The Fash Flash… Think Pink

Just recently, I have seen an absolute onslaught of pink hitting the shops, and I’ve also seen it popping up all over the blogs, adorning the most stylish ladies and just generally making me want to wrap myself in it from head to toe. Pink used to be just a little bit un-cool, but it can certainly be done…

L-R Top Row: Fuchsia Dress, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere in Pink on Pink on Pink, Camel and Neon. Bottom row L-R: Bubblegum jumper and striped skirt, Hot Pink Blazer and bobble hat, Emily again in pink pants and khaki jacket.

So I thought I’d do a little round up of items in the shops that you can combine into your outfits at home:

So come on girls, tell me what you think? Is pink for you? Or will you be sitting this trend out?


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17 thoughts on “The Fash Flash… Think Pink

  1. Arrghh am now lusting after the Mulberry bag *does frantic ‘can I afford it’ sums in my head*

    I’ve always loved a bit of pink, it’s just such a happy colour 🙂

  2. I used to absolutely love pink, have many many pink clothes extent & my flat was affectionately referred to as The Pink Palace. I still have a soft spot for it & have bought some bright pink Gap skinnies after the FF post. I’m thinking of trying to find the perfect shade of blush pink trousers, but fear it may take time. Wishing you all a delightful pretty in pink day x

  3. Not normally a pink girl, I seem to be loving it this season!

    Recently bought a jumper from Topshop with hot pink detailing, and I think my best buy for pink has to be my post Christmas sale purchase from Reiss – (it says reduced to £35 online, but when I got to the till it was only £28 – bargain!)

    Loving the pale pink Warehouse shirt… may have to take a closer look at it 😉


  4. I normally DETEST pink, and after having my baby girl last year and explicity telling people NOT to buy pink if I had a girl, and then being inundated with pink, I am a bit fed up with it.
    That said, I also loved the pink skinnes in the FF gap post I too might be investing, and paring it down with nudes or navy blue…

  5. I rarely wear pink as I’m a natural redhead and pale so I just didnt think it suits me! However now my hair is more blonde I’m going to give it another go as its such a happy colour!!! Love that maxi skirt! x

  6. Don’t really wear pink (mainly as it doesn’t look great close to my face), but I love the look of that maxi skirt. Never really sure what kind of top to pair maxi skirts with, however – any suggestions, Rebecca?

  7. I saw the fuscia gap skinny jeans in store today and I fell in love with them! Arms were full of carrier bags so I didn’t make a purchase but there’s 30% off at the mo so I may have to go back tomorrow! Definitely getting into pink this season!

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