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Last week’s post about feeling comfortable in your own skin and the fact that I am definitely not happy in mine, rang true for quite a few of you. As promised, here’s the update. Each week that I update you I’ll be sharing a little tip or insight into things that work for me when it comes to shedding a few unwanted pounds and hopefully get you all sharing more tips and tricks.

So, I’m sitting here writing this and I am starving. That kind of hungry you get when you’re dieting because the outrageous gluttony of your ‘must-leave-behind eating habits’ has stretched your stomach beyond reasonable proportions and it’s begging for a massive bowl of mashed potato, or gnocci, or fresh bread. Sorry, you came here for help, not temptation so I’ll wind up the carb chat. (I should also point out that although that was evidence of a serious carb craving right there, I don’t routinuely ditch carbs as a diet trick, because although, sure, it makes you lose weight fast, as soon as you start eating white foods again, those pounds go right back on.) And that kind of feast or famine dieting is exactly how you ruin your metabolism. So don’t do it kids!

I got weighed this morning (cue party poppers) 2lbs off and I’m feeling pleased with myself.

Image Credit: Constant Motivation

So what have I been doing? Well, it’s mainly been about food and breaking my habits of a lifetime. I’m a big snacker and I also boredom eat. I graze the fridge as soon as I get through the front door each the evening and more often than not I put food in my mouth without thinking about it. So I’ve made a real effort to stop that. Did you know, by the way, that real change in behaviour takes 30 days, or so they say? After 30 days past habits can be erased and your new healthy change becomes your habit, making everything easier, so you’ve only got x more days to struggle through!

A lot of my personal sucess rate with dieting is down to planning. This week instead of leaving the shopping to Pete I made sure I had healthy lunches (Delias Root veg fat free soup) to take to work, fruit to snack on (pink lady apples and juicy seasonal clementines) and planned our evening dinners. Here’s an idea of what I ate:

  • Monday: Tom Yum Soup (look out for the recipe later this week)
  • Tuesday: Baked cod with a potato and celeriac rosti on swede and carot mash – using up the veg left from the soup
  • Wednesday: Gnocci with puttanesca sauce (both from Morrisons) and parmesan shavings. Although not a classical ‘diet dish’ it’s fine as long as you watch the portions.
  • Thursday: Salmon Steak with stirfried savoy cabbage (mounds of it) and leeks.
  • Friday: Treat night – Turkey breast fajhitas (Just an old el paso kit and I limited myself to 2, with loads of peppers and onions.)

I’ll admit, I didn’t really want to diet, but after a couple of days of trying to be good but with mountains of food around the house post-christmas, I was still grazing. My solution to that is to keep a food diary and so instead of returning to Weight Watchers, I decided to give My Fitness Pal (on my iPhone) a go. Lots of you have recommended it and I actually had downloaded it a while back on my phone but not had the motivation to really use it. It’s free which was perfect as my bone of contention with WW was that I really didn’t want to pay for something I knew how to do, I just needed to do it. That said, if you’ve never had to diet before and need pointers on where to start, WW can’t be faulted and I’d definitely recommend it.

So far, so good. Ive used the app most days. It lets you list all you’ve eaten, tells you how much you should eat to lose the weight you want and adds in health information too, like if you’re going too far and underweight. Nearly all foods are there with the calories and if you do any exercise you record that too and get to eat more. Bonus! There’s also a little progress graph and you can diet with friends. By the way, if you want to look me up it’s RebeccaFF 🙂

I’d love to hear how you have all been getting on this week. Have you been dieting or focusing on exercise, or have you tried My Fitness Pal? What is your secret to diet success?

Of course I’ve also been upping my game when it comes to exercise but I’ll save that for next week 🙂


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24 thoughts on “The Weigh In

  1. Hey Rebecca, well done on your first week! I was just talking about this with a colleague – she has the MyFitnessPal app and I am doing good old WW. Like you I resented paying a tenner a month for it but as I have an android phone, and they don’t do an offical app for it anyway, I’ve downloaded the Ultimate Weightwatcher app for £2.49 so I can now follow propoints without a monthly fee – just a tip for anyone who feels the same!

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to your exercise post. I am not a lover of the gym but have found spinning classes really good recently – I need someone to shout at me to keep me going! x

  2. Woo, 2lbs off, well done you!! Totally loving the inspiring feeling-good-about-ourselves chat that’s been happening on the blog this last week, so much so, that I’m off to my first Slimming World class tonight with a friend from work. Wish me luck!

    Like you, I’m a total grazer and I I reckon I probably need to lose at least a stone and a half and my problem in the past has been that I simply lack willpower. At 5’3″ every pound shows, so I’m hoping that the threat of weekly weigh-ins and support at work will help me get the weight off. I have tried WW in the past and it did work, but I couldn’t be bothered to weigh things and just ended up guessing and inevitably eating more.

