Triple Temptation: Festoon lights

Seletti Bella Vista Outdoor light, £85 Heals // Auva string lights (50 lights) £29.98 B&Q // Pink festoon lights, £85 Out there interiors

Last year I wrote a post about festoon lighting and listed some sources available at the time. You can still read that post here and see for yourself if they are still available, but the trend is going nowhere and thankfully the strings of globe lights with a soft glow perfect for pretty outdoor illumination are getting more widely available. I’ve spotted 3 in the last couple of weeks and thought I’d share them in case anyone is still looking for them. Do let me know if you have spotted any too! (The B&Q set looks like great value.)


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5 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Festoon lights

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m also toying with getting some lights…. I’ve just noticed that the White Company ones have 20% off and the Cox and Cox ones, 17% off, In fact I’d love to know if anyone has first hand experience of these before I take the plunge!

    • I have the ikea solar powered ones from last years post Sarah, and I think whether you have an outdoor power supply is the main factor for consideration. That and how many lights are on the cable – the more authentic ones have only a few lights. Hope that helps!

  2. I bought the b&q ones 4 weeks ago and they are so fragile we had a smashed ball on the first day!all the bulbs have filled with water which doesnt fill me with confidence as they are mains powered (although all bulbs still work including the broken glasss ball). But I think in hindsight I should have saved my money and gone for fewer bulbs with better quality fittings like the others in your post.

  3. Hello there,

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