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Since we moved there are a lot of empty spaces in our house and although new furniture is more for ahem, finished rooms, I do find myself browsing for various pieces. Right now my focus is on the nursery and I’m working on a mood board to share with you soon but in the meantime, I want a sideboard for baby’s room. Long low and white with a hint of midcentury modern about it and equally at home against a patterned wall or in a serene airy space.

  1. Dumont buffet, West Elm £599
  2. Hemnes 8 drawer chest of drawers, IKEA £180
  3. 6 drawer Ercol chest, The White Company £945
  4. Milton 3 drawer sideboard, M&S £549
  5. Bess sideboard, Dwell £399

Whether this is a good idea or not I’m not sure, and I’m imagining putting a changing table top onto of this piece so I’m not necessarily looking for something so low as some of these are, but I love the elongated look and think drawers may well suit baby storage better with shelves for toys or books? I also like that in the future this would work well repurposed in another room.

Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and your favourites from my selection…


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31 thoughts on “The white stuff…

  1. We did something similar as I couldn’t justify spending £££ on a changing table – we bought a chest of drawers from Ikea and put a changing mat on top, voila!

    My one piece of advice is to consider the height seriously for your comfort. I know some people advocate changing on the floor or similar but I have found having a newborn really hard on my back (hefting around a now 13lb 11 week old is heavy work!) so having a good height place to change and dress him has helped limit the strain I think. Our chest is about elbow height for me so I don’t bend or stretch when changing him.

  2. We have number 2 in our little girl’s nursery, though I swapped the handles for mis-matched Laura Ashley ones. We never bothered with a changing station but they do look nicer on top of normal chests of drawers I think.

  3. I like number 3…the most expensive one. Go figure.

    For a nursery, I’d just go Ikea as there is more storage and just change the handles for more children friendly ones. If you went for the cot you were talking about though its probably the one that goes the least and maybe (1) is more your style. In any event, its going to be one über trendy baby.

    Spent Easter weekend sulking I wouldn’t have a nursery to decorate.

  4. I have got the Ikea one, it is on my landing and it houses our sheets & towels etc – it gets a lot of compliments!
    I think it would make great storage for a baby’s room, drawers are so practical and those ones are BIG. My only thought however is that it is very smooth and shiny, I’m not sure that I would have got on with using it for changing a wriggly baby… We bought a cheap as chips white Ikea changing unit, which is nice and tall and has a lip on all four sides to contain the baby and the wipes and creams that inevitably get kicked and thrown around during a nappy change! It has been invaluable during the last 18 months, and as it was so cheap I have no guilt about getting rid of it when its not needed anymore.

  5. changing baby on a table that is too low is absolutely back breaking trust me! I had a nice chest/toy box i used for the first few months but it is a killer. now I’ve moved a desk in there and it is so much better x

  6. Does anybody have any advice about hanging space? I haven’t planned as yet to get a wardrobe for the baby’s room. I might put some hooks up for particularly cute outfit or anything that needs hanging as part of the decor, but I figured most items will fold and big drawers will hold toys/books/changing stuff too… am I right or wrong?

    • The only bonus of hanging space is it makes it easier to see everything and makes sure he wears stuff at least once – Max is growing so fast it’s hard to accomplish! Although that might be a bit less of a problem as the gifts slow down. I find it’s easier to keep hanging stuff neat as the shelves end up looking like a jumble sale as I’m often rummaging whilst holding Max.

      We have an ikea hanging shelf unit thing in the wardrobe so it has half folded clothes and half hanging space. We found that his chest of drawers is taken up by changing stuff/bedding/muslins/towels.

      This is the hanging shelf unit thing:

    • Me again – you are completely right! There are really not many baby things that need hanging, we’ve used some cool hooks which hook over the door and haven’t needed a wardrobe to date.

  7. We don’t have a wardrobe. I just haven’t got round to it and Annie’s stuff is fine in drawers although I also have a few hooks for coats.

    We have the ikea 3 drawer hemnes which I use as a changing table. I reccomend getting the John Lewis wedge shaped changing mat for it. Not pretty but it means Annie couldn’t roll off.

    We also changed the knobs!

