Triple Temptation: Yellow Coats

Head turned: Coated Cotton Parka, ASOS £55 // Second Glance: Tutorat coat, Petit Bateau at Atterley Road £126 // Love at first sight: Boat Jacket, Superdry £99

I’m debuting a little mini-feature today, Triple Temptation. I often spot similar items that I love, at different price points and often with small distinguishing features that make one so much more covetable than another. So I have decided to group them and share the love as they crop up.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a yellow coat, specifically for spring showers. It just seems so suited to the cheerful mood that a bit of spring sunshine brings and of course retains its cheer when the sun goes in and rain inevitably takes over. Rainproofing would be an added bonus. 😉

Do you wear a rain coat?


PS Thanks to Jessie at Sweet Thing for the post inspiration.

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16 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Yellow Coats

  1. Oh I love that superdry one. I’ve been looking for a stylish coat with a hood for ages (thanks to living in Northern Ireland it’s much needed all year round…) I think my credit card might be getting another addition today!

  2. Love this feature! more please!!

    Also love yellow, but sadly my face does not (unless super tanned – which isn’t often!) so I have to stick to accessories and shoes in this colour! 🙁

  3. Bugger! I did the test where I looked at the photos and then looked at the prices and now my heart is set on the Superdry one. Now to find some spare cash!


  4. Love these yellow coats! However I, like Victoria, I can’t wear it near my face 🙁 I make up for it with a large bright yellow Cambridge satchel which I use for work. Brightens up my commute standing out from all the black and grey. Can I post a early request (OK, very early request…) for a feature on bright coats for autumn? (Or earlier if the weather doesn’t bright up soon!) I will be in the market for one this year! Thanks!

  5. Brilliant idea!!!

    I own a yellow jacket which I LOVE. It was a bargain at around £15 (sale) in new look, bought it donkeys years ago and still wear it now 🙂

    As for that Superdry jacket <3 <3 . You do realise I'm going to have to buy it now 😉

  6. Those yellows do look lovely!! I’ve just bought a new raincoat which is fleece lined -it was an impulse purchase in the Fat Face sale and I thought I wouldn’t be wearing it much til the autumn but I’ve barely been out of it! Is purple not yellow though…

  7. I am in love with yellow at the moment. It’s never been a colour I thought I could pull off with pale skin/dark hair/blue eyes but it seems if I get the right tone it works and is such a cheerful colour. I can totally see this in my Glastonbury/ trips to the seaside wardrobe! Picturing it with wellies, floral dresses, stripes, oh I want it!! xx

  8. Oh I do love a yellow jacket! 🙂 I wanted the Joules Moredale quilted one in Yellow but when I saw it in the flesh it was actually mustard! Very disppointed, I ended up getting it in navy instead.
    That superdry one is lovely, would look lush with a Breton stripe!

  9. I prefer the Superdry one – I am a sucker for lining even though you hardly ever see them.

    Love the post idea too!

  10. I brought a yellow jacket from Gap last year which I love in theory but in practice have hardly worn. Somehow I don’t seem to be able to put it together with the rest of my wardrobe. Very disappointing when that happens.

  11. I’ve had the Petit Bateau one since last September and I get amazing comments whenever I wear it, it’s so much nicer in the flesh and really surprisingly warmer than I expected. I have very pale skin and dark auburn hair so I’ve been told I shouldn’t really wear yellow but If I paid attention to all the things I’m not supposed to do wouldn’t life be boring. x

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