Travelling with a baby: Stuff that helps

Before we went to Greece last week we bought some travel gear that we found really useful and I thought I’d share… along with some fun stuff. I wish I’d known about some of these earlier for use out and about at home to be honest, particularly the travel high chair, so don’t discount them if you’re not traveling anywhere!

1. Totseat Kids Travel Highchair £23.99
There was no high chair in our apartment and to be honest we were only offered them at restaurants 50% of the time or less… and I won’t go into the standards of cleanliness of the ones we received. Nothing bugs me more than Bea eating on my knee, squirming and wiping her hands, face and food on my clothes so this was a godsend. It fits on multiple different seat backs (we didn’t find one it don’t fit,) is very secure, rolls up really small and is washable. Genius idea and we will be using it regularly back home too. The only thing is that it doesn’t add much height, but we tended to sit her on a rolled up towel or something which gave enough height and I suspect if your baby was a bit taller then Bea (not difficult!) it would be better. (Koo-Di do a much cheaper one but it’s not adjustable for all the different chair backs so I imagine wouldn’t always work.)

2. Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot Around £40
You guessed it, no cot either… Maybe some other mums can explain to me how you travel with one of the usual travel cots – they seem so big and heavy for suitcases? We bought this months back for going to friends houses but it’s also great for holidays as it’s light, fits into a case when packed down and functions as a mosquito net too.

3. Koo-di Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot £9.99
For a bit of fun we bought this for Bea for the pool. It was great – after the initial terrified meltdown when we first put her in it! It was brilliant because of the sunshade, so even if it was midday, we could put her in there to cool off and she was covered from the heat of the sun 🙂

4. Summer Infant Tiny Diner – Green £9.99
Another brilliant find for baby lead weaners or any tot eating out, this was perfect for knowing that she was eating off a clean surface. Some of the places we ate were a bit grubby on the table tops or high chairs and while I’m not normally a clean freak, the last thing we needed in the heat was a dehydrating tummy bug! We sat this under her bottom on a seat (it’s quite big) or on the table and it worked really well – another one we will be using at home too.

5. Frostfire Popup Beach Shelter with UV protection (50+ UPF)
We were worried about keeping Bea shaded so bought this for the beach, knowing that the village we were visiting wasn’t the type where you pay for a lounger and parasol on the beach. 😉 In fact, it was too hot even for this as it got hotter in the tent and we ended up buying a cheap parasol, but if it wasn’t as warm this would have been great – it provided good shade, a wind break and decent space for playing away from the handfuls of sand and pebbles that Bea was intent on shoving in her mouth!

Have you got any amazing finds for travelling with a baby? we’ve only got one year left before we have to start paying for her seat so I intend to do a lot more travelling with her over the next 12 months! 😉


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5 thoughts on “Travelling with a baby: Stuff that helps

  1. We’re about to head to Majorca, so this is a timely post for me! The Tiny Diner looks great, I’m heading to Amazon to get one. I’d looked at the Koodi travel cot before, but was put off cause it says it’s only suitable until 6 months. I take it that’s not true, as Bea is one now? Would be interested in your thoughts Rebecca. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hope it helps – I’d recommend the travel high chair too. I was really surprised how few places had them… considering how family friendly Greece is too. Kids are everywhere in restaurants.

      The cot is great for travelling, it wasn’t great for Bea napping. At home we put her down in her cot and she goes to sleep. While we were away we couldn’t have done that in the Koo-Di as you have to zip them in to get them to stay put and she learned to push it over and then cried. However, I don’t know how much of that was heat related. In the past I would have just fed her to sleep and then put her down in the travel cot but we don’t feed in the day anymore so I couldn’t do that, although it worked fine at night. Size wise, Bea is tiny, she’s 16lbs still at 12 months, but she had plenty of space. It’s no travel cot or normal cot size, but she gets around her cot – it’s like she does laps in her sleep, and she didn’t notice that this was much smaller (i.e. it didn’t wake her as she rolle din tot he side, but she does that at home too,) and still seemed to get around it! 😉

  2. If you’re travelling with children under 5 with easyjet you can take 2 items free of charge (and exclusive of your luggage allowance), including a travel cot, buggy, care seat, booster seat or baby carrier ( We did took our travel cot and filled the empty space in the bag with nappies and milk etc to save on space/weight in the suitcases! No-one checked the contents of the bag so we probably could’ve hidden more stuff in there too. Not sure about other airlines, but it’s worth flying with easyjet just for this- it’s a lifesaver!

  3. Hi – could you resend the link for the pool inflatable please? It’s taking me to the travelcot link and I’d like to get one for our holiday to France later this summer! Thanks very much

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