    Looking forward to the tom yum recipe soon! xx

  3. I’ve been using a similar app, called “Lose It,” and I like it a lot! Whether it’s totally accurate or not, it helps keep me more accountable for the foods I eat because I record every bite. I haven’t had the guts to weigh myself since the holiday yet, but I’m hoping for good news like you!

  4. Well done Rebecca! I’m using lose it too and have lost 2lbs as well this week! So pleased!! I also did a body pump class – has anyone else done this ?- its a killer!!

    I was going to go back to Slimming world (Rach – the fear of the weigh in definitely works and the plan is v easy to follow!) but thought i would give the app a go first!

    Rachie xo

  5. Well done to all of you who lost this week!

    When I was 23 I lost a quarter of my body weight through WW. I seriously can’t recommend it enough, it’s the only sensible eating plan i’ve ever come across – that doesn’t deny you but makes you realise that saturated fats are dangerous and hidden in laods of places. It also trains you on regular eating, and good habits – regular breakfast for example.

    My beef is the same as Rebecca’s – I know the points system inside out and can calculate the points value of something in my head – I just need to do it – so I’m not going to pay for it!

    I put on a stone after I got ill last summer. It was a combination of my liver going “wtf just HAPPENED” and me not being able to move much for weeks. It made me unbelievably depressed. And then I felt pathetic for feeling depressed because it wasn’t like I had an actual disease. Half of it is off, and I’m tackling the other half and as much more as I can manage. I have some great milestones – 30 in March, then a “skinny wedding” in June (bride looks like a coathanger and all her friends are sodding French, so no room for excess chub!)

    From someone who has shifted over 4 stone in weight (- and gained and lost that last stone like a yo yo) – the rules are easy, and they’re the ones that sensible people already know:

    – you need to exercise. Eating healthy alone won’t do it.
    – you need a milestone.
    – you need to plan for danger points. Don’t keep chocolate and biscuits in the cupboards if you’re a snacker or a secret eater (I ‘fess up, i’m a secret binger). Keep healthy snacks at work and in your bag.
    – if you mess up, and you will, don’t beat yourself up about it. One bad day does not a lardo make. Shake it off and get back on it tomorrow.
    – you need to regain perspective. You won’t alter your body shape. But you WILL fit back into your skinny jeans and you WILL jump around like a loon and you WILL deserve it.

        • Oooohhh Anna! Aren’t you a gold member? I went from 16 stone to 8.10lbs with Weight Watchers, exam stress (from 9 downwards) and good old fashioned exercise. Now I’m a gold member I don’t have to pay for joining or classes, providing I stay less than three llbs less than my goal weight which was 10st exactly. If you lost so much weight you should be entitled to free membership for life…and a keyring.

          • Hey Rebecca!

            I was a WW gold member too (sob sob) but you have to be within 5lbs of your goal weight to go for free again. As I’m 5lb above even that> 5lbs, it’s a no-no.


          • Rebecca, I never made it to goal weight – I was 5lbs above my target weight and happy with how I looked so I stopped losing. So no lifelong membership for me! But you lost nearly half your weight! Envy!

  6. I don’t have a fancy phone so can’t get any of these apps but i’m exactly the same. Used Scottish slimmers and lost a couple of stone. some of it’s crept back on and I grudge paying to go bak when I know all the principles and have all the books.
    Me and my friend keep talking about doing a weekly weigh-in on the Wii with my husband doing a stern face if we put on pounds. We feel like we both need the fear of public weighing to make us stick to it!

  7. Well done Rebecca and thank you so much for the encouragement!

    I too have been thinking about loosing weight recently (about a stone that has crept on out of nowhere!). So I purchased an exercise bike about 2 weeks ago and have been doing 1/2 hour on it every other night (more if I’m feeling energetic). So far I feel great and have lost a few pounds.

    As of this week, I have ditched all takeaways which has been hard especially when driving past McD’s in the morning! Have also given up my daily Latte which is trying at times but so far so good!

    Some tips! -Drink lots of water, especially before meals as if fills you up.
    Fill up on fruit and vegetables (aim for half of your plate vegetables). Chew every mouthful properly. Sit at a table to eat (i.e. not watching TV etc). Soups are brilliant because they are filling and healthy (this one by gordon ramsey is brilliant and only has one ingredient really! , eat with a brown roll or wholemeal pitta bread.

    Good Luck all!


  8. I thought I’d stay true to my habit of unexpectedly commenting on the posts of a more traditionally feminine nature, and throw my experience into the mix!
    I recently lost 2.5 stone and for the past 5 or 6 months I’ve been ‘maintaining.’
    I did it through the South Beach Diet..designed by a US cardiologist for his cardiology patients, it’s built around the GI index. The first 2 weeks were tough and are low carb, and then you start re-introducing certain carbs. I think the majority of diets work, but the most important factor is commitment. I was absolutely committed to losing weight, and I got the results I wanted. Since losing the weight I’ve been much, much happier. I have more confidence, my wardrobe has been totally renewed as almost everything swamped me after losing weight. Like a lot of people, I imagine, my weight was put on very gradually over a period of years, so the fact is that it’s not going to get piled back on just from a few days of not watching what I eat. As it happens, as a result of the diet I have now changed my eating habits and integrated them into my daily routine permanently, so it’s now easy to maintain my weight without having to feel like I’m going without.
    Good luck to everyone working to lose weight- it’s worth it! Or should that be ‘you’re worth it’?!