    Rachie xo

  8. My favourite is the White Co one (no surprises there eh!) but not for a change table. Definitely the Ikea one if you’re using it for that.
    We found a chest of drawers & broom cupboard (!!) which we converted into shelves & small hanging rail area from the antique place in Stockport.
    I’d planned to put a change top thing on the chest and even bought one but they’re specific size sand although it would’ve been easy enough to DIY it to the top, we never got round to it and coped just fine without one. When baby gets older & wriggly you’ll probably just move to changing him/her on the floor anyway.
    Re hanging stuff….I’m so pleased we fitted a rail. I hesitated at first and it’s only tiny but it’s great for dresses, cardigans & coats. We don’t have any hooks up at the mo though so they would also do the trick. You absolutely have no need to purchase a wardrobe for a baby so how about just waiting to see how the room evolves and whether you need more storage for dresses or pullovers! Xxx

  9. I would definitely reconsider the no rail idea. If it’s a girl in particular you will get hundreds of cute dresses and outfits coming your way before you know it and all these will do better if hung! Even Ethan got shirt and tie sets from 6 mths!! Or younger if you count his christening outfit! I personally would treat baby as a little you….. They soon will be!

    • Hi Rebecca, exciting times planning the nursery, I have no doubt it will be very stylish 🙂

      I ditto the above comments re hanging space, especially if you do have a girl, you will soon have an array of dresses to hang up so if you can get a wardrobe or rail I would really recommend getting it now, before you know it you’ll want to hang things up!! And it’s also a lot easier to see what you have.

      I unfortunately made the mistake of buying a changing station which had cupboard doors and two main shelves, in hindsight I would definitely have gone for a proper chest of drawers. I pretty much ended up using the change station for keeping nappies, wipes etc and have ended up using wicker baskets for socks, tights etc. I would have much preferred having drawers to put socks, t-shirts, baby gro’s etc in. You might be better off having one of the options that has a combination of drawers and storage for nappies / wipes etc.

      Happy nursery planning, can’t wait to see the end result x

  10. Hi Rebecca. We have the Hemnes set of Drawers in Calum’s room. Two things. I LOVE that range and there is a lot of draw space there – lots of small drawers for bits and bobs like muslins, changing paraphernalia etc, and some nice deep drawers for blankets and packs of nappies etc. The only thing wrong is that it’s a bit too high (for me at least, and I’m 5 foot 7) for changing. Whilst I thought it would be fine, with the addition of a changing mat (and not just a plastic one that would slip off) that extra height meant I was having to stretch my arms up and round. Also, baby had to lie sideways, and not in front of you, as it’s not deep enough (where it is in our room anyway) to hold the changing mat that way and changing from the side was awkward for me with twisting. I ended up just changing Calum on the day bed we had in his room, or on the floor, as it was easier (the floor being the easiest on my back!). I can’t recommend the chest enough though for storage. With regards to hanging, forget it (or that’s my opinion at least). The Hemnes was a purchase after spending money on a wardrobe before Calum was born as although tiny little things look amazing hanging up, the reality is they never STAY hanging up – except for the “bigger” things people buy you and then you promptly forget about until the bubba has then outgrown them! We swapped out the rail in this wardrobe and now it’s a place for his books and toys, full of shelves instead. Hope that’s helpful. A change of nobs is a lovely update (ours are a mix of animal heads I found in Anthro) xx

  11. We’ve just bought the ikea ones for our nursery, same thing with a changing mat on top…
    We liked them because when the baby is older it will still have some drawers/storage than aren’t baby ish.
    Total mindfield this baby business
    Hope it’s going well xx

  12. Sigh. I love the White Company draws and desperately wanted them for our new bedroom but they are just too expensive. Found a bargainous alternative whilst bed shopping at Warren Evans which with a sale and discount due to delivery mix up we’re an absolute steal.

    We’ve also gone for draws with a changing may on top instead of a “proper” changing table. The mat seemed to slide around a lot so used some non-slip matting (£1 from amazon) underneath for extra security.

  13. Hi Rebecca – firstly your bump is looking fab! We don’t have children but have a Hemnes set of drawers. I agree with the shiny/slippery comment – but my goodness does it attract dust! I’d like to think I’m a frequent cleaner but it attracts so much dust in a few days and I find it infuriating! Just my experience.

