Triple Temptation: Lounging around

One of the things I have been looking for lately to no avail has been a light cotton summer dressing gown for hospital and ease of feeding post baby. I’m not a dressing gown wearer and usually just opt for a vest and PJ bottoms when I’m up and lounging around out of bed, but I know the post natal wards will be hot and stuffy and I will want easy access so the hunt was on.

Pink bird print kimono, B by Ted Baker at Debenhams £23.70 // Good Morning Beautiful Rosalie long dressing gown £60 // Cyberjammies Bernidette print robe £21.60

I eventually found the Cyberjammies one online then a friend told me her wedding party’s getting ready dressing gowns were Sainsbury’s so I started casting the net a bit wider. There are a few out there, just not in the places I expected and it’s harder again to find one that’s not too short/see through/silky. There’s always Etsy too, but I left it a bit late for that sadly. You should definitely check out Good Morning Beautiful to champion a boutique British brand too.

I hope you like the selection!


PS Thank you so much for all of your positive and supportive comments on yesterdays post. I’m feeling much better about it and it means a lot to have all of your input. x

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5 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Lounging around

  1. Lovely selection. From the style of your choices I recommend you check out Pretty Plum Sugar (I know a popular choice for wedding day dressing gowns for brides). I have one of their cotton dressing gowns and its super light and beautiful. They come from the US but were pretty good turnaround time.

  2. I got given the Good Morning Beautiful dressing gown for my birthday and love it. It’s so light and the fabric is beautiful – would definitely recommend it!

  3. All beautiful! My advice would be to choose a dark coloured gown or don’t spend too much. I bought a lovely dressing gown for the postnatal ward but didn’t wear it for several weeks after the birth in case it got ruined.

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