  9. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the post, I missed last week’s so had a quick look back. I’m feeling exactly the same, I hate it when I can’t fit into my clothes it’s so depressing, I was relieved not to go out over NYE and have to find something to wear….!! I’m a curvy girl with the odd lump here and there and most of the time I’m fairly happy with the way I am as I wear clothes that suit me and have realised that I’ll never be a size 10/12 as I love my cheese, pasta, voddie & dc way too much to give them up but I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been and it’s AWFUL!! After having my baby in June, I actually lost nearly all of the 2 stone I put on (I made sure I didn’t eat for two!!) and was only 3 lbs above my pre pregnancy weight so was pretty happy with myself…..however being at home and going out for lots of lunches and cake with my ante-natal friends the weight has gradually crept up and this time there is no baby to blame!! So thanks for the app info, I have already downloaded it and hopefully it will help me watch what I’m putting in my mouth….I very much like to snack especially when I’m bored or in the house now with the baby, when I was at work the day was more structured and I didn’t snack as much as I do now!! So it’s time to make a change, put baby in the buggy and get power walking!! A friend of mine has also just got engaged and she wants to lose weight for the big day so I’m going to suggest going to a class together to try and motivate each other!

    Anna K – thanks for the inspirational comment, you are always full of good advice 🙂

    Good luck everyone xx

  10. Ive just started my diet this week and I am using a similar app called mynetdiary which sounds exactly the same as the my fitness pal. I have also done WW many moons ago and lost 2 stone with that and 2 years ago I did SW which I lost 1 1/2 but it has been slowly creeping back on. So I thought I would try the app as I need to lose weight for a wedding we are going to in 5 weeks in Tobago as I have dress to fit into which is rather snug! Good luck I think it’s the support like this that keeps everyone motivated

  11. I started a diet too, if you can call it a diet, I prefer to call it a lifestyle change which it will be if I get past the 30 day threshold and it then becomes a habit.
    I am by no means overweight, I just need to lose a stone and I will be more than happy again.
    I quit smoking last Summer and since then I have replaced my cravings with ridiculous amounts of chocolate. I am talking at least two large slabs of Galaxy every night. I then went to Sorrento and gorged on desserts after every meal plus lots of Italian ice cream everyday and came home being 10 stone.
    I have decided to make a lifestyle change, cutting out shitty sugars. Shitty sugars would be chocolate, biscuits, puddings, cake and wine. Good sugars being fruit.
    I was 9st 12lbs last week, today I am now 9st 7lbs. Yeah how quick did that happen?
    My lifestyle change also includes more exercise. This is to replace my smoking which then became chocolate crutch for every time I felt sad, angry or peed off. On Saturday afternoon I did a 5k run so everything seems to be going in the right direction.

  12. I’m with you on the just a bit too heavy feeling, and had downloaded the app yesterday. I’m hoping it will draw attention how much I am actually eating (I’m worried it may be more than I think).

    I am also really making an effort to get to the gym (well I pay so really should use it!). Boringly I think eat less, move more is really the solution, as boring as that may be.

  13. Well done Rebecca! I always think the first few days are by far the hardest but once you start to see results it gives you the motivation to carry on. I’m also using my fitness pal i think it’s great but i do get a little too into it – logging absolutely everything i do! I am toying with the idea of doing the Dukan diet but i only want to lose 5lbs so i’m thinking a general cut-down on carbs and alcohol and an increase in exercise will do it.

  14. Fabulous result! Another one on the diet wagon – I’d lost 2 stone on Weight Loss Resources about two years ago but slowly, over the past year it’s been creeping back up and I’ve not felt good in my own clothes!

    So I’ve jumped back on the wagon and lost 6lbs my first week! Never had a result quite that good my first week but certainly gave me motivation to continue. Been doing Zumba at home as well so jumping around like a complete nonce in my bedroom which suits me fine (no one should ever see me do that in public. ‘Nuff said.)…

    Look forward to seeing what your exercise routine looks like! 🙂 xxx

  15. (I’m having a bit of a sneaky blog catch up today) Since last December I have lost 1 stone… which when you write it down seems pretty good! Last January I was at the heaviest I had been in a while and with a new ring on my left hand, the impetus to do something about it kicked in. I am now on the last stretch and the final 9 pounds are proving a bit more problematic to shift…. but I am exercising more (read I am now exercising) and generally watching portion sizes… I generally flit between 11stone and 10 and half and I am now 10stone 2 so I should be chuffed that I have got that far down… but oh to get to 9 and a half would be great! I’ll keep you up to date 🙂 Oh and I am definately getting that Ultimate Weight Watcher app! oh and DONE

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