Triple Temptation: Statement Standards

Of course since I knew where we were moving, my mind has been all about interiors. In our old house we had pretty much filled everywhere we could and couldn’t justify a single extra item, but now we have several extra rooms to fill and I’m in my element.

Navy Tripod lamp £99 Alfred tripod lamp £149 // Chicago floor lamp £179

One of the pieces I love most that we brought with us (and that gets a lot of comments) is the film light that we had in the dining room – it’s gone into the new dining room too. It was bought from Home Sense, one of my favourite shops, but their online presence is terrible so when I found these statement standard lamps at, I had to share them.

Each of these has a different style and feel, and they are all well priced considering the impact they will have in a room.

I’ll write more about soon, but in the mean time, have you purchased anything from there?


PS Apologies for the late post – truth is, I intended to write about the house, but I can’t find my camera cable to download the photo’s! Bear with me!

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8 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Statement Standards

  1. We bought a sofa from Made which we knew would be risky seeing as we couldn’t do a slouch test and sadly when it arrived it was hugely uncomfortable (although it looked great)! We had huge issues with trying to return it as there was no contact number (only an email address) and they were very unhelpful. This was a few years ago and I think they now have a showroom and a contact number but we’ve been a bit put off from buying anything else from them. Hopefully you’ll have a much less stressful experience!

  2. We have that lamp in our bedroom! It was one of their express pieces so came quickly because it definitely puts me off having to weight months for something!! X

  3. We’ve a film light in the lounge, a super bargain from habitat!

    I’ve bought a side table from made, it was express delivery and only about £30 but its nice, fits in with the lounge and seems quite sturdy!

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Please can I ask you, where do you find your inspiration for interiors? We moved into our house last November. We so far have had a new kitchen and new windows and doors and whilst these aren’t small jobs I’m still struggling with the interiors.

    I think from me, I am worried about getting it wrong.. so everything ends up looking really similar and quite neutral and quite boring!

    How do you work out whether or not statement pieces were working your rooms? How do you decide on a colour scheme? When you are decorating the new room where do you start?

    I really hope your blog explores these questions of the next few months with your new house! I am super excited to see what you do with the new house so I can get some inspiration and also not be afraid to try new things!

    Good luck with everything!!

  5. We have the lamp on the left from Made. It looks good and is decent quality but adjusting it is a bit of a faff. Not the lamp to get if it’s going to be moved around. It also took about a month to arrive – worth checking delivery times before ordering! There are lots of money of vouchers online for Made if you’re tempted to order – think we got £10 off ours plus cashback 🙂

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