinging back into shape post baby, which is great if you happen to be one of the lucky few who do the same. But if you’re not, then I wanted to show you how it really is and how you can feel good still in that amazing body that just made a baby, and one day will look like it never did.


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15 thoughts on “What to Wear: On the Beach (when you just had a baby)

  1. I also put around 11 kg during pregnancy, and a new bikini was imperative, as my boobs would spill over every bikini top I owned. It was actually my mother’s day present. It is one of those fold-down bottoms (really good for camouflaging the muffin top) with a bandeau / halter top. I really love it and I think it is important to feel good on vacation. We use it every week at the swimming classes… so it was worth it.

    You look good, very retro! And the weight will go, don’t worry.

    • Same as you Rachie. The last half a stone never left BUT my waist was smaller and arms thinner. Apparently you carry more visceral fat once you’ve had a baby so as long as my pre pregnancy clothes fitted, which they did, I was ok with that xx

  2. Rebecca you really do look fantastic and you make an excellent point – our bodies MAKE babies! 9 Months on 9 months off.
    After having two and getting stretch marks second time around I do have some hangups but I still wear my bikini with as much pride as I can muster and I honestly do feel proud of my post baby body, c-section pooch included!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Rebecca, I love your bikini and genuinely think you look fab so soon after having a baby.

    Im currently 23 weeks pregnant and have put on six pounds so far. Im staying active and eating sensibly – its hard not to freak out about the weight gain after years of dieting, but your right, growing a small human is amazing and any weight gain is a small price to pay. Love your attitude.

  4. I put on 4 stone at least (I stopped weighing myself) but have lost three stone (7 weeks postpartum today) so far. It appears to all be residing in the overhang.

    You look awesome.

  5. I put on 20 kg from booking to 37 weeks (3 1/2 stone). The first 2 stone came off easily in the first 8 weeks, but then I stayed the same for a month so decided to eat healthier from about 12 weeks onwards. Still having the odd cake etc, just not every day. Anyway since then another stone has gone so that at 5 1/2 months I’m feeling much better about myself. I wouldn’t have wanted to do its without breast feeding though.
    You look amazing in that photo, I hope I manage to look half as good when we’re on holiday in January!

  6. You do look amazing and especially considering you’re 3 months post partum! I think it’s great that you are showing another view of how women’s bodies can change after pregnancy and childbirth compared to images of women who appear to snap back into shape straight away!

  7. You are inspirational! And you look fab!

    I put on 3 stone. The first 2 came off relatively easily then the remaining stone has been way more difficult! I fear the last half a stone may be here to stay it certainly doesn’t want to shift even though annie is 15 months!!!

  8. I think you look good in these pictures! If it’s any consolation my last stone and a half only melted away once we finished breast feeding at seven months post partum. I think a lot of mums hold on to a bit of baby weight whilst continuing to breast feed. It annoys me when breast feeding is touted as a way to lose weight; certainly not the case for many mums.

  9. You look fab Rebecca. And only three months in. I hugely agree with the 9 months on 9 months off philosophy. I put on just under 3 stone in all I think and Calum was only 6lbs5 in the end. But as I’ve just commented to Rachie (on the wrong reply!) my waist is slimmer and arms more toned than they ever have been. Oh, and post feeding/pregnant boobs are another woeful story, BUT, our bodies change for a reason and it’s great to know the old clothes fit AND you have a wonderful child because of it. We are too hard on ourselves sometimes. Great post xx

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