Triple Temptation: Spring backpacks

John Lewis Backpack // Boden backpack // Orla Kiely Backpack

I’ll be honest, when backpacks came into fashion again a couple of seasons ago, I thought it was a pretty unpalatable trend. However, as these things often do, the trend has grown on me and now it happens to fit in with my lifestyle brilliantly. I more often wear Bea in a woven wrap when I’m going on our errands rather than use the pram so a backpack would be perfect, and it suits my more casual sporty style currently. I’m thinking a backpack would be the perfect upgrade from a changing bag when the time comes.

Can I tempt you with one of these readers, or have you seen a better one?


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6 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Spring backpacks

  1. I’m looking for a backpack changing bag at the moment but can’t seem to find anything which isn’t either insanely expensive or incredibly dull. I might need to poke around at some non-changing-bag backpacks and see how they measure up for pockets and compartments…

    • Hi Sarah! Is it a first changing bag? Or are you looking to move on like me? I highly recommend our Pacapod, if they do one. I love all the compartments. I’ll be keeping that and just looking for something for shorter trips and less stuff!

  2. I’ve just bought a backpack to use when we’re out with the stroller instead of the buggy as I can’t hook the changing bag strap over the handles like I do with the buggy. I looked at the Orla Kiely one as well as a lovely leather one from Eastpack. In the end I went for a cheapish one from M&S that I thought my husband would be happy using too.
    He’s never used my lovely Orla Kiely changing bag….

  3. I use the same skip hop changing station pack as Rhian in my backpack which is just an old one I had lying around at home which I used in desperation when it became apparent baby wearing and my Pacapod did not go together. I’ve now got another one on the way and have promised myself a Fjall Raven Kanken as much prefer the backpack option with an older child as well and can fit over buggy handles no problem. I noticed that Pacapod have started doing a backpack version now as well which might be something to thing about if you love the Pacapod (I don’t, but I do love the skip hop change station).

  4. Another backpack convert and skip hop changing station fan here. I haven’t owned a backpack since I was about 13 but also realised that baby wearing plus shoulder bag equals seriously unpractical and uncomfortable. I got a Herschal bag for Christmas and use it with the changing station and love it, so comfy and convenient too 🙂

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