Triple Temptation: A Nest of Tables

Because we have a rather long sofa, I’ve noticed while we have had a stream of ‘new house viewing’ guests over in recent weeks that they can be lacking in somewhere to put a cup of tea. Rather than me having a heart attack over whether they’re going to kick over the tea at their feet onto the new carpet, I realised I’m in need of a nest of tables.

I always used to think that table nests were terribly old fashioned but there is so much vintage and retro influence in interiors at the moment that they feel very current and there are also lots of modern styles around.

1. Monocle nest of tables with mirror top – Zara Home £119 // 2. Content by Conran at John Lewis metallic circles nest £250 // 3. Glass Nest of tables, Zara Home £119

My preference is towards the glamour of gilded and mirrored styles or this round set from Content by Conran at John Lewis, which have been on my wishlist for a long time. The bonus has to be that you can style up your top table with a lamp and books etc and not have to move anything when you pull out one of the tables beneath for guests.

What do you think readers?


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13 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: A Nest of Tables

  1. Love the Zara glass tables and they are exceedingly good value. Has anyone ordered much from them? What is the quality like?

  2. Ooh I love the Conran set! We have a nest of nice old sturdy oak tables which my grandparents gave us. They might not be quite as glam as these beauties but they are one of the most useful items of furniture. We don’t have a coffee table as we’ve never quite found one that suits and we’re reluctant to block up all the space in the living room with one (plus I’m pretty sure it would end up becoming a dumping ground for magazines, catalogues and opened post) but we use our nest tables on a daily basis – the bonus being that they can be tidied away again when not in use and so freeing up the space again.

  3. I completely agree about the usefulness of table nests (new baby, lots of visitors, same problem as you Rebecca!). I’ve never bought anything from Zara home, but will definitely be taking a look after seeing your choices here – thanks for the inspiration! X

  4. I’m with you in this one, thinking of them as dated but our beloved coffee table is so unpractical these days (small children + corners and general lack of space! ) that I am definitely looking to replace it and a nest has been lurking in the back of my mind! love the conran ones too but echoing Becca….What’s the quality like at Zara home, they do some beautiful things but I am loathe to order unless I know they are as good as they look!

    • Gemma and Becca, I think the quality is ok – I have seen the occasional furniture they offer but not actually handled it. In my experience they make quite a lot of fragile stuff (think glass items etc, but I’m talking about trinket jars etc here not tables!) but there are stores in Liverpool and London’s regent street if you want to see the stuff…

  5. I was admiring the middle set just this weekend – have you seen the new Home catalogue from JL, the styling is so beautiful.
    We’re in the process of buying our first place and the reception room is much larger than we’ve ever had before so I am trying to think of ways to fill it but not overfill it. I love the idea of a coffee table but I also love having something by the side of the sofa, just to pop my mug on.

  6. Watching these comments with interest as we have an old nest of pine tables (bought by the other half before he met me) and I would love to upgrade them to something more stylish.

    Hadn’t thought of Zara as somewhere to look, so will check them out, but any other suggestions on where to look out for side tables? I rather like the John Lewis gold ones, but they look like they might be a bit wobbly.

    • Thanks Rebecca – love these. They come is a yellow/grey/white colour way too which I might see if I can persuade the OH to like!

      Thanks for the Graham & Green recommendation too. They do lovely things but we’ve had difficulties in the past with their furniture delivery (their courier will only drop when they happen to be in your area – not ideal when not in a flexible job or work from home!). Alway a little reluctant to use them now even though they have nice things (I want their owl stool!)

  7. Been lusting after those Zara tables for my new place for a couple of months, might have to just bite the bullet and order them!

    I have loads of smaller stuff from Zara Home, tea service, towels, glasses etc. and they’ve lasted well over the years and always get compliments.

  8. I find the Conrad ones good looking but extremely wobbly. Wish they put more thought into quality as well as looks

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