The Forever House Wish List

Although Pete and I love our house and have been very happy there for what would be 7 years this Christmas, I still have a forever house wishlist. I always think it’s interesting to hear what people would like in their dream house and I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a daydream today. Here are the things my dream forever house has – I’d love to hear about yours…

Kitchen with windows // Pale green tiles // Bar stools

A huge white kitchen dining room, full of light and space to cook and entertain all in one. In my minds eye it is across the back of the house, with Kitchen units along one wall then an island, then a wall of french doors, like an orangery leading out into the garden. It has a nice flat floor and I see our future children in a high chair next to the family dining table, and another madly tricycling around the table and island.

Skandi dining room

A utility room with access to the garden, where I can put the washing machine and maybe even a tumble dryer (I don’t have one now…) then dry the clothes on an airing rack hung from the ceiling. I’ll be able to wash my hands there after being in the garden and iron (who am I kidding?!) but best of all, shut the door on the mess!

Dressing Room

A Master suite. My bedroom is my sanctuary and whilst I don’t go to bed early and sit in bed (preferring to go straight to sleep,) I love lounging in bed at the weekend with a magazine, making lists or catching up on blog reads and I love getting ready to go out for an evening too. In a perfect world, I’d have a bedroom that lead into a dressing room and then through that into a big bathroom and a freestanding tub. If we had guests or children I could escape here and enjoy some solitude before rejoining the world again! (The SATC2 movie is solely responsible for this element of my dream house – I loved Carrie and Big’s apartment.)

Map headboard // Eclectic bedroom

Lots of spare rooms. Because Pete has 2 siblings and we’re almost equidistant from both parents, family get togethers are often cramped and somebody is always driving. I’d love us all to be able to have Christmas together without anyone driving home or sleeping on the floor.


A big hall. One of my biggest bug bears about our current house is the hall. As it’s a terrace, the hall is only as wide as the stairs, which go straight up in front of you after a door to the right which leads into our lounge/dining room. It was always annoying when friends came to visit and goodbyes entailed a dance around each other to reach everyone within the confines of the hall. Now lots of them have push chairs or car seats too, I long for a hall that is big enough to stand in and dump all those things too!


South facing garden. This is one of this things our current house has, (well, it is SW facing,) that has made me determined to keep in future too. We get precious little sunshine as it is and the ability to eat outside in the summer or sit in the garden scores high on my quality of life scale, so it’s a must for me that the next garden we have gets the sun in the evenings at the very least.

Yellow bath

A family bathroom. Our bathroom now is almost as big (or should that be small) as the hall and operates on a one in, one out policy. I grew up in a house where you couldn’t have a bath without someone coming in for a chat (poor mum!) and tooth brushing time was a family affair. As a result I crave a bathroom that has space in it for kids to be dumped in the bath and al the family to join in without a military planing exercise on how to negotiate opening the door and leaving or entering the room.

Kitchen Diner

That’s not much to ask is it?!

Pete’s list is funny in comparison to mine. All he wants is a garage and a driveway!

So, now it’s your turn. What’s on your dream house, or maybe even just your next house wish list? I’d love to hear what you’re dreaming of…


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35 thoughts on “The Forever House Wish List

  1. I want a house. Any house. I know a rented flat is best for us at the minute but I hate the design of it. I want my own front door. And paint.
    The sad fact is our next house might be the MILs as we relocate and look for something in that area. Not what I had in mind.

    • Obvs if you made me do a list

      Kitchen a la glass conservatory a la family space and entertaining area
      Cellar playroom
      Attic study
      A massive hallway with flagstones
      Massive high ceilings and picture rails
      Arches and crooks and old fireplaces
      A massive garden with tree house
      Separate huge formal dining area
      Separate huge formal lounge area
      Five bedrooms, two en suite
      Beautiful wide staircases
      Stained glass on a mid landing
      A roll top bath
      A gorgeous multi aspect nursery a la father of the bride II

      Shall I go on….

