What to Wear: Capsule Style Post #1

It’s been 2 weeks that I have officially been wearing my capsule wardrobe now, or at least since I revealed it to you all, so I thought it was time to share some outfits on the blog. This isn’t what I have worn everyday as I don’t always have Pete around to snap a photo, but it;s a good representation of the styles I have worn so far. I hope to keep bringing you new outfits every couple of weeks or so throughout the capsule period showing you different ways I wore it.

So let’s start off with one of my favourites… probably because it feels the most ‘me’, baby or no baby. I wore this outfit shopping with Pete and felt pretty presentable. Dare I say, normal!

Henley dress // Leather Jacket (similar) // Knee boots (similar)

Henley dress // Leopard slip ons // Military jacket

Here is the same dress, worn to Grand Designs Live. I needed to be comfortable and casual for an all-day expedition with a baby in tow, and this outfit fit the bill perfectly.

Grey Knit (old) // Khaki Joggers // Military jacket // Nike Air Max 1

This outfit was for swimming! It was a miserable day (as you can see,) and I was dreading being all cold and wet in the changing rooms afterwards so I pulled out something cosy and comfy. Somehow these trainers always make the comfiest outfit look like I made a lot more effort than I actually did. As you can see, I’m LIVING in this jacket.

Sequin long sleeved top // Boyfriend Jeans // Military jacket // Nike Air Max 1 // Leopard belt, GAP (old)

Here comes the jacket again! And my go-to uniform… a tee and boyfriend jeans. A lot of the combinations in this capsule are a variation on this theme. I love the metallic trainers and sequin embellished tee giving this outfit a real kick of personality though.

Nursing dress // Pony spot flats // Monica Vinader necklace

This one was worn for a family get together for Pete’s Mums birthday. I wanted to dress up a little and it was still warm, so the point flats added a bit of extra smartness too. Do I love this photo? No. Can I see the extra baby weight and mum tum? Yes. Am I trying to give myself a break 12 weeks on? Yep, trying. *Grimace*

Navy funnel neck knit // H&M Henley // Skinny Jeans (similar) // Leopard slip ons

And lastly, this weekends outfit – a perfect Sunday outfit in my book. Skinnies, flats, a chunky knit (worn over a layering top with buttons for feeding access) and no coat as it was warm enough to go without. I like wearing knits layered instead of coats in the winter.

So what do you think readers? How are your autumn wardrobes going?


PS. If you’re new here, Welcome! Here is my whole capsule wardrobe and why I’m doing this.

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15 thoughts on “What to Wear: Capsule Style Post #1

  1. Love the first outfit! Much more like the old outfits you used to post so I can see why you think it’s more “you”. Personally I’m not a fan of the trainers but since I’m not a mum maybe I’m not considering how practical they are day-to-day.

  2. You look fab! I love how different all the outfits are, even though you’re using a lot of the same pieces. Definitely give yourself a break – twelve weeks has gone SO FAST and you look great.

  3. Yay I love seeing how to create outfits from a capsule wardrobe. Can’t get enough! The second outfit is my fave 🙂 Love your leopard slip ons!

    Katie x

    • The S/M – I would consider myself a very healthy 12 right now, and it’s not tight, so I’d def say size down to what you thought of getting. The same applies tot he nursing dress, I exchanged that for a smaller size (6/8) after the first was waaay off.

  4. Looks great Rebecca – am impressed quite how different you can make your looks. Iris was 16 weeks on Sunday and my version of a capsule wardrobe is 2 pairs of slim jeans and 6 Henley Gap long sleeved T/shirts in different colours which unbutton enough for feeding! Inspired to try a little harder.

  5. I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe and this one is great. I think I miss your bright colours and patterns though-maybe you could bring a bit more of those in somehow? Swap with some of the darker items. You always had such lovely bright outfits!

    • Hey Maxine!
      It’s true that brights would have been more difficult to make work for a capsule wardrobe BUT I actually chose these pieces because I was feeling Autumnal! I LOVE the wine colour at this time of year and am enjoying khaki as a change but my go-to neutrals were always navy and grey so this colour scheme isn’t that much of a departure for me. Lots more outfits to come so maybe that will improve your thoughts on the collection of pieces I chose. 🙂

  6. I think you look great and really do not be hard on yourself at all, you are still nurturing a tiny person just as much as you were 3 months ago. Easier said than done I know!
    Love the dress, leather jacket, boots look, and the jumper, joggers and trainers. Both of those very close to what I like to wear. I have a 2 year old boy and we spend a lot of time outdoors so although I like looking glamorous I have to channel that in a practical way!

  7. I’m enjoying the updates on the capsule wardrobe. Starting to think I might need the leopard skin slip ons!
    The photo you said you don’t love, I was thinking how lucky you are to have such slim ankles and good legs! Just goes to show how easy it is to be harsh on photos of ourselves, but others see things differently. 🙂

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