Wanted: Summer Fashion and Timeless Classics

So, it’s sale time and that awkward time in between (fashion) seasons. Already I’m thinking about the next season and making sure I don’t buy anything that will be totally out of fashion come September, but I’m also thinking about getting my wear out of summer purchases so far.

As much as I love fashion though, my personal style is not dictated by it. You’ll notice there hasn’t been an influx of pastels on these pages for example as my much loved shade of mint green just doesn’t suit me at all. Right now, I’m leaning towards more personal pieces and I thought I would round up the items on my radar today.

Sequin (Iro) Jacket and Red Clutch // Gold Sequin Jacket // Olivia Palermo in French Connection Jacket // Sequin Jacket and shorts

I’ve always been a huge fan of sequins and when given a modern look in oversized dresses, sharp shouldered or slouchy jackets and modern matt or irridescent metallics, I know I’m not going to be able to resist. The Iro jacket (top left) has to be my favourite here but it’s worth noting that Olivia Palermo is rocking a French Connection one in the shot above so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled in the sales.

Green lace // Yellow puff ball // Neon Maxi // Pink lace // Yellow straight

I know neon isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and when I posted the neon fash flash, a lot of you said you felt it was hard to pair with your skin tone. I for one love it and I think now is the time of year to try it because it always looks better with a bit of warmth to your skin – go heavy on the bronzer! These neon skirts are a great way to try the trend as the neon isn’t close to your face so it’s easier to wear. I’m loving the way it works with neutrals, particularly grey and in a dressed down look and the maxi skirt seems so unexpected and modern in neon yellow rather than a boho floral for a change.

Chambray and Wayfarers // Chambray with glitter skirt // Open chambray with grey tee // Open chambray shirt over tee and skirt // Chambray with statement necklace

My biggest fashion quest right now is for the perfect chambray shirt. A bit of an Americanism I think, chambray is a lighter, thinner denim-like fabric (please correct me anyone who can define it better!) and I’ve been seeing a lot of it on the style blogs. Whether you’re brave enough to pair it with jeans and do double denim, dress it up with a skirt or down as a layering item, it just looks so useful. I’d love to hear if you have found one too – I missed out in GAP earlier in the season and haven’t seen anything that’s just right since.

Now it’s your turn! Have you got a specific item you’re lusting after at the moment, that’s perhaps a classic or unexpected piece? Or are you just loving the looks I’m sharing here today/ I hope you’re inspired!


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23 thoughts on “Wanted: Summer Fashion and Timeless Classics

  1. I love them all!
    I am officially stalking that neon maxi, I think even in my 5.5month pregnant state I could pull it off, just need to find one now!
    That is my main bug bear about being pregnant at the moment, I was so looking forward to fashion this year after being pg & bf the year before last and then into summer and then I went and fell again so bang went my dreams of wardrobe make-overing for another year…fashion better not disapoint me!

  2. I went on a denim/chambray shirt hunt this weekend! There was a nice one in zara but it was an odd fit on me, topshop had one but it was a bit long, but then I found one that was ‘just right’ in Dorothy Perkins sale for £15. Bargain!

  3. So pleased that you’ve said that you’re looking ahead to the A/W season, fashion-wise… because that’s exactly what I’m doing, but figured I was a little premature given that I’ve not had my Summer holiday and the warmer weather isn’t very existant!

    However, I am also currently on the look out for THE perfect white summer dress – one that’s not too short (as I hate my knees) and will look equally as good with flats as it will with wedges. Not had any joy so far, so if anyone has any ideas, they’d be much appreciated!


    PS – Rebecca, have you tried Topshop for the chambray shirt? I saw loads of denim ones in there the other day – so they may have a lighter one!

  4. I got a chambray shirt from Warehouse last year and I love it. and yes, I have double-denimed it. I am hardcore.

    But what I really came on here to talk about was sequin jackets. Namely, this sequin jacket by Biba via the House of Fraser ebay outlet (it’s legit, I promise). I’m a bridesmaid in a winter wedding and was so delighted when we managed to bag four of these babies for an unbelievably bargainous £58 each, down from £245. They are gorgeous quality, hang sooo nicely and have just the perfect amount of shine and texture. Seriously cannot recommend highly enough (also can’t believe I have to wait til DECEMBER to wear it, ugh!)

    • That is a seriously cool jacket. Damn my shopping ban!

      Could you not sneakily wear it? Maybe just round the house? x

  5. I’m loving the idea of neon at the moment but like many others I struggle to match it to my skin. Pale skin, freckles, blue eyes, dark hair doesn’t seem to match with it well so if anyone has any ideas for a colour that would suit let me know!

    Also love denim shirts, sequin jackets are growing on me…

  6. Love neon! Although most of my neon is accessories or nail varnish, not yet been brave enough to wear as an item of clothing yet. I was in Aldo yesterday checking out their sale and they have a pair of fab neon heels (in yellow and pink) that have lace over them. Exceptionally covetable but potentially impractical?! I cannot find them online, which means either Glasgow is so fashion forward the store has new styles before they are available to the rest of the UK online or I’m a bit rubbish navigating the Aldo website… xx

  7. With you on the autumn/winter thoughts! Have only bought a tropical print scarf and a few necklaces this summer. And *nothing* else. And tomorrow is the longest day of the year – how did that happen! Loving the sequins here although, as a tall person, need to look for a longer jacket than the Biba one, which does look lovely.

  8. So I’ve been loving FF but not having time to post, finally got round to it as thanks to this post I took myself off on a post baby shopping spree and being that little bit braver bought myself some bright green Capri pants that I absolutely love, I’d wear them every day if I could. So thank you FF x

  9. Your definition of Chambray was right on! I think it is a fab little trend that def. deserves a comeback! I saw a super cute one at H&M this past weekend, if you haven’t already picked one up! I can’t believe this look ever went out. I think it should be a classic! I am so with you, too, on the fashion is not a dictator of personal style, as well! I love that there are others like me that “march to the beat of a different drummer”!

    I personally am on a quest to find the perf fringe bag. Although in right now, a great crossbody fringe purse can always be useful! I like to think of it as a classic!

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