Triple temptation: The Go-everywhere dress

Ikat print dress, NW3 // Bibi multi printed shirt dress, Lolly’s Laundry // Zig zag print dress, Jigsaw – all at Atterley Road

If I had to give my biggest piece of advice to those wanting to make their wardrobe or fashion budget go further, it would be to wear your clothes more. What? ‘Are you mad’ I hear you cry? Of course I don’t mean layering up underneath your pyjama’s, I mean wear your clothes out of the situation you planned to wear them in. Layer a jumper over a dress and voila, a new skirt. Put a shirt under the same dress and make it work appropriate. Accessorise with a crossbody bag and flat sandals for a day time look, then pile on a chunky statement necklace and pointed heels for night time elegance. I completely understand women who can’t justify an expensive dress for a single wedding they’re attending that summer, but when you’re wearing it over and over combined with other things, you get miles more out of your wardrobe and more importantly, you cut back on the wast and dubious morals of throw-away fashion. And lets face it, saving it for best just relegates a dress to the back of your wardrobe only to be over looked next summer when something you prefer comes along.

Each of these dresses caught my eye for their easy to wear, flattering shape (the central dress is less cocoon looking when worn,) hitting at just the right length to showcase your legs in heels, yet play them down for day. The patterns are incredible, the colours muted enough to not look out of place if the weather won’t play ball this summer, and I think they’ll all do double duty in early/mid pregnancy and while you’re getting back into shape post-baby too, should you require it. 😉



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5 thoughts on “Triple temptation: The Go-everywhere dress

  1. The Jigsaw dress is looovely! And you’re so right about wearing things more than once. Whilst on Easter holidays I think I’m going to have a clearout and decide on what I can rewear with other things as you’ve suggested. Plus, H&M stores are accepting second hand clothing donations for which you get a £5 off £30 shop voucher – perfect for some outfit changing accessories.x

  2. Love all of these! Might have to make a purchase! I think the Jigsaw one is my fav!

    A dress for any occasion! Perfect!


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