The Fash Flash: Three trends to look out for…

I thought after my talk of Sale Steals, it was also time to focus on what you might look to pick up either in the sales if you’re particularly lucky, or in preparation for the new season. I get sick of the current trends round about this time of year and look for items that work now but will also work with my autumn wardrobe and I’ve got three items for you to invest in now that you won’t regret.

First up, accessories with the new shape of bag…

Boxer bagsInspiration: Celine (Image via Atlantic Pacific)

  • Aila Cobalt blue bag, (Look out for this designer – first spotted street style at LFW in Spring, she’s now stocked at My-Wardrobe and sure to be hot property.)
  • Boxer bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs at
  • Violet Cooper leather tote, Smythson at
  • Red Mini Satchel, Phillip Lim at

The key thing with this bag is the shape – note the side panels are folded out, creating a triangular shape. Celine’s bags have gained cult status in recent years but now the iconic shape is filtering down. Look out for it on a high street near you soon.

Wedge heeled high topsInspired by: Isabel Marant wedge heel high tops

Sometimes a single piece is enough to spawn a thousand copies and spark a trend. Capturing the cash pack imagination last season were Isabel Marant’s wedge heel high tops and this season you’ll be seeing them everywhere. Ash is my favourite incarnation and after initially hating the trend, now I’m loving it and plotting a purchase…

The Statement Knit Inspired by: Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer has been making his quirky knits with embellished fronts for several seasons now but the high street is catching on and his fun take on luxe (cashmere is his thread of choice,) means weekend down time never looked quite so cool.

I hope you’ll forgive me – as emerging trends for the coming season these are all high end choices that are starting the style races, but you wait, they’ll be filtering down to a high street near you very soon, just make a note of those key styles and you won’t go far wrong.

Let me know if you like them readers, or if you’re making any key purchases soon for the coming season?


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17 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Three trends to look out for…

  1. OMG. I’ve just had a flashback to my 80s childhood attire – cartoon jumper (maybe even padded and reversible…), leggings, and high-tops (with the tongues hanging out). Come on, I can’t have been the only one?!

    I think I could do the jumpers, but I particularly dislike the wedged high-tops. Flats I can cope with, not the wedges.

    • You know, every season I see stuff I hate and invariably start to like it at some point, not everything obviously!

      High tops and the heeled ones especially were definitely one of those trends, but I am really coming round to them now!

      • I think I’m the same, Rebecca – I snorted the first time I saw the heeled high-tops, but the more I see them, the more I think, “hmm, so trendy and yet so practical! I could run for the bus!” I think if I were going to take the plunge it would have to be a cheap High Street version, since you know they’re going to be back out of style quicker than you can say “broken ankle”.

        • I just can’t get the image of Victoria Beckham in wedge trainers on a baseball pitch (think they were converse or similar) out of my head. I fear it’s tainted me for life.

  2. Anyone else think that Celine bag looks like a face?! I’ll be honest, not that I’m particularly on trend, but I’m really not sure about any of these. Maybe a bit too 80s TV presenter for me. The bags are fine but I think the sticking out bits would bug me and I’d want to put them inside the bag!

    Saying that, it usually takes me months (aka long enought that everyone else is bored of it and moved on to something else) before I start to like a lot of trends so ask me in a year and I’ll probably have a wardrobe full of statement jumpers!

  3. Can’t decide if I like the bags or not, I am currently looking for a budget friendly but roomy and stylish handbag I can use as a change bag when baba 2 arrives, I am fed up with having a bag that looks like a changebag – I want my style back goddammit! (Gemma…maybe I can be cheeky and ask for a Thrifty Thursday post?!)
    The jumpers…maybe slogan ones, the others are a bit meh.
    And as for the hightops – bit to Jenny from the block, and I’m pretty sure leona lewis wore some in her one and only upbeat music video.

  4. Love the jumpers although jumpers dont tend to love me (Or my big boobs but might try!) Not sure about the heeled trainers – need to see what you look like in them Rebecca before I partake!!! 🙂

    PS: Am back from honeymoon!!! x

  5. I die for the Celine Luggage Tote! I have been lusting after it forever, and all of the Mulberry bags! Then I was lucky enough to get the Mulberry Evalina Satchel for my birthday from my husband! I have some high tops from Isabel Marant too- I love them and so comfy!

  6. I heart the Marc Jacobs bag – if only my birthday wasn’t in May! On first reading I squirmed at the high tops but in the time it’s taken me to read the post and leave this comment I’m thinking I might need to hurry down to Topshop tomorrow and try them on! Haha, thanks Rebecca!

  7. Yes to the boxer bags and statement knit. I’m reserving judgement on the wedge heel high tops. That feels like a step too far for me. Jessie J could pull it off for sure though!


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