The Master Bedroom : Version 1.0

I’ve realised that I’m very good at telling you all what I’m planning in the house but actually showing the finished article is happening a lot less. That is partly because nothing is yet ‘finished’ – or what I would call finished anyway, as I don’t feel done with a room (actually, am I ever done with a room?) until all the finishing touches are complete too. In the case of our grey bedroom, in some ways it is finished – the decorating is done, we’re back in there and it’s functioning, but in others it is very unfinished. We don’t have a door handle for example (just a small matter,) the walls are pretty bare, the bedding is less than perfect and the walk in wardrobe is still something of a dumping ground with a solitary rail, Billy book case and shoes all over the floor.

However, it’s going to be a bit of a wait before we get it exactly the way I want it and I’ve been asked before how I approach decorating a room so I hope this will give you some insight into my thought processes. Here’s the finished bedroom Version 1.0 🙂

As you can see, we’re sticking with the white bedding, a perennial favourite of mine, but I’m still struggling with the perfect combination of cushions. I’m totally torn between the modern geometric look and the more subdued pink and grey. The problem is that the coral and mint tones in the geometric pattern are just not sitting quite right to my eye with the lilac and slate in the curtains or the perfect pale pink I found at H&M.

There’s also the matter of getting the right size/shape combination going. I can see there might be some re-hashing of the covers I have bought, particularly the cheapo H&M ones. At less than £10 each, I don’t mind taking some scissors to them. They are also on our old bed which we plan to replace, (this one will go in another bedroom elsewhere,) but again are just waiting for the cash to materialise!

This lamp is totally wrong… the base I could live with, but it’s one of a pair so they will probably be utilised elsewhere together. It’s the yellow shade that is throwing a lot of the room off I think, but I haven’t seen a suitable base or shade to replace this one. The plan for bedside lamps is to have wall lamps above the headboard and I’ve seen the ones I want, they’re just not in the budget right now. While we are on lighting, the capiz shade was an old bargain in BHS lighting dept from our old bedroom, but we have plans to replace this with something a bit more ‘design-y’, if that’s even a word.

One thing I am really pleased about is the art in here. I bought Pete the surfers print a couple of years back and went back for the print of Rincon Island off the coast of California just recently as the peachy pink tones were the kinds of accents I wanted to bring into the room. They both remind me of our travels on the West coast and a lovely afternoon we spent in Miami watching surfers on South Beach and I’m really happy with everything about them apart from the fact they are crooked after being put up approximately 2 minutes before I took this photo, by Pete mid-argument, as we were late leaving for something! 😉

I had also been lusting after a Lulie Wallace print but she only releases prints (instead of original artworks) a few times a year and none had come up int he right colour combinations until this spring when this grey pink and peach tones print called ‘Flowers for Hope’ popped up and I snapped it up.

The doors to the walk in wardrobe are bifold and so slide right back allowing plenty of space and I’m really happy we chose them. What’s behind them is not so pretty and whilst I could have tidied it to make it look presentable, I really didn’t have the time or energy so this is as much as you’re seeing!

The curtains were bought before we even moved out of the room. Because of the height of the ceilings and windows, we have to have custom curtains made, but thank goodness, I have been using a place in Southport for curtains for years. If you happen tot be local or around the area, it’s well worth a trip – the fabric is ridiculously cheap (and often John Lewis, Prestige or Sanderson,) and the making up is also cheap. To give you an idea, these were £300 for a 3m wide bay with over a 2m drop. The equivalent in JL, for something in their own range, mid price point fabric, would have cost at least double. They are black out lined which is essential and has been amazing as it’s an East facing room and very sunny in the mornings.

As you can see, we also have the stained glass back in now which was taken away when we replaced the windows and encapsulated or sandwiched into a triple glazed panel. Unfortunately the glazier who did the work was taken ill, hence the 6 month delay but they were worth waiting for.

The carpet is the same one we had in the lounge in the last house. We searched high and low for the right pale grey that didn’t look ‘silver’ and it wore really well in the last house too so we just ordered the same again. It also has a subtle fleck of naturals in it which hides a multitude of sins (mainly cat hair,) that a monotone carpet wouldn’t.

So, I think that’s it for now. I hope you like it or if not, at least found the process and sources useful – I have put a comprehensive list at the end of the post for you. I might do another one soon with some finishing ideas that we’re yet to purchase.

