What to Wear… Zara Cape

I’ve thought long and hard about doing these types of posts, so I really hope they don’t come across as self obsession or gratification. I figure that if I’m going to have any kind of credibility in making fashion observations and offering style advice then I really ought to be putting my money where my mouth is and sharing a few of the outfits that I have put together. I could have made a mood board, but again, it’s against everything that Florence Finds is about to add any falsity to this or veil the reality, so it’s just me, my clothes, images taken by my iPhone and hopefully a little inspiration for you all.

You won’t see too many of these by the way, mainly because the majority of my time is spent in front of the computer, at work, or in my PJ’s but if I’ve got an outfit or new purchase that I’m particularly pleased with then you might see it shared here.

So, first up, my absolute favourite 2 new purchases – my Zara cape and boots.

Cape – Zara
Cream lace shoulder sheer(ish) Blouse – Warehouse
Whistle necklace – Whistles (2010)
Tailored Navy Shorts – Whistles
Boots (Burgundy leather, black suede and cream snakeskin toe) – Zara
Bag – Coach (2009)

I’m having a borderline obsessive affair with these boots and haven’t taken the cape off. I’ve wanted a cape for so long and this colour, with the texture and the modern line to it, is just perfect. That the boots seem to go with everything in my wardrobe is a bonus and they are super flattering with the leg-elongating v-front. The photos really don’t do them justice so please head over to the site, if not just to dribble over their perfect-bootie porn 😉

Get thee to Zara ASAP and make your purchases. You won’t be disappointed.


PS – it’s three post Thursday 😉

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20 thoughts on “What to Wear… Zara Cape

  1. The boots are heavenly, I want them NOW. I love the cape too, but just wondering how much of a pain it is? I’m used to carrying shoulder bags, I don’t know if I could cope with holding a bag in my hands for any length of time.


  2. Good post Rebecca – really like seeing photos of real women wearing real outifts. Every time I see a cape I get a little closer to thinking about buying one. Am currently having the eternal new winter coat dilemma, which fits alongside the flat winter boot search in difficulty.

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  4. I want a cape even more now!! Could it be worn to work? Super stylish and I love the boots too.
    I think post is a great idea Rebecca, much like the interiors and real homes features, nosing in other people’s wardrobes is just as fun. x

  5. Love this post – it may slightly hurt my bank balance but hey it is nearly Christmas!! I adore the cape – so elegant and a gorgeous colour!

    Can I also ask the same question as Penny – is it practical/comfy to wear? And another one ? Would you wear it without heels? Or do you need heels to carry it off?

    I need to go to Zara!

    Great post!!
    Rachie xo

    Loving the shoes too!

  6. Oh wow – so glad you guys like this – I’m right there with you Rachel – I love seeing how real women put outfits together.

    Rachie, Penny and Sarah, I have worn mine to work everyday – it looks and feels smart. I have worn it with a shoulder bag, slightly more tricky to get up there, but fine once one – I also think that depends on the cape. One with arm holes might be more tricky but this one is more drapey and easy to move my arms in, ut I prefer carrying a bag on my arm/in hands after satchel fatigue this summer 😉

    Mahj, I saw those boots too Mmmmm! And you would look fab in a cape.

    There’s a Cape round-up coming next week ladies so look out for it before you buy 🙂


  7. I have to say I love this type of post. This is the type of post that makes me want to come back to your website because you actually get to see what the clothes look like on real women!

    I adore the cape and am currently looking for a nice black one myself but no luck yet…. was thinking along the lines the Reiss Candy cape from last year…

    Good work Rebecca!


  8. This is a great post!! I have to admit I don’t particularly enjoy shopping *but* I do enjoy clothes (I know, that’s slightly contradictory!). So it’s great to see real people wearing real clothes from real shops!!! The boots are amazing, I’ve seen so many that look extremely clunky and are just unattractive, whereas these are lovely and dainty. And the cape is lush! I have a poncho that I bought years and years ago and i still love wearing it!

  9. I love it! I have just purchased a Holland Cooper cape and I had the “over the shoulder” woes. Just try and find one with roomy arms so that you and your handbag can still function!

    I love this feature. I was going to do something similar but then I realised most people didn’t want to see me in knitwear and jack wills sweatpants day in day out!

    Love the booties also. More posts like this please!!!

  10. Hey,

    I love this post – it is very real, a mood board is just not the same. A blog should be an insight into the person who writes and here we have that… Gorgeous!!!


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