What to Wear [Basics]: Parkas

This morning it’s back to basics because aside from the fashion pieces in your wardrobe, I know that every woman needs the basics – a great pair of jeans, the perfect white shirt, black patent courts… the list goes on. Today’s What to Wear is not my most fashion forward choice but has certainly been inspired by that off-duty model look in slouchy jersey pieces, biker boots and leggings. The Parka.

Parka: Gap – now £35, Scarf: M&S, Fingerless gloves: M&S, Jeans: Warehouse, Jumper: Warehouse, Boots: Pied a Terre, Bag: Coach.

I’m actually only recently getting into outerwear. Before now I’ve always found it prohibitively expensive for good quality pieces and hated the fact that thin or synthetic fabrics don’t actually keep you warm. I’ve broken all my rules of ‘buy well and buy once’ and no to ‘synthetics’ with this cinch waist parka in 100% classy polyester. The reason I went for it however is that it’s light weight and throws on over winter woolies nicely without adding extra bulk. The sheen of the fabric also emulates a rather more expensive silk version I saw once.

I’m looking forward to mixing it up with some dressier pieces, a glitter skirt perhaps with a thick wool jumper. I’ll keep you posted…

In the meantime, this is a timely post for Kirsten, who asked me on Twitter the other day ‘to find me a stylish warm parka.’ so I added some high street and online finds to my own. I can’t vouch for the warmth Kirsten but I hope you like the variety of styles here 🙂

  1. Topshop Dark Khaki Waxed Parka with black faux fur trim. (Hurry! This one is down to £40 from £98 and there are only Size 10’s left.)
  2. ASOS Parka with leopard faux fur trim
  3. Whistles Brigitte Wool Parka
  4. Navy Villa Duffle Parka – ASOS (Bargain of the century at £35)
  5. ASOS Parka with detachable fur lining
  6. Miss Sixty Grey Parka – ASOS

Are you a fan of the Parka? I’d love to hear what you think of this weekend chic favourite…


PS Apologies for the picture quality, this was an iPhone indoor capture in desperation during all the wet weather pre-christmas and also pre-haircut 😉

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13 thoughts on “What to Wear [Basics]: Parkas

  1. Uh oh… I may have just made a purchase…. and before 8:30! I couldn’t resist the Gap Parka – I promise I won’t bring it with me to Leeds though! x

  2. I love this outfit!! Still lusting after those boots… but they never seem to have my size 🙁

    I’ve never owned a parka, but The Boy bought me a khaki green Barbour wax jacket with the Liberty print inside for Christmas… so I’ll be using that for all those occasions when a parka would work too 😉


  3. Uh oh. I may also have been inspired to do a bit of park-shopping online…found one in the warehouse sale down from £80 to £50.

  4. Morning all!

    Glad you like – seriously, I am living in mine. I think you can throw it over everything but it has to fall into either a casual throw on over a more dressy outfit, or a super cosy look with bobble hat, scarf, boots, the works. (like in picture 5 above) 🙂

    Off for a bit of a shop after so might have more purchases to share with you soon 🙂


  5. My Gap parka has arrived and I love it! Thanks for the post, I am so pleased with the parka, and such a bargain.
    PS If you sign up to Gap emails you get 15% off your first order so makes it even more of a bargain

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