The Nursery: Bright and Bold

With my third trimester well underway, planning for the baby has started to creep to the forefront of my mind. With a lot of the house still in need of renovation, we’re lucky enough that the nursery is a true blank canvas and I’m also thanking my lucky stars that it’s in relatively good nick – it seems to have been skimmed recently, has new engineered oak flooring and as it’s at the back of the house, has a double glazed window already in situ. That means it’s largely a cosmetic job, which goes someway towards explaining my relaxed attitude to getting it done!

The truth of it however is that I’m not completely decided on the style I’m going for and it may well end up being a combination of the moodboards I’m going to share here in the coming weeks. All of them are unisex or ‘gender neutral’ and I have always planned a brightly coloured space so not knowing the sex of our baby hasn’t restricted me in any way.

Back when my old house was featured in Good Homes magazine I spotted the Sian Elin wallpaper that underpins this scheme in the same issue, and regardless of whether we go ahead and use it, the multicoloured bright sherbert shades have provided a palette for me to work with against a largely neutral backdrop.

This scheme relies on the statement wallpaper and white furniture for contrast with more muted accessories so as not to compete with the bold design, but I would only use it as a feature wall, perhaps along our chimney breast.

The room has enough space for a chair for feeding in and footstool, and I’m looking for a large rug to soften the floor space. The only down side to high ceilings and large windows is that ready made curtains are never long enough, so I’m on the look out for a neutral material to get full length curtains made in either a plain fabric or much smaller neutral print.

The Cot was a fab find from John Lewis as I was previously coveting the Ouef Sparrow cot, seen often in blogland and this is a good similar style at a much better price.

So what do you think readers? Watch this space for a more subtle neutral nursery design coming in the next week or two…



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11 thoughts on “The Nursery: Bright and Bold

  1. This sounds lovely. We went for a similar sort of approach in our nursery, bright colours and white furniture. Not far off two years later it still looks fresh and I think is a scheme that can easily be adapted as the baby becomes a more grown up little person.

    We went for white walls with a one bright one, we used Dulux Proud Peacock which is a turquoise/jade green colour which I adore. We also have very high ceilings so fall to ceiling curtains are few and expensive. So the nursery is the one room where I decided to have curtains just a bit longer than the windows rather than to the floor, this gave more options and I found some gorgeous multi-colour striped ones in John Lewis. The range of colours in them means that they will work if we decide to change the colour scheme around a bit.
    I also found a rug in John Lewis, a really bright rag rug which ties things together again.
    My final great find was using sheets of wrapping paper as art work. We have an independent children’s clothes/gift/toy shop where we live which sells sheets of gorgeous gift paper in also sorts of designs, at £2.50 a sheet its more than I would spend on wrapping paper but is perfect for popping in a frame and brightening white walls up!

  2. Love that wallpaper – we also went for something for bright with white furniture for Annie’s room and I still love it.

    I would say definitely try and get a comfy chair in there as you spend a lot of time on it breastfeeding/feeding in the middle of the night. We also have a daybed (the ikea one) which proved hugely useful when I left John in the middle of the night when the numerous wake ups got a bit too much (as he had work in the morning.

    It will be gorgeous whatever you choose!

    Rachie xo

  3. Oh I absolutely love the felt-ball mobile, and the wallpaper is very pretty. We painted the walls a light yellow ever since forever and we added different colored furniture (a red Hemnes dresser from Ikea, a light aqua blue crib) and it’s all tied around by the curtains we chose which are squares of many different colors over a beige background. We’ve added flamingo’s here and there. We have a baby girl, but we hope in the future it might work for a boy too (if we have one).

    The toys by Lamaze are perfect for kids and they add pops of colour, we received a few as presents and we keep them in rotation.

    The storage baskets look very cute too, I am curious how your nursery will turn out!

  4. Have actually replied twice to this but keep forgetting to do the maths in all the nursery chat excitement. We don’t have a nursery per se but, like most Londoners, we have a nursery corner!

    We’re starting with my cousin’s crib so we don’t need a cot for a while longer. When we do my criteria was that it had underbed storage options and was ‘open’ rather than solid wood at the ends. We’re going to be using a corner with one long and one short side against the wall and I didn’t want baby to feel like he or she only had one view. I’ve done some sampling (read shaking) in John Lewis, Kiddicare and Mothercare and JL definitely came out on top for sturdiness (although I did find the solid wood end ones are sturdier generally). This one came recommended so I think we’ll probably go with it: For the record, Mamas and Papas do not like it if you shake their furniture.

    Theme wise, we’re going for a muted (no surprises there) colour scheme but I’ve fallen in love with the White Company starry safari print too. And we have a giraffe family from Namibia we’re going to use for decor (totally bought with the nursery in mind when we were on honeymoon). I did think about a dark wood cot (which Boori do) but I think teeth and scratch marks show up more on a non white cot.

    Can’t wait to see it finished!

  5. Wonderful design & I love every element of it, especially the wallpaper.
    If we ever chose to have a little one, this would be my kinda style.

    Can’t wait to see the final room!

  6. This looks beautiful! We’ve just spent half term turning what was our tiny spare room into what is now a tiny nursery. We’ve gone for white walls to keep it light and bright with grass green and grey accessories. Like you, we wanted something fresh, modern and not too gender specific. I’ve also spent some time making accessories rather than buying them and that’s saved us a lot of money. Our odd sized windows are now adorned with made to measure curtains I made myself from some perfect fabric I found online and I’ve made matching cushions to go with them. I’ve never made anything bigger than a cushion before but I recommend it!

  7. Absolutely love all your ideas especially the wall paper. We went with F&M day room yellow, cornforth white (which is really pale grey) with touches of brighter colours. I expect this website it already on your radar but I thought it would be right up your street! x

  8. Am going to be really boring and champion good old storage solutions! We have a white slim ikea wardrobe with lots of storage boxes in so you can just fling sheets, sleep suits etc into the relevant box and close the door on the mess.

    We also quickly got rid of the changing table as they start to wiggle and roll fairly soon so we now have a changing mat on the floor, that way you can leave them if they fall asleep when they’re little as well.

    And a comfy chair is a must, I love my rocking chair when I’m comforting my son for the 20th time in the middle of the night!

  9. Oh, I love that wallpaper! It would be gorgeous in a nursery. I’m pretty obsessed with the colour coral at the moment – I want it on everything!

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