What to Wear: For a night out [26 weeks]

One of the hardest things about being pregnant has been trying to retain a feeling of being fashionable. So many maternity styles are either standard (i.e. stripes or tunic tops,) or not my style at all (empire line swingy or full dresses,) that it’s hard not to feel that you have lost all of your personal style. I was pretty excited to find these trousers and snapped them up for my birthday dinner, to make up a spring-appropriate pale and interesting outfit.

Jacket: French Connection (non-maternity and old)
Vest: H&M (non-maternity)
Trousers: Isabella Oliver Messina trouser (Size 10)
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Topshop Gwenda’s
Necklace: Monica Vinader

I know a lot of people don’t want to splash out on maternity clothes but I think it’s worth it. You wear the items you buy in much heavier rotation when pregnant as there’s nothing else you can wear. Plus I want to enjoy this amazing period of my life rather than feeling rubbish about myself because I don’t feel good. It’s worth thinking ahead too, I’ll be wearing these for a few months after baby arrives I imagine, with their comfy elastic waistband and a few months of summer yet to go.


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11 thoughts on “What to Wear: For a night out [26 weeks]

  1. Lovely outfit! I totally agree with spending some money on good maternity pieces. I had a dress from Isabella Oliver that always made me feel good when I was actually feeling pretty rubbish and it was worn and washed so much but still looks great and now I’m pregnant again I’m actually looking forward to getting it out again in a few months!

    I have a wedding to attend when I’m about 6 months so will be watching these posts with interest, it’s in Liverpool and a very stylish bride so I’m excited about dressing up the bump!

  2. You look great!
    I was one of those who wanted to save as much as possible when gettting maternity clothes, however I do have to say that at the moment I was unemployed which meant I was at home a lot (in sweatpants) but also that stripes, empire cut blouses and tunics in fun prints were already things I had so I did not have to spend on those.
    I ended up surviving the pregnancy with: 1 pair of maternity jeans + 1 pair of maternity khaki pants (both from H&M), 2 new bigger bras (I had another 2 seamless ones that fit), 1 dress (the one big splurge, for christmas), 1 stripey pregnant / breastfeeding top (also from H&M).
    I spent most of the time in these stretchy flowery tops that I already had and worked really well, and when I had to dress up a bit I wore a tunic or a turtleneck with a blazer on top (non-maternity). I didn’t start showing obviously until around 20-22 weeks, so before that most of my clothes fit.
    I was pregnant during the winter, I could have used a coat, at the end mine was really not closing, but I did not feel comfortable spending so much in something I was not going to use afterwards. I would have liked one of those huge long sweaters / tie around / poncho-coat things, but the truth is that hip maternity clothes are very hard to find (or accordingly expensive), and the general stuff is so so boring (gray or black, red if you are lucky) that I just did not get it.
    The flip side is that now that I am breastfeeding I did spend some money on new clothes, to feel more like “me”, to feel put-together. I got a couple wrap tops, a wrap dress, a buttoned blouse and some nice bras.
    Being pregnant in the summer would have been easier for me because I have a ton of dresses that could work.
    In the end good, thick, dark jeans were the best investment because you can dress them up or down and they were so, so comfy. I see myself wearing them again, and they felt so good on those first weeks post-partum as well.

  3. I think you’re completely right to treat yourself to a few nice pieces. I didn’t, and have constantly felt frumpy and slightly uncomfortably in what I’m wearing. I’d be tempted to treat myself now, but at 36 weeks suspect I’ll feel frumpy and slightly uncomfortable regardless of clothes and I’d only get a few weeks wear out of them now.
    On the whole I’ve found maternity dressing really frustrating. There is almost nothing in the shops where I live, so it all has to be ordered online, and the quality of much of it is really disappointing. Feel sure threes a big gap in the market for someone to take advantage of there!

  4. Having a complicated pregnancy meant clothes etc weren’t really something I thought about much but I would recommend having some comfortable yet roomy clothes ready for when the baby is born – you get a lot of visitors and I found that having some relatively nice suitable clothes that were right there meant that I felt good even when I was really tired.

  5. You are definitely at the glam end of the pregnancy spectrum! I feel so bloated and elephant like at the moment that the only trousers that are comfortable to wear are my maternity yoga jersey trousers from mothercare. For everything else….dresses dresses dresses. I don’t have a lot of pre maternity separates anyway as I mainly wore dresses pre maternity which was bad thinking on my part as it eliminates 95% of your wardrobe (the remaining 5% being pajamas). I agree that a lot of maternity dresses make it look like you’re wearing a sack (I’m looking at you M & P) but by sticking to tighter/fitted dresses, I feel more me. Obviously they are all Bretton striped. Hoping that dresses will also last me through the summer as am likely to be hot, sticky and irritable if it gets hot in August!! I realise this aren’t going to last post baby as it’ll be cold by then but I have some great hand me down maternity jeans which should do if the weather turns .

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