Triple Temptation: The Pink Coat

Zara studio Coat // M&S Duster Coat // Ted Baker short coat with big collar

For AW13, there hasn’t been a bigger trend, more talked about within fashion circles and beyond, than the pink coat. Debuted on the catwalks of Carven, Mulberry and Celine, (see here) it was inevitable that they would filter down to the high street. Pink will be everywhere this season and if you want to stay away from traditionally dreary winter shades, this is the trend for you.

The real style is oversized, pale, candy or dusty pink, longer in length than we’re used to in recent seasons and either masculine or cocoon in shape, some with a belt. However, if these styles don’t tickle your fancy (they’re not universally flattering,) i’ll be surprised if the colour doesn’t spread to nearly all styles if it performs well in stores early in the season. This Ted Baker version is proof already.

This entire post was really an excuse to share the M&S Duster Coat – universally hailed as one of the best takes on the trend and at £89 considered to be a bargain. It went on sale yesterday online and instores and is likely to be a massive sell out, so get in quick if you want it or be prepapred to scour eBay! I have to say, through the miracle of styling in the picture above it looks fabulous, but skip through to the images online and typically M&S have managed to make it look terrible… I wouldn’t have been encouraged to buy. I know at least one of you has already though so I’d love to hear how it looks and feels in the ‘cloth’!

So can I tempt you readers? What do you think of the pink coat trend and M&S’s version particularly?


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20 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: The Pink Coat

  1. I’m pleased their longer length because who doesn’t want or need a bigger coat in the depths of winter? I’m not a fan of the M & S one though because it doesn’t have a belt and is clearly designed to hang off ones bosom in a highly unflattering way. The Ted Baker is much more up my street, although I recognise it from a few seasons ago in black (STOP RECYCLING TED). M & S have a great side asymmetrical zip coat I may purchase as we head into Winter. I refuse to buy a coat NOW.

    As to Pink, I do think that the pale colours are ridiculously inappropriate for wear on a daily basis so would be more tempted by the shade of the M & S number. Assuming you can steer me away from Black.

  2. Love the Zara one, but with my 9 month old it wouldn’t stay so beautifully pale for more then 2 minutes! Not sure about the m & s one but I do like the dusky colour of it- bit more practical. I don’t think the style suits larger bosomed ladies particularly well either.

  3. I picked up the M&S one this week and it looks much better than it does on the web! It seems pretty well made, nicely lined and I like the fabric. It may not be as luxurious as other brands but for style, quality and value for money I think it’s pretty spot on.

    I feel bad saying that I can’t wait for the cooler months but with a new coat and a neglected leather jacket I can’t help myself!


  4. As a red head I have never worn pink so this is one trend that will pass me by I am afraid. As some barely breaching 5foot the Zara one looks too long to look good on a real person/me. I could be tempted by the Ted coat however with its shape and style if it came in a hushed purple shade perhaps… 🙂

  5. I saw you share this on Facebook and couldn’t agree more about the M&S styling – that image above is gorgeous, but it looks horrendous in the product shots! Why, M&S, why?

    With outerwear, I usually expect purchases to last more than one winter so I don’t know if I’d be tempted to jump on a trend like this, but I do love dusty pink so I’ll be looking out for it in other items – perhaps a soft, chunky knit?

  6. Oooooo, I’ve been thinking about a pink coat for ages since that article in Stylist a little while back. Not sure I can bring myself to do it though – i bought a cream coat a few years ago and it’s just not compatible with London’s public transport network! 🙁

    I really, really, really want one though. Maybe a slightly darker pink might be up to it. Hmmmm.

  7. I had a dusty pink winter coat a couple of years ago…so I was fashionable in advance yes? 😉 I do like pink, but my lovely dark red coat from last year is still going strong and I like to stretch out the wear over a few years if I can.

    And yes to M&S styling! I generally stay away from the website and just go look at the clothes…otherwise it puts me off.

  8. Whenever I think of pink coats I remember the gorgeous pink coat Lorelai has in one of the seasons of Gilmore Girls – more of a dusty pink colour and more of a fitted shape. If anyone does one like that I’ll be tempted even though I bought a beautiful coat in Hobbs last year meant to last the next three winters!

  9. I know you’re not a fan of Primark, but for something this trend led which I probably won’t wear again the following winter it’s a good option. They have a cocoonish shape coat for £32 which I may consider – although agree the commute won’t be kind to this shade!

    • How do you know I’m not a fan of Primark?! 😉

      My beef with it is the shopping experience – I don’t have the patience for rummaging or the elbow brandishing required to pick something up. Plus I don’t like wearing stuff that EVERYONE has… although all the above is obviously to be expected for the price point.

      Plus, for coats (and I reserve judgement on this front for all of the highstreet brands,) I often find them thin and a bit pointless as a result in the winter. As a result, I don’t own many coats!

      • I agree with you on the experience. I work around the corner from the flagship Oxford St one so have got it down to a fine art now!
        I do find Topshop worse for everyone wearing the same thing, although I feel I am getting a bit too old for it anyway.
        If this winter ends up being anything like last year then I will be resorting to the puffa type thing I bought in desperation – hideous but warm!

  10. I also have the M&S coat, and completely agree about the online pics. Awful. I almost wavered when I saw them, but I’m glad I didn’t.

    Like Laura said, it’s stylish and affordable – an extra bonus!

    I would say it comes up large (even with it being oversized), so I opted for a smaller size to avoid looking a bit bulky.

    Can’t wait to wear it now…

  11. While I think the colours are lovely, I agree with the others that pink (especially pale dusky pink) wouldn’t really fit with my messy lifestyle!! Also, my wardrobe is pretty red-heavy so pink would clash lots…

  12. I think this is one trend that may be over before its begun as its been so hyped up!! While I love lighter shades in winter, like Kirsty I like to invest in a coat that lasts more than one season. I have a black wool trench style coat from Moschino that I’ve had for about 10 years and is still going strong, no wear at all and the style looks like it could have been in the shops this season, then an aquascutum classic mac for warmer winter days as well as a really thick heavy long brown wool coat from zara so all bases covered really. What I really want though is a cashmere camel coat, MaxMara do the best ones every year, my mum has one that I’ve had my eye on for a while but she’s not for parting. This is the dream but its ridiculously costly:

    I also considered an off-white but worry about it looking grubby too quickly, although see this as more of a special occasion/evening option. This one is gorgeous :

    Mango do one similar that’s much cheaper. X

  13. I am not a big fan of pink. But, this year for some reason, i am drawn towards candy pink colour. I just don’t want to be gloomy and sulking this A/W and candy pink will definitely brighten up my mood.

    M&S looks pretty, i do have one in that colour and it has somehow got a stain on it and that really bothers me.

  14. I really hate pink (and not just because I am a redhead!) so this is one trend I’ll have no problems resisting. But it is nice to see some colour – the stream of people in mostly black coats is so depressing on a gloomy day.

    I have a lovely sage and heather tweed coat from Hobbs that I’ll be wearing but I DO need a trench.

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