The Happy Birthday Hijack…

Well, greetings and salutations readers.  Rebecca isn’t expecting this post, because it’s her birthday I asked her if she thought she could bear to step away from the blog last night and not look til this morning, so that she could have a rest.  I said I’d take care of an article for the morning.  This is it – interrupting the regularly scheduled programming for a very important HAPPY BIRTHDAY announcement.


You see Findettes, as the editor of these multi-coloured pages, not only do I get the benefit of reading about Rebecca’s finds and adventures a wee bit ahead of time, I’m also in a very good position to see just how much of her heart and soul Rebecca pours into this blog.   She turns 30 today, and I know I’m not the only person who takes my metaphorical hat off to her.


I could waffle about how Rebecca is, to me, a kind of Wonder Woman, made all the better because she doesn’t pretend to be perfect or to have all the answers.  I could also tell you how she’s coped magnificently with more than her fair share of heartache and drama over the past few months.  How she deserves to be utterly celebrated today for what she’s achieved and just, well, you know, how she rolls.  But then I thought, there are 3 people who are very important in Rebecca’s life outside of FF who aren’t often involved in this blog.  Who better to wish her a heart-felt Happy Birthday than those who have made her who she is? 

Rebecca's little sister, Francesca

“For my fabulous big sister, – Happy 30th Birthday! You have achieved so much in your 30 years so far, more than some achieve in a life time! Add to those achievements being a strong, ambitious, kind and generous person – I am very proud to be your sister. I’m excited to see what the next thirty years (and thirty after that!) bring! You deserve a wonderful birthday celebration, I hope this is a good start to it! Lots of Love Francesca xx”

Rebecca's Mum

“I have loved Rebecca (as only a Mum does), from the moment she was born and I first saw her tiny face. The day she walked down the aisle and I saw the love in Pete’s eyes, I realised she was not my little girl any more but a strong beautiful woman, ready to move forward into the next phase of her life. I am so very proud of her achievements, how she does it all I don’t know! She is always there to support me through laughter and tears, she is my heartbeat and I wish her all the joy and happiness in the world for her magnificent thirties” 

Rebecca's Husband, Pete

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife! I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things we have planned over the weekend, and can’t wait to give you your present later as think you might like it! 😉
Everyone told me that my 30’s would be more fun than my 20’s. I’ve loved the last decade with you, so roll on the next…
Love you xo” 


So, happy thirtieth Rebecca.  Thank you for being precisely who you are.

Oh, and thanks to your family for replying to my stalkerish emails 😉


Gemma C-S xx

ps. everyone’s teary now, right?


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57 thoughts on “The Happy Birthday Hijack…

  1. Happy birthday Rebecca! Hope you have a great day and a fizz filled weekend celebrating! That was indeed a great post Gemma, being teary whilst trying to apply foundation is not ideal! xx

    • Rebecca’s mum said in her email to me ‘she’ll probably cry’ and I was reading it, mascara everywhere, going ‘she’ll cry?!’

  2. What a lovely post, that has certainly put a spring in my step this morning.

    Many many happy returns Rebecca, I hope you have a fabulous day with you family xxxxx

    P.S 30 is not that bad ; – ) xx

  3. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthday’s Rebecca.

    Such a lovely idea Gemma, and officially Rebecca, you shouldn’t be working at all today so reading only please ; )

    Lots of love xxxx

  4. Happy happy birthday Rebecca!! hope you have the most fantastic day and a wonderful weekend celebrating. You rock! xx

  5. Oh wow.

    Morning everybody!

    Ahem, well that did indeed make me teary, thank you Gemma. Thanks to your hijack I spent the evening getting my nails birthday ready and attempting an ombré cake. Perfect for my last evening as a 29 year old.

    I’m not working today *Yay!* so I’m going to meet Mum for lunch and a bit of shopping before dinner with Pete later. And I haven’t opened any presents or cards yet so this is keeping the birthday excitement going! I’ll keep you all posted on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

    Thanks you so much everyone, it’s feeling like a very happy birthday already 😀


  6. Bloody hell Gemma you should have but a crying warning before the messages!! Glad I didn’t choose to read this in public…Seriously though what a lovely lovely post.

    Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays Rebecca. Already looking forward to reading all about it!


  7. Happy Birthday Bestie!!!

    You know how I always cry at your family speeches and that one was no different! Hope you have a fabulous day today and i cant wait to celebrate with you at the weekend.

    Lots of love

  8. Happy birthday Rebecca! Enjoy every second! I can’t wait to see what you get up to! 🙂

    and well done Gemma, you are TOO cute! But really, it’s too early for tears… “she is my heartbeat”… woah. Need to clean my face up before my event meet and greet! 🙂

    (and P.S. how coincidental that Pete and I shared a 30th birthday and you and my hubby Nick very nearly do as well. His 30th is tomorrow!)

  9. Another one blubbing!!

    Happy Birthday Rebecca! Have a lovely day – you deserve all the good things that come your way!!

    Rachie xo
    Ps – I didn’t mean to rhyme!!

  10. I had to stop reading this on the tube this morning because it was threatening to get embarrassing. So instead I have finished it standing at my lab bench and now I am trying to pretend I accidentally got something in my eye. What a lovely idea Gemma 🙂

    Happy Birthday Rebecca!

    K xx

  11. Happy Birthday Rebecca! You give everyone who reads something pretty and something to think about! I hope you have a lovely birthday x

  12. Ah cuteness. Yep I am sobbing into my cornflakes and given in heading to a meeting this is not good. Happy Birthday lovely lady, you deserve all those wonderful comments and well wishes, you rock and so will your thirties. Michelle xxxx


    That made me cry, such lovely messages from your loved ones!

    Hope you have a fabulous day.


  14. Oh how LOVELY!! Happy happy birthday Rebecca, no one could deserve it more. And well done Gemma, what a lovely idea.

    Do we get to see the birthday nails/frock please Rebecca?! (Not today of course!!!!!) 😉

  15. Happy birthday indeed!

    Lovely messages 🙂 what a great idea Gemma! Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned. Hope you can celebrate Florence style! Look forward to the updates and the dress!


  16. Ditto what everyone else has already said. Have a fabulous day and birthday weekend, make sure you get spolit. Welcome to the thirtie’s…you’re gonna love them xxxxxxx

  17. wow! what a lot of comments!!

    Happy Birthday baby! Guess you are out having a fun day with mum as you’re not answering your phone! 😉

    Love you

  18. Happy birthday Rebecca, hope you’re having a fab day.
    30s are great – trying to get the best out of the last couple of years of mine as I hurtle towards the next milestone!


  19. happy birthday Rebecca! That is such a lovely idea for a birthday post! hope you have a great day and weekend! x

  20. Happy 30th Rebecca, hope you’ve had a fab day celebrating and been spoilt rotten.

    What lovely messages from your family 🙂 x

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