What to Wear: In the Snow

So, as you might know, I spent last week in Sestriere, Italy, ski-ing. Today’s What to Wear is really more of a ‘winter brights’ post, but hey, you can’t blame me for using the amazing natural backdrop to add a bit of contrast to this super bright ensemble, right?

Last week, I shared the GAP SS12 collection, (and psst! They currently have a 30% off denim promo!) and might have hinted that I was in love with the brights they’re all over for this season. I hot footed it off down there when I needed an extra jumper for ski-ing and pounced on this egg yolk bright, Yellow and Grey Broad Stripe number.

Jumper: Gap, Jeans: Warehouse, Striped Top: A&F, Hat: UGG boots. Sunglasses: Ray ban

It’s actually a cotton jumper, so perhaps not the best for ski-ing, but layered up with an older A&F stripe top also in grey then my bright blue jeans (see them here too) plus bright pink accessories, I was feeling pretty cheerful. That and first day of holiday and all 😉

Ah yes, the UGG boots. Are they still cool? I don’t know. What I do know is that despite appearances, mine are still WARM, and I love them. After three years hard wear (I did my home visits in them all through the snow last year and as long as it’s not slushy, they never get wet) the sheepskin lining is getting a little less soft and fat so I’m ready for a replacement, BUT they’re perfect for messing around in when it’s chilly.

Are you getting into brights yet?

And what’s your essential super cold weather item?

Lots of Sunshine yellow love,

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19 thoughts on “What to Wear: In the Snow

  1. Loving this get up!
    I also have those Ugg’s (same as u not sure if they are still ‘cool’ but they are damned cozy) and I ♥ them.
    My hubby suprised me last night with the pair of yellow jeans (from Next of all places) I have been lusting after – I adore them. I can’t wear them just yet as I have no idea what winter footwear to team them with, but come spring I’m thinking a white & blue breton stripes!

  2. Love this outfit… but it’s making me want to go skiing!!!

    Re: Uggs, I know how you feel and I’m not sure whether ‘cool’ either… but I love the comfort factor of mine and when it’s very cold that’s whats important to me!


  3. Pretty sure Uggs are “anti-cool” (literally!!) which in my mind makes them “cool”. The Antipodeans in my office incessantly tell me that they are “slippers, not outdoor footwear. We laugh at you English wearing them…. blah blah”, but you know what – I don’t care whether they’re cool nor if they are stylish – they keep my tootsies toasty warm whilst waiting for my train (outdoor overground train stations – colder than a penguin’s privates – FACT) and that is why I wear them!

    Added bonus – with skinny jeans they balance out my thunder thighs and make my legs look at least a size smaller. So for that reason alone I will NEVER stop wearing them!

    Great outfit – loving your primary colour paint-pot brights in the snow!

  4. MOON BOOTS! Fin bought me my second pair (yes, I know) for Christmas, they’re bright pink and, God forgive me, I love them. It’s like bouncing through the snow in a pair of marshmallows. I don’t care what anyone says, they’re a style icon, and if they’re good enough for French *men* (spotted on the slopes last month) then they’re good enough for me.

      • I have some Barts moonboots in black. They are amazingly warm, and perfect for skiing.

        Friends may have laughed when they first saw them, but literally everyone was wearing them when I went skiing, and I had THE toastiest feet out of our entire group 😉


        • I had Moon Boots in 1987! They were bright red and I loved them. Unfortunately my feet have grown rather too big for them now 🙁

      • As a moon boot afficionado, I would probably recommend the Technica ones over the Hunter ones – with an iconic product, I’m always wary of trendy substitutes. If you wanted wellies, you wouldn’t get Ugg ones, you’d get Hunters – and if you want moon boots, skip the Hunter copies and go for the original and best. (Just to be clear, they’re not paying me to say that. If only. In fact, if anyone from Technica is reading this and would like to pay me in moon boots, I’m open to offers…?)

  5. I LOVE my Uggs….maybe a bit too much, as I seem to live in them! I’m also not sure if they’re still cool (a cause not greatly helped by TOWIE’s Joey Essex) but I don’t care!!

    You look like you’re having a ball in your brights! I now feel incredibly dull sitting here in beige! :/

  6. Arrrrgh, Rebecca, you look GREAT. As in, completely gorgeous! I love the brights, and of course the backdrop doesn’t hurt. Yellow and grey is one of my favourite colour combinations.

    I’m one of the only people I know who has steadfastly refused the UGG phenomenon. I just don’t like them, I know, they’re super practical, and toasty warm, I just don’t like them on me, they make my calves look fat and I don’t even have fat calves! I am a big fan of cosy, expensive socks, and I have sheepskin slippers at home from http://www.justsheepskin.co.uk which are beautiful and incredible quality.

    • You and the whole of Australia, Anna! Uggs are actually slippers, no one in their country of origin wears them outside of the house (or indeed off the sheep shearing station where they were invented) every Australian girl I know who comes to the UK and sees girls walking down the street in Uggs is always like ‘oooohhhhh look she forgot to take off her slippers’. They are cosy though… and I don’t know how Rebecca still manages to have such skinny long legs in hers! Lucky 😉 xx

      • Gemma – my boss is from Oz and our assistant is from NZ – they shake their heads at us every morning for walking in to the office in Uggs. Makes me giggle! In my defence I do have indoor Uggs and outdoor Uggs… so I do realise that they are slippers… actually… that’s not much of a defence is it? 😉

  7. Gorgeous! Love the colour of the hat and that jumper looks great on you! Very jealous you even manage to stay stylish in the snow 😉

    Still love my Ugg boots too – I have worn mine (short black ones) so much they are now on their way out so I need to invest in some more! They are so cosy !

  8. Hey Guys!

    Ha ha! The UGG chat is making me laugh today. I do have to confess, I have a serious aversion to the ‘traditional’ ones and only bought these due to the knit… that’s why I haven’t replaced them, although I almost (and still might) buy these beauties instead:


    … if only they did them in grey.


  9. I have the exact same Uggs as you Rebecca and the thing that struck me was that you wear yours to work- I see mine as more casual rather than workwear but I should obviously rethink that!

    • Only when it’s snowing!

      I work(ed) in a practice on higher ground and so when it snowed anywhere it REALLY snowed there. HV’s were a nightmare and I couldn’t be bothered keeping another pair under the desk when Pts come in wearing exactly the same thing under the circumstances anyway!

      Normally I always wear heels – total disaster in Snow!

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