    Rach xx

  14. We bought that same wedge changing mat from John Lewis and put it on top of an ikea expedit unit. We also had a white malm 4 drawer unit for clothes but i found that was too high for me to change him comfortably. We do hang some things but most just folds.

  15. Definitely go for comfort as Fee said- my little 5lb 9oz newborn is now a 4 month 14lb gorgeous chunk so make sure the height works for you. The original unit we had was a little too high for me, so now have a cot top changer.
    I also love hanging space so you can see everything but I’m not great at keeping drawers that tidy. Have quite a few baskets on wardrobe shelves for vests, baby grows, leggings etc so you can pull the basket right out to see what’s in there.

  16. I used the hanging space in our wardrobe quite quickly as number 1 was wearing dresses etc by about 3 months old. This time around I’ve just hung the newborn babygros up on hangers so I can spread things out in the drawers a little better! I would agree though that a wardrobe is not a priority.

    I’d also agree with the points made about the height of the changing table. Pregnancy and carrying round a baby resulted in a number of expensive osteopath visits by the time the baby was a year old! I do know people who predominantly use the floor for nappy changes but I prefer the table. I also struggled to get down on to the floor for a while after birth – I got quite stiff when the relaxin hormone diminished!

  17. I’m so late to the party here, but I’ve learnt lots about nursery storage over the past year, so wanted to share…

    A few things – we went for the Hemnes unit too. It has been fantastic over the past year, but I agree with Erin and others that it is just too tall and narrow to comfortably change baby. We ended up dropping the side of Izzy’s cot and changing her on the mat in that (until she actually moved from a crib in our room to said cot at 6 months), which was a faaaar better alternative when she started rolling and wriggling on the changing mat. If you do opt to change baby on a unit like this though, someone suggested we keep a drawer open to catch baby in a worst case scenario…!

    As for a wardrobe, we opted for a mini Ikea one which was great until Izzy hit about 9 months and her clothes started getting larger and longer. We still use the wardrobe, but the bottom of all her ‘best’ clothes now get crumpled in a wardrobe fit for The Borrowers!

    Finally, lower sideboards are a nice option, but we currently have a completely empty one in our hall. Izzy’s now 11 months old and the lower sideboard is the perfect height for pulling herself up and emptying all the contents before causing herself an injury … maybe something to bear in mind!

    Good luck!

  18. We have v similar to no 2. I set up our daughters changing station on the top. Changing mat, white wicker basket from Zara to hold wipes etc and it’s worked perfectly for us. We store her nappies, wipes, muslins etc in the top drawer. It’s so convenient and saves so much space!

    I loved planning our daughter’s nursery and did so with the plan that she’d be in it for a while and not have to redecorate for a good 3-5 years


  19. I got the oak Herefoss drawers from Ikea – deep drawers are a must for the number of sleepsuits Alex has! Mind, I do tend to always keep the next 2 sizes in as he grows out of them so quickly! They also house muslins, bibs, socks, hats, sheets and sleeping bags. I hang all of Alex’s clothes as I quickly found that by having them in drawers he would only wear some things once if they were always on the bottom of the pile! He gets much more wear out of all of his clothes now and it’s easy to see across to the next size if some things are getting a little snug!

    I’m curious though – what handles did people get for their drawers and why did you choose to replace them?

    Alex has his changing mat in the bathroom. A few friends had their babies roll off changing tables and the thought of his wee/projectile poo going up my freshly wallpapered walls in his room made me twitchy! 7 months down the line and we are only just getting to a point where he doesn’t feel the urge to wee every time his nappy comes off!

  20. Rebecca,
    I have the ikea one with a changing matt on top, we got the john Lewis scooped one which is also non slip.
    For hanging space, I’ve got another ikea wardrobe (which in colour and style matched the other furniture in the nursery) it has drawers for extra storage and baby clothes hangers so we can use it even after baby is out of the nursery.
    Have really enjoyed doing the nursery and go in there to have a little peek every day 🙂
    Few finishing touches in there and then just waiting for the little one to inhabit it!
    Will look forward to seeing what you decide to do for yours.
    L x

  21. …I haven’t done the change of knobs yet but it was in my plans…some nice ones on notonthehighstreet. X

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