The Spring Series: Create the Perfect Sanctuary

After having so much fun with January Joy it feels like another series is in order, this time for Spring. Right now I’m at that in-between phase when spring is most definitely in the air and I’m looking forward to spring fashions, beauty, trends and that positive feeling that lighter nights bring. However, while sub-zero temperatures persist and it’s that little bit too early to opt for shorts or sandals, I’m working on that spring feeling from the comfort of inside my own home.

I always long for a brighter colour palette inside during the spring and summer months and with a neutral interior it’s easy to pick and change the accessories for an instant update. Here are some of my favourite picks to brighten up your home for spring along with my top tips for creating the perfect sanctuary at home.

1. While there’s still a chill in the air, exchange your winter throws for a brightly coloured lighter layer to cosy up in.

2. Chose a couple of bright accessories for a pop of colour to mix in amongst your usual accent pieces. (Yellow elephant cushion, Mint green pendant, Pink plant pots)

3. Nothing says spring like fresh bed linen. Go for an on-trend geometric in a zingy spring shade for an instant mood lift.

4. Pick out new plates to brighten up your every day table.

5. It’s not quite time to abandon flickering candle light, but choose a fresh spring scent in a jar you can reuse for it’s colour and pattern later.

Do you make any changes in your home for spring each year, or are you planning any this year?


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9 thoughts on “The Spring Series: Create the Perfect Sanctuary

  1. Ahhh, this has inspired me to put of Spring in the house or at least into my bedroom as I’m planning a mini make over there soon! Loving all these colours! X

  2. So far we’ve managed a vase of daffodils, but they do look really lovely, so this is definitely good inspiration to take it further. Loving those pink plant pots in particular 🙂

  3. These are all lovely 🙂 took the easy (and cheap!) route to spring and grabbed a bunch of daffs on the way home from work. Already looking a bit more like spring! x

  4. I’m a sucker for traditions and this time of the year is ripe with them. Part of it has to do with my personality. I’m a habit person, a rut person if you will. I’m so scatterbrained and chaotic that if I don’t stick to habits or routines my world would crash in around me. But there’s also the part of being part of something larger than myself. I like the inclusionary aspect of being part of something with many other people, and I also like the exclusionary aspect of being part of something that other people aren’t part of.

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