The Fash Flash: Max it out

When I shared a selection of summer dresses a couple of weeks back there were of course several gorgeous maxi dresses I could have chosen and I thought they deserved their own dedicated post 🙂

I love a maxi and thought I might be able to wear a few of my old ones during pregnancy but apart from the stretchy jersey styles, as per all my other dashed fashion expectations during pregnancy, the waist hasn’t been in the right place or the boobs haven’t fitted…

Coral lace back maxi, Warehouse £85 // Graphic yellow print maxi, ASOS £55 // Pink poppy print dress, French Connection £240

I’m thinking of buying the French Connection dress (above right) for a holiday later in the year and wonder if I will be able to fit it now and after baby too…

And if you happen to fancy wearing a maxi to an occasion you have this summer, here are a few more dressy styles. I love the beautiful prints of these floral styles and can vouch for the MANGO dress which my friend Jess wore to her rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding a week ago – she looked stunning.

Plunge neck floral maxi, ASOS £55 // Cross back Silk maxi, MANGO £129 // Floral Maxi, Warehouse £80

And lastly, a little selection for my fellow pregnant ladies. The pickings are slim as always(!) but I bought this striking emerald maxi for a couple of occasions I have coming up this summer (as I’ll be in full bloom!) and think it would dress down just as well with flat sandals. I also like the bandeau style to prevent strap marks on sunny days and the Gap dress for casual ease.

Emerald knot front dress, Seraphine £59 // Twist back maxi, GAP £34.99 // Bandeau (with detachable straps) maxi, ASOS £45

Have you spotted any gorgeous maxi’s or have I turned your head with one of these?


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2 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Max it out

  1. I’m very tempted to add a couple of maxis to my wardrobe for summer – this one has a chilled, festival vibe to it that I’m really feeling. Mango is always great for maxi skirts and dresses, especially if you’re tall like me. No ankle flappers, thank you!

    The French Connection print is gorgeous. I’m sure it would fit after the baby arrives, although if you’re planning on breastfeeding I can imagine it might be a bit tricky to handle in public – would you just pull the whole thing up?? Ah, the things I never used to have to think about…

  2. I almost included that one Kirsty!

    I know what you mean about the BF thing. I haven’t been mean about buying Mat clothes as I know I’ll probably be wearing them a couple of months after and fortunately for me that is the same season as I end my pregnancy in. I’m now starting to look for jersey items that will pull to the side or down, v-necks (instead of the mostly round/high neck maternity styles,) and button blouses/shirts.

    Gap are good for length too – for taller folk 😉

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