What to Wear: Modern Florals

I may or may not have gone a little bit mad in Zara recently. My excuse is that my wardrobe needed some new season life injecting into it… with a holiday, 2 afternoon teas, my birthday, a couple of big nights out and wedding all on the horizon, I’ve been all about finding the right outfit.

I wasn’t looking for this dress when I stumbled across it. I went into the changing rooms at Zara with about 4 times my allowance of clothes and this was one of the 4 items I left with.

Zara dress // French Connection Jacket // M&S Autograph Shoes (old) // Kate Moss for Topshop clutch (old)

I love floral prints, particularly the kaleidoscopic graphic take on them that we’re seeing this season, a completely bang up to date and grown up version. This dress is super flattering with the focus on the centre of the silhouette, which gives the illusion of narrowing your curves.

The other flattering part of it is the racer-esque cut-away neckline. Remember Kate Winslet wearing this Stella McCartney dress last year and the athletic and toned silhouette she cut on the red carpet? Aside from her mind-blowing curves it was down to the dress, so when I spotted this one, I thought it might be just as flattering.

Obviously, I wore mine with my go-to jacket of the moment from French Connection , and some really old heels that I have from Marks and Spencer Autograph of all places. With racy straps and a zip front in sexy snakeskin, they seemed an appropriate match, without too much of a pattern clash.

The dress is a bargain £49.99 and an a super comfy stretchy cotton, perfect when you’re heading out to stuff your face for dinner 😉

Do you like?


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31 thoughts on “What to Wear: Modern Florals

  1. Love!! You’ll be making me bankrupt at this rate! I actively had to force myself to walk past Zara at the weekend as I knew that if i went in i couldnt promise not to come out with bags of stuff!


    • I did a clothing ban too! It was in 2010, and I did it for the whole year. It was the first year I went self-employed.

      I never kept to it, but I only bought clothes and shoes I needed, rather than just because they were pretty. I probably spent about £100 on clothes over the year.

      Good luck!

  2. I would probably never have tried this on but now I have seen it on you I am going to try it and might have to get it, it’s lovely 🙂

  3. Love this dress, you look stunning!
    How I wish Zara did Maternity clothes. Actually, if I’m wishing for things I wish anyone did current & fashionable maternity clothes, Isabelle Oliver I am not. Stripey Tshirt anyone!?

          • I was going to jump in and say that Topshop Maternity looks like it was clearly made for 15 year old pregnant girls or Kate Moss-esque waifs.

            I can see we need some pregnancy advice here… any takers?


          • I used to work for Mamas & Papas at their head office and can say that Topshop’s maternity range isn’t great. To cover a bump well, the hem on a top/dress should be longer at the front to balance it out. Topshop don’t to this – they are just bigger than usual sizes.

            So you’d be as well going to any high street store and just buying a bigger size rather than their mat range.

            Good maternity retailers – jeans wise I can vouch for M&P being pretty decent, ASOS maternity wear is good, French Connection DID have a maternity range that was on ASOS too, there’s also New Look.

            Hope this helps somewhat – for someone who doesn’t have kids I have a lot of pregnancy/baby product knowledge!


  4. Love the dress, you look amazing and like you have lost some weight (not that you needed to) I may have to purchase this for Ascot!x

  5. Love the dress! Works so well with the jacket too.

    Gemma, I am with you. I’m 18 weeks pregnnant, and so disappointed by the lack of on trend maternity clothes, apart from mega expensive !

    • I’m 12 weeks with number two and the bump is ridiculous already 😉
      Its shocking how there are no reasonably priced non-frumpy / or just normal maternity clothes anywhere!

      • ASOS have a few decent bits. It’s like, ‘oh, you’re pregnant, heres some stretchy jeans and a SMOCK!’

        • I know, ASOS has been kind to me in the past, and I’m sure Dotty P’s online has some good stuff it just seems the ranges on the high street are few and far between – I like to try my clothes on first.
          Just because we are preggers doesn’t mean we are giving up on fashion, I need decent clothes even more when I’m pregnant tbh, I love my bump. (but don’t want to wear a tshirt saying that…I wouldn’t wear one saying I love my bum when I’m not pregnant and suprisignly that doesn’t change when I am!)

          • Ha ha, I hate those t shirts!

            I agree, it’s all about online shopping but now, more than ever, I need to try stuff on!

            Enjoy your pregnancy! And sorry Rebecca for highjacking the post!

  6. Thanks girls – I love this dress 🙂
    I havent actually lost much weight, maybe a couple of pounds, but I’m starting to see a toning difference from my BMF class. Off again tonight and Saturday.

    Am determined not to enter my 30’s wishing I had lost some weight!

  7. Adore this dress, you look amazing, and it gives you the perfect hourglass figure.

    May have to try this on now… I’m sure I can find somewhere to wear it 😉


  8. Um, will this make me look equally hot?! I’ve never been moved to comment on a fashion post before, but this is AMEZZIN.*

    *Not just a sychophantic comment. Honestly. I really, really like this.

  9. One of my fave outfits on you! Its gorgeous and such a stunning shape on you! You look brill! Look at your toned arms! Jealous!
    Rachie xo
    PS: Zara is the best!
    PPS: New look also have some good maternity clothes (was looking for my sis!) xx

  10. That jacket is amazing!!! I clicked the link, but which one is it?
    It’s beautiful on you. Such a nice cut and I need an escape from black…

    • It’s called the Connie jacket, they do a formal tailored one with lapels but this one is a waterfall style 🙂 so flattering and I’ve worn it with so much… As you can see if you look back through the outfits!

  11. Totally agree with Laura and Rachie above, you look incredible! BMF is obviously paying off! Your arms look fab! Is that a weird thing to compliment you on?! Also, what a great silhouette it gives you. I must get back onto the fitness regime…. Love the floral pattern and jacket too. 🙂

  12. Beautiful dress. I love the accessories you have chosen too.

    I think this is my favourite Florence Finds outfit. 🙂

  13. Dear Rebecca I love your dress is it S size? I would love to buy it – if you are interested, please write me an email. Best wishes

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