  2. Been thinking about this a lot lately…really missing having a garden with this hot summer and a little one who loves being outdoors but hates his pram. My dream kitchen sounds the same as yours…being able to cook and entertain simultaneously is a must for me I HATE feeling like I’m stuck in the kitchen and missing all the fun. I grew up in a big house so lots of rooms and space always feels like home (lucky to have this in my current house) and a pantry. Just always wanted one. Oh and a garage and a shed to put all the husband’s mess in!


  3. We moved into what will become our forever house 4 months ago. It’s a Victorian house that had been converted into 3 flats a long time ago and as a result has a strange layout and still has two staircases. This year we are doing boring jobs like new boilers but next year is going to be the fun year! A big kitchen is high on my list as the existing one is tiny in proportion to the house and I would like big doors opening out into the garden or giant sash windows with window seats. At some point I think we’ll do a master suite too although it seems very indulgent! The top floor of the house is still set up as a one bedroom flat complete with kitchen which is where we put grandparents/guests at the moment but to stop it becoming a teenage den in 10 years I want to take it over to make a bedroom/dressing room/giant bathroom.

    I love thinking about all the possibilities as much as actually seeing the results.

  4. Oh I love your dream forever house! It could very well be the layout of my dream forever home. But ATM we are trying to find our dream first home, before the wedding I may add = skint. I have agreed to move to his suburb where he works as it has more of a community feel and I am already a part of the community. However it is made up of new builds and I have always lived in old Victorian granite (we are aberdonians) houses. These are rare in his suburb.

    So my first house wish list is a small 2bed house rather than a flat; a back garden (south facing is possible); as old as possible, and I would love it to be in one of the wee cul de sacs or little streets where I dream of getting to know the neighbours and pretend we live in a wee village community.

    That is as fussy as I dare to be on our budget. 🙂

    • Stef, we’re also looking for our first home in Aberdeen! My husband started a new job there in July just before we got married, so I’m in the process of finishing up in Glasgow to head north! He’s based in Rosemount at the moment, which seems like a nice area, so our search is centred around there 🙂

      Our (my) dream house is a huge sandstone (better change that to granite now!) with bay windows, high ceilings, chandeliers in the living room & original fireplaces in all the bedrooms…

      I’d have a kitchen with an island & doors that opened onto a patio with an outdoor dining area & a summer house (those B&Q adverts have a lot to answer for!)

      Up the stairs we’d have a roll top bath for lounging in & a massive separate shower with a rainfall head thingy. And his & her sinks!

      Oh I could go on & on… We’re much more likely to buy a tiny 1 bed flat, but a girl can dream! x

      • I am currently not far from Rosemount, near the Atholl Hotel? And I have other newly married friends who live in Rosemount. Good choice! And you will learn to love the granite. I do 🙂

        • Small world! I don’t know the Hotel but I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I’m up this weekend. Glad to hear Rosemount is a good choice – hope you find something lovely soon! X

  5. What a timely post, we’re off to see the bank about moving house this morning! We bought our current house 6 and a half years ago at the height of the boom and with a graduate 100% mortgage, unfortunately its now not worth what we paid 🙁 So it looks like our next house will just be a step to our forever home, but we might just be able to get my husband’s wish of, surprise surprise, a garage, off road parking and a shed (no mean feat in steep Pennine town!) Off to keep my fingers crossed now!

  6. Ha that’s funny, when we moved into our forever house 18 months ago my list was identical to yours down to the direction of the garden and the ensuite accessed via a dressing room, and my husband’s was identical to Pete’s except he just wanted the driveway! (We ended up with a man-cave in the cellar instead of a garage). I must have rejected dozens of great houses with north-facing gardens and no off-road parking, I’m sure the estate agent thought I was nuts. Hope your house dreams come true soon 🙂

  7. Ooh I love this! It’s greedy but I totally want a library in my forever house. It can be one that doubles as an office but I want somewhere to beautifully display all of my books!! I totally want the walk in wardrobe as well… xx

  8. We are currently looking at moving up on the property ladder. I would love the next house to be the forever home. But with finances the way they are that’s not likely. My dream home is a double fronted Georgian house, with big bay windows and a bright red door (the kind you could hang a gorgeous Christmas wreath on). It would have high ceilings and loads of light. A massive kitchen diner (not too disimillar to yours Rebecca), 5 bedrooms (our families are the opposite end of the country), a master suite complete with copper tub and a huge garden. When I say huge I want at least 2 acres (I also want lots of animals). I definitely need a lottery win for this!