Happy Monday readers,


Where did you get that?
Walls: Cornforth White, Farrow & Ball
Woodwork: Brilliant white (eggshell)
Glass Wardrobe door handles: John Lewis
Curtains: The Fabric Shop, Southport (open at weekends but the warehouse is only open Mon-Fri)
Reproduction Eames RAR rocking chair, Redbrick Mill
Geometric Cushions: Conran at M&S
Pink and Grey cushions: H&M Home
Velvet cushion: The White Company (old)
Bedding: Linea at HoF
Mirror: Next
Photographic prints: Ian Baguskas, at 20 x 200
Flower art: Lulie Wallace
Frames: Ikea Ribba (with custom mounts from a local art shop for £5.)

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26 thoughts on “The Master Bedroom : Version 1.0

  1. What a lovely calming, peaceful bedroom! I love the high ceilings and picture rails, the room has a really classic yet modern feel – a beautiful place to wake up I’d imagine!

  2. Those beach prints are so peaceful, in fact the whole room has a lovely peaceful feel to it. Can’t wait to see all the little finishing touches when it’s all done (although, like you say, nothing in a home is ever really “all done”…)

  3. Beautiful, calm room Rebecca. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get your carpet from please? We too are looking for a grey that isn’t too silver, or too flat! Thanks so much xx

  4. Looks lovely!! And I love the flower print!
    Curtains wise, does the Fabric Shop also measure up and hang them? or did you do that yourself? We are trying to get some for the nursery at the mo xx

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Redbrick looks fantastic – did you go there? I have never heard of it before but looks worth a visit…


    • Hi Lou,
      Yes, we go quite a lot – since Heals shut in Manchester (WHY?!) we go there to check out their stock in person. They also now have a showroom which is great as I don’t like buying large pieces of furniture online without checking them out for feel and sturdiness in person. I’d definitely recommend a visit!

  6. You have a really lovely room here! The only thing I’d say is that, once baby comes, you won’t give a rat’s @rse about the type/style/placement of throw cushions so I’d cut your losses and use them on a couch somewhere – they’ll be much more useful for propping yourself up to watch “Homes under the Hammer” whilst you nurse or let said baby snooze on you! 🙂

  7. I love it all. It looks so comfy and calming.

    I can’t believe the price of the curtains, we have just been quoted for ours…more than my wedding dress! I think we may come from Leeds for a visit to that shop, it will be worth it!!!

    P x

  8. Your attention to detail is astounding! Our house has just gone on the market & you’ve inspired me to think more carefully about the bits & pieces I bring into a room and stop buying things on a whim! Thank you x

  9. Love the curtains. It is difficult to find ready made curtains suitable for bay windows, what did you do about the curtain pole? We have one that you have to bend and then screw into place, I’ve sort of gone off it as it looks a bit cheap but there is no chance of my husband wanting to go through that pain again! I really need some new curtains, the light coming through at the moment is absoloutely painful and contributing to regular 5am wakeups from the baby.

    • We have the kind of rail you have described – it’s actually the one left behind from the previous owners that we took down to decorate and then replaced after a clean up. It’s not pretty but my friend had a pole and special rings that were supposed to slide around the corners and never did, which put me off and I know given the age of the house if we tried to hang a new rail or track the walls would likely crumble, so we opted for the path of least resistance! It’s on the white frames though so doesn’t stand out too much.

  10. Lovely room Rebecca! I’m really hooked on the colour that you’ve got on the walls. On my wall chart for F&B Cornforth white looks a little lighter than it does in the pictures. Any thoughts? I think Purbeck Stone might be a little closer to the shade shown in the pictures. I’m now inspired to re-decorate this week during some time off work! Hurray for housey stuff!

    • Hi Hilary, We have Purbeck Stone in the dining room and it’s much darker (relatively) and murkier. Cornforth is a very cool grey, and clean in tone.

      One thing I would say is that all F&B colours must be tested on the walls in situ in the room you want them in. They have such subtle tones in them that different lights and aspects really change them. I’ve also noticed (when talking to a friend today that the swatches they put not he website are not very true to colour, whereas the rooms photographs are. I’d say Cornforth is pretty true to the pictures I took and this image on their site:
      Similarly our kitchen units are painted in Dove Tale which look brown not he swatch and is actually much greyer like the door painted in it, in the room picture accompanying the swatch. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks Rebecca! I’m going off the swatch card I have. I’m going to go and get some testers tomorrow for them both (and probably many others knowing me!) and will see what’s best for the room. Will let you know how things go! Hilary x

  11. Such a beautiful space, it feels so calming! I desperately want to finish our bedroom but it always seems to be the last thing on my to do list.

  12. This room is gorgeous. I’ve been hunting for the perfect grey carpet and this could be it! Do you know the brand/colour or type? I know this is probably a really annoying question, as if you haven’t got enough to do with a toddler and a house to decorate! I really enjoy your blog. Thanks x

  13. please tell me what carpet colour this is , I’m struggling to find a carpet to match my cornforth white walls.. (the above message is a mistake!) x fran

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