Wear it Two Ways: The Go Everywhere Dress

Remember a little while ago I shared three dresses that I thought would work for every occasion in your wardrobe this summer? Well, I went on to buy this one, from Atterley Road and today I thought I would share how I wore it.

Second Female Guess dress, Atterley Road

As I type, I’m actually wearing this dress at home with the same belt that I wore it with in the first photo, on holiday. It’s an oversized style and without heels it could look a bit too big for the day so a belt gives it a completely different look. It’s thin and cool for summer and the open back detail adds a little extra something which is more subtel when belted and worn with a jacket and scarf layers.

Back home on a chilly May evening I headed to a party, throwing on a leather jacket for a little edge and wearing peep toe boots. Had it been warmer I probably would have worn some super strappy sandals but in even colder weather I have worn it with tights and boots too. As you can see it’s quite the multi-functional piece.

So ladies, I hope I’ve inspired you to find that perfect multifunctional piece and alos reminded you that spending a little more for the right item doesnt necessarily mean you’ll go short in the wardrobe department.

Wear. It. Everywhere.


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4 thoughts on “Wear it Two Ways: The Go Everywhere Dress

  1. Gorgeous, I was waiting for this post when I first spied the dress on your instagram feed. Personally I’m a big fan of looser-fit dresses, especially in summer and it’s so frustrating when the shops are full of fitted numbers.

    Fabulous pattern and being such a neutral colour you could literally pair it with anything from brights such as coral and sunshine yellow to softer pastels and metallics. Great choice R.

    Now you need to find me two cover-up style summer jackety / cardigan type items that I can wear on holiday. So nothing too structured or formal, nothing too heavy and warm as Spain is going to be pretty hot in June/July when we go. They also need to be plain-ish as a lot of my other items that they are being matched with are prints. I have two colour schemes going on with the holiday wardrobe first is quite a tropical one with deep blues, navy, turquiose, pale blue, pale green, purple & pink combo with several outfits falling into this category but no “slightly-chilly-cover-up” for evening. The second colour scheme is burnt oranges, yellows and reds paired with neutrals and navy, this one I think I MAY have found something but thought I’d stick it in there in case your beady eyes see something better.

    I can see a new career emerging for you here Rebecca.

    Much love Michelle xx

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