  9. Hmmm. Well as we are getting the keys to our first ever house (!!!) on Friday, I’m determined not to dream too hard in fear of ruining what is actually kinda perfect for us right now.
    So, here goes my wishlist (including what the new house already has!)
    A HUGE master bedroom for a superking bed and fitted wardrobe – check
    A spacious kitchen with walk in pantry/closet – check
    A garden with deck for outdoor soireés – check
    A guest bedroom – check
    A bay window in the lounge for mega light – check
    A heated conservatory for year round lounging – check
    An office big enough for two – check
    Ultimately I’d like a bigger garden for a veg plot and chickens, but for now this house seems practically perfect in every way for us right now. Now, pass the paintbrush 😛


  10. That’s a tough one! There’s the dream house that comes with the lottery win (or dream houses – a country pad in Yorkshire and a penthouse flat in London) and then a dream house that’s maybe a bit more realistic! In both I’d like outside space for a dog, lots of open plan rooms which are good for entertaining, big windows, a sizeable kitchen with one of those islands and fancy storage options, and a fancy shower with lots of different settings.

  11. I love your dream home list, it is not that different from mine. First I need to be able to buy any home and get on the property ladder so we can then look into upgrading to our dream home but here goes…

    A kitchen, dining, sitting L shape thing. I described that so well right? So the kitchen is in the heart of it, with an island where the hob is and beyond that some sofas and a projector screen with a more formal dining area in the other part of the “L”. So the kitchen is the heart of the home for all sorts of activities.

    From the sofa based part of the L would be french windows leading to either a garden or a balcony with views of the sea (ulitimate dream).

    I would like a large bedroom maybe, a walk in wardrobe possibly, but this L shaped heart is all I care about. If we need to do renovations I’d think it worth it to have that. I have no idea where it came from but I have seen it or things like it so know it is possible! It is my dream. Apparently I don’t dream all that big!

  12. Ah, forever house. Mine mainly involves a kitchen big enough for a dining table and a sofa area – and a dressing room off the main bedroom. And a driveway. Not too much to ask, right?!

    We currently live in a 150 year old listed building – I’m not sure we’ll ever buy somewhere like this again (so beautiful but SO MUCH work).

    I think I need a lottery win!

  13. I love that yellow bath! I really want a colourful bathroom actually. In fact I day-dream about this kind of thing all the time but I am renter on a low income. However if I ever get a promotion I want:

    -A balcony. The oldest dream for me. High up outdoor space to have dinner on
    -A garden with a little stream passing through it.
    -A music room for our nice instruments and to tidy up the mess of sheet music
    -A rainbow fish themed bathroom
    -A conservatory with big comfy leather chairs in it
    -A crafting room with space to not be cluttered
    -Lots and lots and lots of shelving for all the books
    -Wooden floor boards and pretty rugs
    -Lots of sunlight

    Not too much then!

  14. Well you’ve pretty much described mine right there, particularly the kitchen part, I have longed for a huge kitchen with bright light orangery conservatory to the back. Having grown up in a house with just that I SO miss having lots of space and lots of light. In my mum and step-dad’s house the conservatory also doubled up as a party room complete with it’s own bar (but that’s another story!).

    So checklist:

    Open plan kitchen / dining / living space, high ceilings, orangery and wall of windows to the back facing out to a long garden with a mix of areas, decked/stone paved for entertaining, with further landscaping and grass to the back of that…shed at the end.

    Separate utility – it’s a MUST!

