The iPhone 4S review (for girls)

One of the best things about having my very own blog is asking other bloggers to contribute with their take on certain subjects. By inviting guest bloggers I hope to bring you guys the absolute best content you can find anywhere on the web (yes, I am a little bit ambitious!) and make Florence Finds your first and last stop on the web, every day.

Today is no exception. When I was looking for someone to review the iPhone 4S (because, boo hoo, it’s not my turn for an upgrade yet!) I had no idea that Vicky was going to write such a witty, informative and down right female take on the new iPhone 4S. And because we love funny women here, I think you’re going to love it, Apple fan or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

So without further ado, let me hand you over to Vicky, a fellow blogger over at Bride and Chic (go check it out!) for her review of the iPhone 4S, (for girls) ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I’ve just upgraded to the new eagerly anticipated iPhone 4S (actually thatโ€™s a fib, we were all of course expecting the 5, but hey, letโ€™s not let the facts get in the way of a good review,) and Rebecca has asked if I wouldnโ€™t mind saying a few words about Apple’s newest offering…

Why of course. I have after all been boring anyone within earshot about it anyway.

Firstly I have to add that I am upgrading from 3 to 4s and so many of the features I will witter on about you iPhone 4-ers out there will probably be thinking ‘welcome to 18 months ago love’! But I have it on good advice that there are a few little upgrades on the 4s that are different to 4 and not available on the iOS5 upgrade.

Your Personal PA
The most talked about one of these is of course Siri, the new addition to iPhone 4S which differentiates it from its predecessors. Siri is basically a guy (kind of) who answers any of your questions (sort of) and wants pretty much to be your PA (ish). I was looking forward to getting to know this Siri character and did what any intelligent, university educated, mature woman would do and asked Siri….

and naturally asked… Will you marry me?

He’s a little dull isn’t he? Not sure we’ll get on… ๐Ÿ™‚

Joking aside, I did have a play around with Siri a little and there are some really cool things it can do.

For instance you can simply say “wake me up in one hour” and it will do just that by setting your alarm. Or you could in the middle of the night get some inspiration for a new blog post and pick up your phone and say “Note, DIY Christmas decorations” and it will put the idea in to your notes directly. You can also ask it to call, face time or text any of your contacts, ask it if you will need an umbrella that day (it uses your local weather forecast to gauge the response) or even ask where the nearest petrol station is (although there are a few teething problems with it, in that at the minute it is only able to recognise U.S businesses until 2012. Very handy if you are in Manchester!)

Overall, Iโ€™m not yet convinced that people like speaking to their phones when itโ€™s just as easy to use the touchscreen but I’m sure there’ll be upgrades which will improve the service.

Internal Hardware
The next major difference between 4 and 4s is the internal hardware, {I know what you’re thinking, yada yada, boring, whatevsโ€ฆyawn}
It’s true, one of the biggest disappointments for a lot of iFans was that the 4s basically looks the same as the 4, no new design changes at all (although it is actually 3g lighter and there are two vertical lines on the side of the 4S…Great! This seemingly insignificant difference however solves the iphone 4 signal issue as you can now hold iPhone 4S in any way as the antenna flips to the other side to which you are holding it. Or something like that.)

The Camera
Ok, so on the inside there are some significant changes including an 8MP camera with touch screen zoom and a 1080p HD ready video camera, both of which are A.maze.

I mean honestly, unless you are a photography geek and want the latest DSLR then I can’t see why you would need a separate camera. It is seriously good and now you can use the volume up button to take pics instead of trying the use the touch screen… a simple addition but really useful. It also has 60% more pixels than iPhone4 and this can be seen in the images which are sharper, clearer, brighter and with new edit features (red eye removal, cropping etc). Here is a picture I took on the 3 next to the same item on the 4s…

And of course we also have the Instagram app which makes any picture look great…{Instagram = best app. Fact}. The new updated Instagram has some edit features alongside some new filters and one addition being the ability to do that blurry background thing that photographers doโ€ฆas a blogger myself, I heart this. Here are a couple I did on iPhone 4S..

