Triple Temptation: Berry Lips

Stila Crush Lip and Cheek Stain in Cherry £16 // Albeit lipstick in Plum £14 // Marquisette Rouge – & Other Stories £12

Now the mercury has dipped to freezing I’m thinking about pink cheeks and berry lips for a festive look. Equally good for a trip to the Christmas Markets in the day time or brought out for a Christmas get together. I actually purchased the & Other Stories shade in London last week and can vouch for the creamy texture and berry-perfect shade. I also own the Stila lip glaze and was inspired to get it out after seeing Bella wear it a couple of weekends ago (in another shade) but it remains less moisturising than the creamy texture of the lipstick.

Now, what I’d like to know is if you guys can recommend any other brands or shades for a berry pout this winter? Have you tried a berry lip?


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9 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Berry Lips

  1. A good budget berry option is Kate moss for rimmel in (hang on, scrabbling through handbag to find it as wore it yesterday and of course didn’t empty my bag) Number 107.. Rouge a levres. Beware as this one has a strong cherry flavor to it that you’l either love or hate x

  2. If you want low-maintenance berry lips (says the eternally clumsy lipstick-on-teeth lady!) I can recommend Maybelline’s Baby Lips in ‘Cherry’. Lovely and moisturising too 🙂

  3. I mentioned this in the makeup piece I wrote here a while ago but for a gorgeous sheer berry/plum shade that’s also super moisturising I swear by Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip protectant stick in Plum. I’m a bit scared of really strong colours on lips but with this one, because it’s sheer and a bit glossy even though the colour is deep it doesn’t look overpowering. I pretty much can’t live without it…

  4. Oh and also re pink cheeks- I recently rediscovered Benefit’s Benetint. I bought some aaaages ago and sort of forgot I had it and then found the bottle lurking in my bathroom! I absolutely love it on my cheeks for an almost-invisible flush of colour and it stays FOREVER. It looks lovely on lips too but I can’t wear it there because it’s too drying for me 🙁

  5. As per my TwitPic I am loving Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lippie in no 380 – a gorgeous deep dark berry colour that can be toned down or vamped up due to it’s super silky, almost lip-balm quality. The bright red (mayfair lady I think) in the same collection is also awesome. Rebecca, 380 is the one Mahj and I wore at ODP2, but in lots and lots of layers! x

  6. I love my Clinique Chubby Stick in Voluptious Violet – you can layer it up for a stronger shade and it is super moisturising. One of my colleagues tends to layer two colours to get her perfect pout and am tempted to try that with Chubby Sticks as they are fairly reasonably priced and super soft and sheer.

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