    A Snug – open plan living and being around people all the time is great and definitely how I see my home, but it would be nice to have a little haven for the adults, somewhere to escape to, where the candles can be lit, listen to / watch whatever we want etc.

    Master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe (again I used to have one of these when I was growing up – yeah spoilt I know – it makes such a difference ).

    at least 3 spare bedrooms – we need one permanent bedroom for my partners little one for when she comes to stay, one if we’re lucky enough to have children of our own and a spare for guests.

    Master bathroom with enough space to move around and like Rebecca, for it to be a shared space.

    I have very little desire for a garage or driveway but know hand on heart that’s what Matthew would say too. Actually he would say we needed two garages, one for all my crap (I have amassed a ridiculous amount of stuff for my event business, all kind of props and paraphenalia).

    What I’d really love is a pretty front door.

    I too am in a terrace which feels really claustrophobic at times, we’re figuring out how to make our dream house a reality….currently looking at land so we can build what we want. Hey when the Mr’s a builder it’d be daft not to.

    So have you found somewhere yet Rebecca?

  15. Wow, gorgeous pics. Ultimate house porn.

    I’m in the minority here obviously as I downsized from a 3 bed house with a garden to a 1 bed flat with a tiny balcony and am MUCH happier with it than I ever was with the house. The only things I’d like that I don’t have are a spare bedroom (which could double as library/study) as it can be a bit annoying having people sleeping on the sofa (but I’ve still managed to accommodate 5 guests for a weekend before!) and a bit more outside space. Don’t mind too much not having a whole garden but would love something big enough to accommodate more than 1 chair 😉

    Other than that, would rather spend the money on holidays than housing! I need to grow up, don’t I 😉

  16. Most of the features I dream of for my house have been mentioned but here goes:

    – The house would be old and full of character and the interior would be a mix of traditional and modern

    – BIG modern kitchen with island unit and a whole glass wall looking out onto the garden – bliss!

    – Separate Utility room / pantry

    – Black iron fireplaces in the main public rooms and the master bedroom (if not all the bedrooms)

    – En suite wet room type shower thingy with his and her sinks! (This is high on the priority list!!)

    – Big family bathroom

    – Big original sash windows that begin at your knee right up to the high ceilings

    – South facing garden – my current garden is south facing and I couldn’t buy without this now!

    – Driveway (for my husband) we are lucky enough to have a large driveway at the moment and it really is necessary considering how often my hubby is out there washing / hoovering and polishing the cars

    – 4 bedrooms

    I could go on and on and on…but I’ll stop there! 🙂


  17. I’m concentrating on the ‘dream’ part rather than reality here.

    1) Very open plan downstairs with a big kitchen/diner/conservatory opening directly onto the garden
    2) Living room section with an open fire or wood burner
    3) Utility room for muddy dog hosing down and noisy machines
    4) Cellar (as in wine, obv)
    5) A designed garden that kind of looks after itself with an irrigation system (I have anti-green thumbs)
    6) Plenty of bathrooms (we only have a flat but it has 2 bathrooms and I am not sure I could go back to 1)
    7) Beautiful outlook
    8) Window seats would be nice…..
    9) A mantelpiece! Not a fancy one – just a beam type one. Every Christmas I mourn that I don’t have a mantelpiece.
    10) Walk in wardrobe
    11) Library

    My husband has said he’d like a games room! They never really do grow up….

  18. Verandah
    Light (south facing, french doors, large windows)
    Privacy (nobody overlooking)
    Quietness (no background road humming noise)
    A wood and a tree house
    A tennis lawn
    An orchard
    A vegetable garden and fruit garden (with raspberries). We have the veg patch but no fruit garden
    A pantry
    A breakfast room
    Underfloor heating

  19. What a timely post! We got the keys to our forever home just over a week ago and have so many plans for it, first proper blog post coming up on Thursday all about it!! Your list sounds fab and I laughed out loud as the boy girl list divide was the same for us and we still ended up with no garage or driveway x

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