The Fash Flash: Wet Weather Style

Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I have barely used our car. Firstly I wasn’t allowed to drive post c-section and also, Chorlton has everything I need within walking distance. We also have one very old car that Pete uses to run to work and my three door car. So we can continue to re-do the house and because we don’t really need 2 cars right now, we’ve opted not to to buy a new one (as we had planned) when Bea arrived. Why am I telling you this? Because it left me in the market for a new coat. Coats are cheaper than cars.

Joules Waterproof Parka £129 // Petit Bateau Iconic Raincoat £132 // Boden Rainy Day Mac £119
Seasalt Snowdrop Coat £140 // Seasalt Dayboard 3 in 1 jacket £150 // Helly Hansen W Kirkwall Rain Coat £100

The particularly warm and dry September and most of October we have had meant I didn’t really think about my need for wet weather gear (who was I kidding, I live in Manchester!) But after getting soaked through to my skin pushing the pram back from a baby class 2 weeks ago, the search came sharply to the forefront of my mind. I wanted an actually waterproof coat, but something that also looked stylish. Perhaps unusually, I also didn’t need something super warm as I have a heavy duty waterproof(ish) parka that will be coming out in my winter capsule. This was more of a spring/english summer/autumn piece.

I actually made my first purchase (this Boat Coat) from Seasalt after being recommended their coats but I was really disappointed by how frumpy I felt in it. It just wasn’t ‘me’ and although I like lots of their coats, none really fitted the bill. Next I combed the slightly more fashion led brands like Boden and Joules and google searched, which led me to some surprisingly good looking options.

Boden Short Rainy Day Mac £110

After spotting someone wearing a lovely yellow coat I was reminded of my yellow raincoat from ASOS. Now that it’s stood the test of time and remained one of my favourite jackets, I decided it was time to invest in the real deal and purchased the yellow one above. It arrived yesterday and I LOVE it. It’s got grey detailing, playful oversized buttons, a fleece lining (not too thick, but cosy) and smart pleat detail to the back. I opted not to get a longer length as they just don’t suit me and I don’t mind getting my legs wet.

So readers, do you do rainy day outerwear? I like the Helly Hansen Mac here too for city types.

Happy weekend!


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22 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Wet Weather Style

  1. I’m in the market for a coat too. Infact, desperate. I have my GAP £35 Mac for Mummy lunches but I really want a good walking coat. Like a gooooood one. That will double with jeans and wellies for outside groups and play dates and also work in the Lakes or in the Peaks as I envisage a lot of holidays there.
    My parents gave me money for one last Christmas but obviously we got pregnant so there was little point buying one.
    I’m thinking of the Berghaus 3 in 1. Buying a good walking jacket in Central London is like looking for the Holy Grail.

  2. I have the spotty Rainy Day Mac from Boden above. I bought it for the same reason as you, pram pushing in rainy Cardiff. I love how it looks as it manages to disguise my breastfeeding megaboobs and post section belly. Unfortunately it isn’t as waterproof as I’d hoped when the rain is pouring, but is fine for light rain & showers.

  3. Ooooooh I really want that Boden coat now! I’m not sure I can justify the expense…. but I haven’t had a new coat in ages and could do with a shower-proof one. I found an online code for 15% off Boden as well (code J9G7 if you’re interested!) so I am even more tempted.

    Since having a baby I have found I veer much more towards “practical” outfits and clothing – machine-washable, soft, no embellishment for grabbing, slip on shoes/boots…. etc etc. Trying to retain a sense of style is tricky and am impressed you are managing it Rebecca. I don’t think I dressed in any kind of “decent” outfit til about 6 months post-partum!!

    • Thanks 🙂 Yep! I used a 15% off code too.

      I know it’s all relative to your income etc but I do think there are certain items you really don’t need to justify – I could easily wear this coat every day until April and in future years, so when you think of the wear you get out of it it’s pretty good value!

      • Hmmm I’m not sure – having just returned to work and facing a substantial nursery bill every month, plus reducing my hours so am earning less, plus a 13 month old with a big appetite who needs new clothes regularly means I have less money than when I was on maternity leave! Although I do understand the cost-per-wear argument and if it lasts me 2 or more years then that is pretty good value….

  4. You have got me hooked on Boden! I have ordered the catalogue and wrote a list of over a grands worth of clothing I would like, and if I had the money I would quite happily throw out every item in my wardrobe and replace it with a Boden Capsule wardrobe. Alas I can’t. But I have fallen in love with the Claudia coat in navy, less practical and waterproof more gorgeous and what I have been searching for the past 3 years! However I think the Rainy Day coat will also have to go on the list for practical living in Scotland… 🙂

    • It’s funny, I ordered their catalogue before I chose my capsule and just couldn’t find anything that worked for feeding – so many of their styles are high necked. I just wasn’t looking for a coat then so obviously didn’t notice!
      I have spotted loads of great dresses however that would be great when I go back to work. I’ll be watching the sale!

  5. Ooh i llove the coats- this is exactly what I was thinking of buying at the moment, for the same reasons- pram pushing in winter! ( let’s be honest it’s nigh on impossible to hold a brolly and push).
    I recently discovered sea salt after I bought a gorgeous denim Aline skirt of theirs in john lewis for autumn and winter and have been eyeing up their waterproof jackets. I think one of those and a pair of wellies is on my Christmas list.
    I am also a fan of boden ( although I do feel very “middle class mummy” when I say that) I bought a whole lot of stuff in their summer sale post baby and was pleasantly surprised to find the sizing quite generous -a good ego boost for the post baby body:-). I quite like the fact that a lot of the stuff is quite high necked, because although it’s not that flattering on mahoosive breast feeding boobs, at least I don’t have to worry about flashing an indecent amount of cleavage.

  6. So as a result of this post I browsed the Boden website…and now I want a pair of gold ankle boots! And some dresses… Must look away now!

  7. I have the Seasalt Seafolly jacket in yellow and I love it! I love the stripes inside and that when up, the hood completely covers your head and doesn’t allow the front of it to get wet! Plus it’s roomy enough to fit a thick jumper underneath. It’s definitely worth every penny I paid for it.

  8. I have had the yellow Petit bateau jacket for a couple of years and although it is still absolutely wearable, in fact as good as new it has worn really really well, I wanted something new, I was drawn to the seasalt folly in yellow but thought two yellow raincoats was excessive so I opted for the green as an alternate and love it. The problem now is which to wear in the morning.

  9. I bought the exact same coat for the exact same reason and love it too! Now I just need some nice waterproof gloves for pram pushing… Any ideas??

  10. When I nearly became a SAHM last year before a new job materialised unexpectedly I was on the verge of buying a Didriksons parka – maybe Angelina or Karen in bright red. Fully waterproof and super warm. Their kids’ coats are brilliant too. No yellow ones though…

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