Triple Temptation: Summer Skirts

Midi skirts, both Warehouse // Maxi, ASOS.

It’s fair to say that I am really getting to the stage of being truly fed up with maternity clothes. Dresses are fine and there are plenty of cute ones about, but when it comes to this warm weather I have been living in a pair of denim maternity shorts and vests. Comfy but I’m not feeling like much of a glowing mama. I’m also turning my thoughts to what I’m going to wear post partum, comfortable clothes that make me feel less of a wreck and allow me to wear something on top that is conducive to feeding. I decided a maxi skirt would be good and spied some in GAP (non maternity) with fold down waists that could go under bump now and over after baby, but they are not super inspiring. If you’re in the same boat as me, Seraphine also has a maternity split side maxi in the sale. However I did spot some gorgeous ones in the non-maternity sections (lucky for you guys!) and thought I’d share a couple here.

I’m going to do a feature on style for Breast Feeding soon, but if you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!


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11 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Summer Skirts

  1. I want all of those skirts!

    As for breastfeeding, I spent the first month in pijama tops that buttoned open and the one nursing top from H&M that I had had time to get (the classic striped one). Oh and because Yu has born 6 weeks early, the maternity bras weren’t sorted either, so I discovered that triangle bikini tops work as well.

    But, after those first hurried days I wanted to feel more like a person…. so, here are my tips for breastfeeding:

    -wrap dresses and blouses. Think kimono styles, anything that you can open, close and tie around with a string. There are plenty that are non-maternity
    -shirts, though, mine wouldn’t button because of the megaboobs, so get a couple 1 size up.
    -wear tank tops under everything, even non-breastfeeding tops. Then you can pull it up and still nurse modestly.
    -There is a Swedish brand aptly called Boob that has lots of really nice, comfy and casual nursing tops and dresses (think hoodies, t-shirts) but they are pricy and I think anyone with sewing skills could try and attempt to make those.

    I found that getting some clothes after going through birth, delivery and 22 days of baby Y. at the hospital gave me some sense of normality and a new beginning. They made me feel like a person and not like a crazy headless chicken running around (the major effect hormones and lack of sleep had on me) .

    Such exciting times ahead. I hope you are feeling well.

  2. I love that maxi!

    I remember those last few weeks well, wearing and re-wearing the same things again and again – especially once you finish work and stop wearing the “nice” work appropriate stuff!

    Not sure if your cup of tea, but I’ve seen a few maxi skirts in Fat Face which have a big thick ruched waistband which I reckon you could wear now and after the baby comes along. I like the big cat print one!

    I didn’t bother buying any specific breastfeeding outfits other than a couple of vests with the clips, which were a pain to be honest. My best investment were vest tops with really stretchy straps that you could pull down under your boob to feed(the kind you can buy 3 for £10 in New Look and the like) and put these under all my other my tops. For me whilst I didn’t want to flash my boobs whilst feeding, I was far more self conscious about anything which would ride up and show off my wobbly tum! A stretchy vest under something you can lift up sorted this.

    But I think everyone find a way to do it that suits you and your own style – you’ll figure it out as you go along!

    Enjoy your maternity leave! x

  3. Completely agree with the post above – a stretchy vest underneath everything so that you can pull that down and the top layer up. This is the most modest way of feeding I have found and most people don’t even realise what you are doing. It also means you’re not limited to feeding clothes or button front tops (rubbish for feeding in public as there is nothing to cover the top of your boobs). Get lots of breast pads – leaking is such a pain and changing the pad is an easy way to feel a bit fresher in the first few days/weeks. I felt like I was leaking from everywhere! Good luck – it’s a wonderful, bewildering, precious time.

  4. Like above 2 tops- top up and a second top underneath like a vest with nursing or stretchy straps down. That way tum and too of breast are covered, very discrete and you can wear normal non nursing top. Helpful to have one or 2 nursing dresses for events too. A plain black one from mamas and papas was great and could be accessorised differently. Personally nursing clothes are a pain as they tend to be maternity style also so less than flattering when you no longer have a bump. Fine if you only nurse for a few weeks postpartum but if you nurse longer you want something a bit more fitted!

  5. Second all the above comments about stretchy vest top underneath normal top. I bought a load of cheap ones from h&m and new look, very discreet way of feeding in public once you’ve mastered the hang of it! I’d unhook bra and slip down vest whilst top layer was still down, bring baby up to boob and then pull up top layer thus hiding everything 🙂

    As for breast pads, highly recommend the Lansinoh ones – pricier than own brand ones but they NEVER leaked and they lasted all day x

  6. Third the above. Long vest tops under all your normal tops is deffo the way to go (although I bought a few cheap tops in a size bigger than my normal for the outer layer to accommodate baby belly and giant boobs!)
    For breast pads, consider washable – even the lansinoh ones are plastic backed and so may make you itch if you are wearing them all day. Boots do cheap washable ones that are pretty good.

  7. Ooh I saw that skirt a few weeks ago and you have just reminded me to purchase!

    I agree with the comment about vest tops – fashion is definitely tricky when bf especially in summer as you can’t wear dresses – which is a right pain especially as I normally live in maxi ones. I did find a few with a crossover front in jersey that you could feed in though but I needed a scarf to cover.

    Talking of scarfs I found that the huge ones were a godsend ! I had a couple from asos that I wore all the time to cover my modesty.

    I mostly found specific Bf tops especially vests ugly and bad quality but I did have a couple of tops similar to this from mamas and papas.

    I was hot all the time so they were useful when I didn’t want to wear too many layers. My nursing bras were hot milk which were pretty plus you can normally find them in the sale if you sign up to the discount sites like zulily.

    Hope that helps x

  8. Definitely sign up to zulily. Also think about nightwear. The key to stress free feeding through cluster feed sessions and bad nights is feeding lying down on bed (obviously in a safe bed environment which nct gives advice on- not to be done if alcohol, smoke or take drugs/heavy prescription drugs and no pillows etc near baby. The bedside cots are fab for safe easy night feeding)- much more relaxing for you. I bought some nursing scrappy nighties from mamas and papas and they were fab but now I just wear a vest that can pull down with normal bottoms.

  9. I agree with all the above about vests you can pull down. I bulk bought some from M&S. I found specific breastfeeding tops quite frumpy and just wore normal tops that could be pulled up to feed. Saying that, H&M do brilliant nursing vests with clips which I liked. I spent the first couple of months wearing shirts as they are easy to unbutton to feed but once I got the hang of feeding I didn’t worry so much and just wore any top with a nursing bra underneath. If you like wearing dresses then wrap is the way to go. I also bought a stretchy Baukjen dress for a wedding which was fine to breastfeed in.

  10. Totally agree with the stretchy vest top under any normal top to make it breastfeeding friendly without exposing you midriff. Dresses are still possible as well with a little diy! There’s plenty doubled layered dresses around at the minute which are perfect, simply cut a discreet slit in the underneath fabric so you can access your bra and with the fabric over no one would ever know. This George dress is perfect for that:,default,pd.html.

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