What to Wear: Legs Eleven…

Today I’m sharing not one, but three new purchases, all (relative) sale bargainsΒ but primarily my favourite discovery, these GAP high waisted wide leg trousers.

Blouse, Whistles (sale) // Jeans, GAP (sale) // Bangle, Banana Republic // Wedges, ALDO (old) // Satchel, Mulberry Harriet

Although it may look like I am an impulsive shopper, in fact, I very often shop in the opposite way. I either go looking for an item that I realise my wardrobe is missing (my current obsession is the perfect Breton t-shirt,) or simply to pick up something I have found online. For some time I have been meaning to buy new jeans – the last pair I bought was over 12 months ago, and I tend to buy a pair every couple of years. It goes without saying that every single pair I own is therefore rather, ahem, snug. I hate jeans shopping, the lack of consistency, the way every shop has different shapes and sizes, necessitating trying on. So I have to psych myself up for it and had failed miserably thus far.

Last weekend while in Bath, I wandered into GAP and picked up a couple of pairs. These were the wild card and I expected to buy the skinnies, but it turned out they didn’t have my size in that style and I fell in love instead with these high waisted wide legged numbers.

Although they necessitate heels, I love the slightly retro feel – the higher waist, longer length and wide leg are all flatteringly leg-lengthening and they are super comfortable. On this particular occasion, I had been to meet Michelle, for a Dream. Find. Do. planning meeting and ran into the house in my work clothes, swapping my ankle length trousers for these and some wedges. I felt summery but ‘a-chance-of-showers’ appropriate. And suitably stylish of course πŸ˜‰

The best part about them is the price. Down to Β£16.99 in the sale they had a further 25% off, bringing them down the almost Β£12. I should have saved them for Thrifty Thursday! The thing is, *whisper it* I hate spending money on jeans which is ridiculous, particularly as cost-per-wear they earn their spot in the wardrobe many times over. I would never normally splash out on a pair in a trend led style for example. maybe I should do it more often!

Do you like?


PS Frankly, I don’t care if my bum looks big in them πŸ˜‰

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15 thoughts on “What to Wear: Legs Eleven…

  1. Great fit! I’ve been looking for some high waisted jeans, I wonder if they have any left…

    Also, I’m starting to become pretty jealous of your Mulberry bag collection! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve recently bought a pair in a similar style from the Firetrap sale and feel fab in them with heels. I’ve worn my skinny jeans to death in the past few years but as I’ve been working out a lot more my legs have gone from skinny to toned and to my eyes a bit too chunky on the thighs for my skinnies. Whereas my long slightly flared jeans make my legs look slim and miles long. I also find them much easier to dress up than I did with skinnies. They are the way forward πŸ™‚

  3. Love the 70’s feel of this and wearing heels and wide legs is perfect to cope with our current ‘inclement’ summer!! xx

  4. I love this style! Might have to make a detour to Gap later today, just in case they have any in my size πŸ™‚ A big thumbs up to any jeans that look so stylish but also look like a comfortable fit. I’ve tried with skinnies but they always feel and look a bit ‘squeezy’!

  5. Hi Rebecca, I have been reading for ages but haven’t yet commented as much like one of my other fave blogs AOW I worry I have nothing to share other than a lot of “Love it” or “Wow” or “Yep I agree’s”!

    However, I too have got some great stuff from GAP this weekend in the sale, which, I have never looked in before. I had it in my head it was all hoodies and t-shirts. I bought five fab summer dresses which in total came to the bargain price of 60 quid!! Now I just need some sun!

    I am definately going to be popping back there, I don’t wear jeans that frequently, they tend to make me feel fatter, but I may just check GAP before I buy anymore!

    Fab blog and LOVE reading it!! xx

  6. I love 70’s looks, I’ve also been wearing a similar pair with brown wedges and a blouse for work. I keep wondering whether it’s fashion or anti-fashion, but either way it’s my favourite!
    You look great Rebecca

  7. I really hate jeans shopping too. And they always change the styles just as your favourite pair completely gives up on you so you then have to do the full trek around in search of a replacement. Might have to get me down to gap!

  8. Love this look and those jeans are delish.
    I have stupidly long legs but without heels these bad boys might even work for me, post baby obv

  9. Great, Flo says high waisted/wide legged jeans are in again, I can dig out my super comfy super flattering pair (coincidentally also from Gap) that have been hiding at the back of my wardrobe for the past 6 years while everyone got excited about skinnies!

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