It also now has the highest resolution phone screen ever which is literally clear to see, especially when you are scouring the web for moodboard inspiration on the Pinterest app…

…or reading the latest issue of your favourite magazine. Which leads me neatly on to one of my favourite new apps ‘Newsstand’ ..

Basically it is a virtual newsstand for any magazine or newspaper subscriptions you may have and once you have downloaded your latest copy it is there on the newsstand waiting for you to read whilst sat on a train, at the bus stop or even on a plane. Here are a few screen shots from an issue of Mollie Makes magazine {little tip, to celebrate the launch of newsstand many magazines have given away free downloads of their sept/ oct issues, worth checking!}

Finally, it is undoubtedly faster and more powerful as it has a dual core A5 chip which has really made a difference, downloading apps is much quicker, web browsing faster and I’m told this will improve gaming too…for all you.. erm…gamers..

So, how to sum up the new iPhone 4S? Apple’s tag line for the iPhone 4S is “Picking up where amazing left off” and do you know what, I think they may be right. I’ve only touched on the new features and not even gone in to any detail on iCloud (the virtual cloud that holds all your phone’s info so you can never lose your contacts, photos,emails even if you lose your phone as it’s all backed up to iCloud…madness!), airplay, airprint, twitter integration, iMessage instant messaging…

If you are due for an upgrade from an iPhone 3 or indeed any smart phone I would absolutely say get the iPhone 4S. It’s user friendly, stylish, intelligent and sleek. However, if you have another 6-18 months left on a contract then you might want to wait for the infamous, mythical iPhone 5 as it will Iโ€™m sure have some new design features. Iโ€™ve no idea how it could be more amazing though.

– Thanks so much Vicky!

So, did you like Vicky’s ‘review for girls’? Have you got an iPhone 4S or do you think your android is just as good?

Let’s hear your opinions! ๐Ÿ™‚


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20 thoughts on “The iPhone 4S review (for girls)

  1. Before the iphone 4 came out, I decided I was more a blackberry kind of person and with an upgrade looming, decided on the newly released Blackberry bold. Almost 6 months ago I was given a work phone. The new iphone 4. Oh My Goodness I LOVE it! It’s amazing what this pretty little piece of kit can do! I now only use my personal phone (the blackberry) for texting and calling. I use the iphone for absolutely everything else! My Husband has the 4S and it’s fab too – not much different, just a more sportier version.

    I would not be buying any other phone again. Ever!!

    Fab review Vicky!


  2. I love this – Siri sounds so funny!

    Also, how much am I loving the picture of the sexy new white iPhone with Florence Finds on it??! Totally matches the sleek-chic white decor around here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks so much Vicky!


  3. Fantastic review. I’m still on the iphone 3 and am due an upgrade so was going to get the new one soon (when i got round to it) but reading this has moved that job right to the top of my priorities list.

    Thanks Vicky & Florence – the image has also solved the colour choice dilema xx

  4. Ah, what a great review. I upgraded (from an iPhone 3GS) to the 4S as well and I’m over the moon with my phone – I wouldn’t be without it!

    If you love Instagram, check out the 8mm Vintage Camera app! It’s awesome.


  5. Oooh this is perfectly timed!! I am on the 3GS at the moment but due upgrade in a few weeks and will definitely be getting the 4S, can’t wait. Looks great!

  6. I cannot tell you how happy I am that for once the new iPhone comes out when I (and not everyone else around me) am due for an upgrade, thankyouverymuch! Love the review. It’s exactly all that a girl needs to know. As long as opening blogs and browsing is faster, I can take stunning pictures without carrying my other camera with me everywhere, and I don’t have to squeeze my eyes to decipher what is on screen (yes, I’m also still using iPhone 3GS), then I’m a happy bunny. Siri? Well, I think I won’t say no to an occasional PA ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PS: looooove your new blog! One more addiction to add to the collection…

  7. Have you seen the snapseed app? It’s got some very cool filters like instagram and also doesn’t turn your photo into a square picture which started to drive me a bit mad after a while. It has a good feature which blurs out the bits that you don’t want to focus on ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hey! Thanks for the kind comments ladies, it was a little more daunting taking myself out if my wedding blogging box so yeay! for the nice words ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, white was the only colour for me, my 3G was White and I suppose its just a little more feminine (and MrC has a black one and we didn’t want any mix ups!).

