Triple Temptation: Breton basics

Boden // embellished stripe // woven back top

One of the things I learned by making my capsule wardrobe is that I never invest in basics. I’m always inclined to buy cheap versions and that’s if I buy them at all – I often buy all the statement pieces and am left high and dry when I need a simple pulled together item, like todays breton top. So this year I’m investing in a few quality basics and starting with the perfect breton tee. Of course Boden must be the king of the breton (or Petit Bateau?) so I’ve included their classic here. Perhaps you like a bit of glitter and sparkle? I think this jewelled version would cover the smart/casual bases for casual work to weekend wear. Then I got distracted and had to include my favourite: A plain breton front hides a denim blue woven back. 2 tops for the price of one and the easiest way to make sure your breton is never boring 😉

Have you seen any amazing examples of the breton tee I should know about?


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11 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Breton basics

  1. The Joules denim back top is lovely! The dark denim version is in their outlet section for £19.95, plenty of sizes available.

  2. Love Boden Breton! I have a couple of colours and wear them all the time. The fit is fantastic and they wash well too. Joules have some slightly thicker versions (perfect for winter), but I prefer the softness of my Boden ones. Can’t wait to get some short sleeve ones for summer! 🙂

  3. A Boden tip if you’re a size 10/12 you can fit into the teenage Johnnie B no vat clothes. I’ve a great Breton from there last year.
    Seasalt also do Breton tops.

  4. great tip Rachel!

    Uniqlo are doing a nice looking Breton at the moment. Once I’ve got round to ordering it I will report back! And it’s £12.99 so not bad value.

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