Triple Temptation: Trans-seasonal Scarves

Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler, I’m already changing my wardrobe choices and embracing the layers that an english spring or autumn requires. I’ve got my leather jacket out (happily, very on-trend this season) and also started layering on the large, cosy scarf that I bought for travelling to South Africa and barely took off all holiday. Having realised how much I love it, I realised I needed to buy some more similar styles to cheaply perk up my outfits as I navigate the new season fashions, not to mention keep me warm.

  • Increasingly, I’m wearing more Khaki green (courtesy of my Parka obsession,) so this camo print Whistles number would be a great all-year round wardrobe staple.
  • I love a bit of leopard but prefer a more subtle take – particularly when translated into bold colour like this New Look scarf, instead of traditional animal print tones. This one is striking and looks voluminous enough to be warm too.
  • Trumping them all however is this tribal/nomadic print ASOS collection scarf with coloured border and fun pops of neon pink poms. What’s not to love and who said winter clothes have to be dreary??

Have you spotted any great scarves readers?


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10 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Trans-seasonal Scarves

  1. SCARVES!!!!!! I’m knee deep in them and so glad that it’s finally cold enough to wear them.I love that New Look one above. My fave is still a leopard print one that I bought in the Jubilee market in Covent Garden; it’s massive and lovely quality. I’m also liking my black and white spot one worn with a B&W stripy top; I like the contrast. x

  2. Ooh I do love a scarf! I got a lovely one at Fat Face last year, an ikat-type style in blue, silver, maroon/purple and it literally goes with EVERYTHING. but that pompom one is mega cute!

  3. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is scraf season again. I mourn them in the summer. I love how they pull an outfit together and you are never too fat for a scarf!! These three are great and I love that ASOS one especially. Great finds, thanks.

  4. Whilst doing the weekly shop I noticed Sainsburys have a great range of scarves this season, picked up a lovely grey scarf with pheasants on for only £8.

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