Thrifty Thursdays – An introduction

Hi everyone!

After Rebecca’s big announcement yesterday about the supremely exciting and gorgeously geometric Dream. Find. Do., I have a wee bit of news to report too.  Namely, that we will be unveiling a few new types of post here on Florence Finds over the coming weeks, and one of them will my baby…

Thrifty Thursdays.

See, much as I absolutely ADORE this blog, and I boy, do I hanker after pretty much everything Rebecca features be it for her home or her wardrobe, a lot of the content is, shall we say, a bit more aspirational than available for me.  At C-S towers we’re on something of an austerity drive, which has been intensified by me not having had regular income over the last few months. Pottering around behind the scenes of Florence Finds can sometimes make me feel like I’ve got my nose pressed up against the glass of a beautiful store that I’m afraid to go into, and that’s a bit silly, because it’s definitely not the vibe we’re aiming to create here.  I know that a few of you are in the same boat, too, be it saving for house deposits, planning weddings or simply trying to put pennies away for a rainy day, not all of us have a lot of cash to splash.  On the other hand, when you are trying to live frugally, it’s really frustrating not to be able to indulge yourself from time to time, or to feel like you’re depriving yourself in every area of your life and for the love of Mike can’t you just have one new thing to wear on a night out.  Which is where Thrifty Thursdays comes in.

Image credit: Hennie Haworth

Once a fortnight I’ll be featuring DIYs, craft ideas, bargain cosmetics, recipes and more all of which can be done on little or no budget.  We’ll be looking at the usual Florence Finds areas of interest, like fashion, travel and interiors but from a slightly different, thrifty viewpoint.  I’ll be doing my best to round up lower pricepoint alternatives to Rebecca’s Fash Flash and what to wear posts and it will also be a place for us to share any discount offers or deals that come our way, and of course we hope you guys will send us submissions with your hints for living a fabulous life without breaking the bank! (Fire away to

What’s your best tip for brilliance on a budget?

Love, Gemma C-S

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25 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursdays – An introduction

  1. SO EXCITED! my best tip since my 6 month clothing ban is to stay away from fashion magazines (they create that longing….), find your local clothes swaps, restyle existing items with accessories and have awesome friends who will lend you stuff for special occassions (or send you amazing dresses in the post because they are, quite frankly, the BEST)


  2. Awesomeness Gem.

    My big weakness is stuff for the home -lovely bed linen, beautiful ornaments etc. So I try and stay away from expensive interiors stores (except occasionally Cath Kidston *ahem*), keep an eye open in charity shops and supermarkets/discount shops (my gorgeous glasses are from Matalan and get loads of compliments!) and also embrace minimalism -less stuff = less clutter = less dusting!

    • Yes to charity shops! I don’t often get the time, but have found you can find some bargins if you’re willing to be patient and have a bit of a hunt.

  3. Great idea! I need to be more organised with money, but agree that treats are still needed ; )
    My budget tip – cut back on most things – but never good haircuts! x

  4. Love this! Since I’m about to be earning zero for three months, we’ve been on a major austerity drive to try and save to see us through. Not fun. Totally with Penny on re-styling existing stuff, coming up with different combinations you haven’t previously worn, or even completely altering something – I recently turned an old maxi dress into a maxi skirt and I LOVE it.

    Or you can just do what I do and leave stuff sitting in the handwashing/drycleaning pile for so long that when you eventually get round to washing them they feel like new clothes! It’s genius!

  5. Love this idea!

    My own thrifty tip isn’t for everyone. I channel my creative juices into creating a capsule wardrobe: I strive to own as few pieces of clothing as possible. I love, love, love the challenge of making a few well chosen pieces work in a multitude of ways.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m too tall for standard-cut clothes on the high street and that I’m house-bound most of the time! 😉

  6. This serious sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun, looking forward to your posts Gemma. I love reading and could literally spend a fortune on books and magazines so I love having discovered readitswapit and in the office we swap current mazagines once we’ve read them, it’s ace as you often get a holiday / interior design one mixed in with the usual subjects such as Look x

  7. Brilliant idea!

    I have just finished uni and am despairing at the job market. My fiance thankfully has a good job but we are trying to save for a house deposit/getting furniture for our wee flat/paid the honeymoon (full whack up front *gulp*) Plus the wedding costs just keep rising (largely due to my inability to stop adding little bits and pieces here and there!)

    Sooooo Thrifty Thursdays are right up my street!

    My top tip – ribbons! Add to anything and everything! Currently sporting one in my hair! Instant update for only pennies!


    • ha ha funny you should mention that Lynsey because I am a HUGE fan of ribbons too for exactly the same reasons! x

  8. I have a feeling I am going to rather like thrifty Thursdays! Love a bit of charity shop shopping, home-made gifts and items to decorate your home. Looking forward to all the posts. xx

  9. Groupon and other savings websites can be good for a treat-manicures, haircuts and the like. However, I agree with the poster above though to always save up enough to spend on a good haircut; you wear your hair every day so it HAS to look good. You don’t always know what you’re going to get with a groupon haircut. But manis, pedis, spray tans and other treatments at low prices are a boost and make you feel a bit glam even if you’re putting the same old clothes on.

    Also, TJ Maxx is lovely for a bit of a bargain as well as style/pieces that are a bit unusual. They are also VERY good for items for the home.

    Salvage yards and thrift shops are good. I am currently sanding a 1950s ‘telephone chair’ and I am going to paint it cream. I bought it for $30… couldn’t find one of those in IKEA. Plus, if you spend time doing fun little DIY jobs like this, you are using free time wisely and not out spending it on shopping or other entertainment.

    One final suggestion; instead of eating out, invite friends to dinner but ask them to bring a dish/bottle each (set a price limit on it for the thrifty fun of it if you like) and then everyone shares the cost. Fun and frugal. Delia Smith’s ‘Frugal Food’ are very good recipes, you can also find these on her website.

    Looking forward to these.

  10. This sounds aces, looking forward to seeing some thrifty bargains!

    My best thrifty tip (for me personally) is to stay away from the Trafford Centre. If I don’t go in it, I won’t buy anything!


  11. Gemma I so can’t wait! I too don’t have a regular income and while I always strive to buy the best quality, sometimes the best is just not attainable. I must say TKMaxx has become my best friend, particularly when it comes to homewear and furnishings!
    Looking forward to your Thrifty Thursday feature!

  12. Brilliant idea, can’t wait to read your posts. As a new mum who is on maternity leave and desperately trying to lose some weight I hate spending what little money I have left on clothes that might not fit me for long.

    My money saving tip – dont buy books, go to your local library. Same with DVDs and computer games. It can save a fortune.

  13. Oh and Kirsty’s comment about maxi skirts reminded me -this summer I have been wearing a grey maxi skirt loads and getting lots of compliments. Guess where/when I got it? New Look in (wait for it) 1999!!! Yep, not kidding! So that’s another tip from me -if you have a piece you love, hang onto it (even if it means hiding it away in your parents’ spare room…) because eventually it will probably come back around 😉

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