    Sarah L- I also have the blackberry for work and actually I think for emails it beats iPhone for ease of reading, filing, deleting etc but if you just have personal emails on iPhone then I think it does the job!

    dear Evie and Caroline- definitely checking out these apps you talk of, in fact, I think we should have a big app discussion as I need to know of any that are necessary for your iPhone… and I do believe Rebecca has something up her batwing sleeve on this very soon ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. Blimming loved this post and also loved the pic of the sexy new white phone with Florence finds on it!! I have a black 4 and I love it! I jumped from the 3 to the 4 and there was such a difference in browsing speed and general sleekness.

    It is so handy for blogging and work, as well as just looking up things on the train on my commute and reading my fave blogs ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also use it for list making (I have the aNote app) and remembering things and watching my fave shows (Gossip girl series 5 anyone?)

    Very very excited about the magazine stand app!

    Cant wait to get the new one โ€“ although like Rebecca might have to wait for the 5 now as donโ€™t think my contract is up for renewal for another 6 months.

    Very very excited about the magazine stand too โ€“ there are so many free online magazines that i donโ€™t have the time to read and it would be great to read them on my phone.

    Rachie xo

  10. Oohh yay thanks for this Vicky, I’ve been using the iPhone 3S for the last two years and really need to upgrade, I was waiting for the elusive iPhone 5 before upgrading but seeing as that’s not come out yet, the iPhone 4s it will be….unfortunately O2 just never seem to have any in store at the Traff ๐Ÿ™ I am DYING to get my hands on one and totally getting a white one this time round!

    Rebecca – great blog by the way, have only just managed to start reading it, so slowly working through the posts during feeds and nappies! Will definitely be logging on again.

  11. Totally perfect timing! Thank you for such a fab post + useful comments.

    I just signed for my new shiny white 4s today and oh my, don’t I just love it! {sorry, I had to add the white in the description because I do prefer it so much more than the black!}

    I’ve always had an iPhone; despite living with a man who prefers Blackberry’s… and it really has got so much more amazingness to it. I too asked Mr Siri to marry me and his reply “We hardly know one another!” Loved his honesty and a little reminder how you really should get to know each other first before committing for life ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ciao for now… Newsstand awaits me! Xx

  12. I love this post as I too went from an iPhone 3 to a 4s and can’t believe the difference. I’ll be trying out a couple of the functions you mentioned as I hadn’t discovered them myself yet and the apps mentioned above. It’s sad to say but I couldn’t live without my new 4s and it’s been invaluable these past two weeks starting a new job!

    I’ll be looking out for the mentioned post about apps and more posts like this, it was great. Really loving Florence Finds.


  13. Great post Vicky, lovely to see you contributing here!

    Thanks for including those camera shots side by side. My husband keeps going on about how good the camera is & showing me photos on the web but it’s only when you compare them that you can really see how amazing the quality is!

    I desperately want a white one for my upgrade too…but doesn’t it get a bit grubby? x

  14. Hi Elizabeth!

    Grubby no, well I’ve only had mine two weeks so can’t say long term but my old 3G white one still looks as good as new apart from the odd scratch here and there!

    Also meant to say yesterday, anyone who is ultra impatient but would need to buy out a contract listen up! My sis in law has iPhone4 but six months left on contract so would have to pay ยฃ129 to get the new 4s. However… She can trade in her old iPhone 4 for ยฃ240 through one of these recycle phone website jobbys! Cash back! Anyways… Just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ps I love your fringe Elizabeth ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Have just got my brand new iphone 4S and am very excited. Do you have any recommendations for good covers for the phone? Want to make sure I protect it!

    Loving this blog and the variety of articles. Its fast becoming my ‘go to’ blog
    thanks x

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